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Test Your Sprinkler Tank Knowledge

As 2017 gives way to 2018, many people will be turning their attentions to fresh projects and new challenges. But we would like to get the New Year off to an educational, as well as fun, start – by testing your sprinkler tank knowledge. If you work for a business, public authority, care provider or in social housing, fire safety should be a top priority. To ensure you and your staff are fully aware of sprinkler tank essentials, print off this quiz and put everyone to the test.

Knowing the right information at the right time can not only save money, it can save lives. That is why insurers rely on clients with sprinkler systems to keep them properly maintained.

Are you ready to test your Sprinkler Tank Knowledge?

Here we go…


  1. How often should a sprinkler tank be inspected by a qualified professional?


  1. Should a sprinkler tank be drained for an inspection?


  1. What should accompany a written inspection report?


  1. What refurbishment method can be used to repair a damaged sprinkler tank?


  1. A sprinkler tank should be replaced when?


  1. Can sprinkler tank linings extend the life of a tank?


  1. Can you name the UK’s leading independent sprinkler tank specialist?


  1. What should you do if you suspect a sprinkler tank has a leak?


  1. Can sprinkler tanks be designed and made to fit a specific space?


  1. Whose company blog did you find this quiz on?


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Scunthorpe Flats To Get Sprinkler Systems

Ongo, a housing provider, is to install sprinkler systems in Scunthorpe flats early in the New Year. The housing partnership is investing in sprinkler systems for four high rise blocks of apartments – Princess House, Sutton House and Crosby House, on Market Hill, and Trent View House, on Bridges Road. They will benefit from a total investment of £800k.

The sprinkler systems will serve each individual flat and all communal areas.


£800k Scunthorpe flats scheme


Ongo says: “The decision to fit sprinklers was taken voluntarily by our board members immediately after the fatal fire at Grenfell Tower, in London, in June 2017. The programme is being funded by us.”

Andy Orrey, Chief Executive adds: “Along with the rest of the country, we watched with horror as the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower claimed the lives of so many people.”


‘Sprinkler systems save lives’


Mr Orrey explains: “Whilst immediate checks on our buildings confirmed the cladding differed from that on Grenfell Tower, and we have lots of fire prevention measures already in place, we can’t take any risks with the safety of our tenants.

“Sprinkler systems save lives and protect properties. The decision to fit them was an easy one to take. As a landlord it is our responsibility to protect our tenants as much as we can. But it is equally important that people feel safe in their homes and by taking this action we can provide them that additional peace of mind.”


Work imminent at Scunthorpe flats


Work will start at Trent View House and Crosby House on January 15.


All tenants living in the flats have been notified about the work, and what to expect. The whole project is expected to take approximately 18 weeks to complete.


Sprinkler tanks


For a full range of sprinkler tank services, talk to the UK’s leading independent specialists, Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. The Sheffield-based company covers the whole of the UK and provides sprinkler tank installation, sprinkler tanks inspections, maintenance and repairs. To find out more, visit Nationwide Water Solutions Limited.



The Importance of Sprinkler Tank Inspections

There are some corners that should never be cut. Fire safety and sprinkler tank inspections are among them. That is why sprinkler systems in commercial and public buildings should be maintained to the highest standards. When was your sprinkler tank last inspected?

Sprinkler tank inspections should be carried out at least annually. Experts warn this is a job for professionals. They point out underwater surveys, using cutting edge ROV technology, are recommended to avoid any downtime.


Why sprinkler tank inspections matter


Even the most safety conscious can overlook sprinkler tank maintenance. Inspections should play a key role in a planned maintenance schedule. Building owners should consider the risks, and take into account the main causes of fires in commercial, industrial and municipal premises.

Equipment failures, human error and arson are the main causes of non-dwelling fires. Many of these occur out of hours, meaning they are unlikely to be detected until the fire is out of control. That is why robust fire fighting equipment is vital to safeguard buildings, their contents and people.


Call in the sprinkler tank experts


If you can’t be sure of the integrity of your sprinkler tank, talk to Nationwide Water Solutions. One of the UK’s leading independent sprinkler tank specialists, this is a company that prides itself in offering a range of sprinkler tank services. Whether you want to be reassured with a sprinkler tank inspection, have a sprinkler tank relined, repaired or replaced, Nationwide Water Solutions Limited has a service that is just right for you.

Serving the whole of the UK, this is a company with an expert team of professionals – ready to respond to any situation or query at any time. With a 24-hour emergency hotline and specialist services that meet all regulations, Nationwide Water Solutions offers professional services and peace of mind.

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Demand For Sprinkler Tanks Set To Rise

Fire safety in the UK will no longer be achieved on the cheap, if the interim findings of a review are implemented. Sprinkler tanks could feature in life-saving improvements to tower blocks. Dame Judith Hackett, who is leading a wide-ranging review into fire safety following the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, has criticised some current practices. Her interim report indicates that current building regulations are leaving room for shortcuts.

She was said to be ‘shocked’ by some of the practices she had seen and is calling for more rigorous enforcement measures to hold bad landlords to account. She indicated there needs to be a shift away from ‘doing things cheaply’. Seventy-one people died when fire ripped through a tower block in London six months ago.


Sprinkler tanks mandatory in many countries


While sprinkler systems have to be installed in some types of property in the US and many other countries, that is not currently the case in the UK. Some states in the US require sprinkler systems even in individual homes.

Dame Judith’s report said the fire at Grenfell Tower “should not have happened in our country in the 21st century”. Her final report is expected to be complete next spring. It aims to ensure fire safety is improved in the UK, and is not an inquiry into the circumstances of the Grenfell fire.


Current regulations ‘not fit for purpose’


Dame Judith said current safety regulations applied to high-rise buildings are ‘not fit for purpose’, and is being exploited by those who want to save money by cutting corners. She called for a new system of enforcement and regulation. However, she pointed out that major fires are rare in the UK and that her interim findings do not suggest that buildings are generally unsafe.

Interim report recommendations include:

  • An overhaul of the “Approved Documents” in building regulations
  • An accreditation system to ensure competence for people working on the design, construction, inspection and maintenance of complex buildings are suitably qualified
  • Better consultation with fire services when designing buildings
  • Building developers to ensure formal handover process for any new high-rise residential building before occupation
  • More done to make sure that fire safety information is passed to the person responsible for running the building once it has been constructed
  • Fire risk assessments are carried out at least annually


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Sprinkler Systems For Manchester Flats

High-rise council flats in Manchester are set to be be fitted with sprinkler systems. The move, which comes in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, is expected to be approved by the council’s executive committee. In total, 36 council-owned blocks of flats will benefit from the investment.

Additional fire risk assessments have been carried out on the flats following the deaths of 71 people in London six months ago. Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) has visited every single high-rise block in the city to assess risks and pass on its advice.


Sprinkler systems on the cards for private buildings?

Owners of 216 privately owned high-rise buildings in Manchester have received letters from the council, urging them to identify potential hazards posed by building materials. They have been asked to provide the council with information about cladding and other products used in construction. Responses will be added to a database that will help the government gain an overall picture for the UK.

Work has already started at 12 private buildings that feature aluminium composite material (ACM) cladding. Procedures are being drawn up to establish how the council and fire service will deal with landlords who fail to respond or take action. In particular, they are paying careful attention to enforcement procedures.


Safety and responsibility under review

Councillor Bernard Priest is deputy leader of Manchester City Council. He told the Manchester Evening News: “We need to get to a position where every person who lives in a high-rise block feels safe in their homes, understands fire procedures for the building, and building owners know what their responsibilities are.”

He added that a review into enforcement powers of councils and the fire service is vital to ensure the legislation is in place to fully protect residents.


Buy tanks for sprinkler systems

For expert advice and information about sprinkler tanks, contact the UK’s leading independent expert Nationwide Water Solutions.

Sprinkler Tanks Save Art From California Wildfire

The Getty Center has survived the devastating California wildfire, thanks to sprinkler tanks. The art gallery is one of the most visited in the world and houses art said to be worth $12 billion. Among its prized collection is Edouard Manet’s “Spring”, which cost the center a cool $65 million.

More than 200,000 residents, including the rich and famous, were forced from their homes by the wildfire. Stoked by strong winds, the flames were tackled by 5,700 firefighters at its height.

Sprinkler tanks keeps California wildfire at bay

As well as boasting a state-of-the-art air filtration system, which stops smoke from getting into the art center, it has its own sprinkler tanks. They were used to damp down the landscaped grounds around the centre as the fire approached.

The design of the system was developed with the Getty Center’s insurers. It proved its worth as the California wildfire approached.

‘Smart move’ says sprinkler tank expert

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading independent sprinkler tank specialist. A spokesman said: “The Getty Center’s investment in sprinkler tanks was a smart move. By damping down the hillside around the center, the wildfire could not advance.

“This is a great example of how sprinkler tanks can be used for an external sprinkler system. The loss of this art collection would have been devastating. Thankfully, it survived this huge wildfire completely intact.”

The spokesman added: “External sprinkler systems are a good idea for stately homes as well as properties that hold high value goods. Art in the Getty Center could never be replaced if it was lost.”

Sprinkler tanks in the UK

If you would like to invest in sprinkler tanks, you can find out more from Nationwide Water Solutions here. Nationwide Water Solutions Limited provides the full range of sprinkler tank services, including inspections, maintenance and installation.

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Sprinkler Tank Maintenance Prevents Costly Failures

Insurance policies and lives depend on sprinkler systems working in an emergency. The fact is that a sprinkler system can fail. This is almost always due to human error. Poor sprinkler tank maintenance is often the cause of failures. This illustrates why every sprinkler tank should looked after by professionals.

More than half of sprinkler system failures happen when equipment is shut off. Experts say this is often during the construction phase of a building. But it can happen during routine inspections or maintenance work.

ROV Underwater Equipment

A qualified professional will know how to avoid such failures. Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading independent sprinkler tank specialist. It says ROV underwater camera equipment is vital for all sprinkler tank survey work.

“It protects the integrity of a sprinkler system during the inspection,” said a spokesman. “There is no need to drain the sprinkler tank or shut off any part of the system.”

Damaged Sprinkler System Components

Around 17 per cent of sprinkler system failures happen as a result of manual intervention. A further 7 per cent of sprinkler system failures are the result of damaged components.

Nationwide Water Solutions says routine testing by a professional will identify sprinkler tank problems. Recommendations will always follow any survey. They will include suggestions to replacement or repair damaged components where necessary.

High priority problems must be corrected as soon as possible.

Don’t Leave Sprinkler Tank Maintenance to Chance

Do you worry about the integrity of your sprinkler system? When was the sprinkler tank last inspected? Call the experts for a full underwater survey here.

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Further Reading

Find out more about ROV sprinkler tank inspections and sprinkler tank maintenance here. Contact Nationwide Solutions for more in-depth information.



Facts About Sprinkler Tank Installation

Sprinkler systems are an effective way to protect property, goods and people in the event of a fire. They can be automatically triggered to reduce damage and save lives, and can also keep insurance premiums down. However, fire-fighting sprinkler systems and their components are subject to stringent regulations and should, therefore, only ever be installed by trained engineers.

Sprinkler tanks, which hold water that can automatically be delivered via sprinklers in the event of fire, come in many different shapes and sizes. One-piece GRP tanks up to large sectional sprinkler tanks are available from specialist sprinkler tank installation companies who will design the right tank for each project and install it.

Choosing A Sprinkler Tank Installer

A start-to-finish approach is vital when you are considering investing in a new sprinkler tank. Using one company to design and install the tank eliminates inconsistent service and will offer increased odds of ending up with a high quality solution. Before agreeing to buy a new sprinkler tank, follow these simple steps:

  • Only use a company that specialises in sprinkler tank installation with a proven track record in delivering similar projects
  • Make sure staff have all the relevant health and safety training and are fully aware of regulations governing sprinkler systems
  • Ask for a site inspection, so that specialist companies can assess your needs and have a clear understanding of the scale and design needs of the project
  • Get detailed costings
  • Ask for a projected timescale
  • Don’t overlook sprinkler tank maintenance – ask about the availability of regular inspection and maintenance contracts

Sprinkler Tank Installation Services

When you are looking for a new sprinkler tank, you should choose a supplier and installer who offers a range of options and who can also advise on the cost implications of each one. This will ensure you get the right, cost-effective sprinkler tank for your system – and not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ alternative that may not be up to the job. A robust sprinkler tank that has been properly installed will last for years and give you peace of mind. Available options should include sprinkler tanks fabricated from:

  • Glass coated steel
  • Galvanised steel
  • Epoxy coated steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Concrete

It is vital that any sprinkler tank is BS EN 12845 compliant, has LPCB approval and has been manufactured and tested to LPS 1276 standards..

Make sure the company you choose not only employs experienced engineers, but also offers first-class customer service – so that expert, technical advice is readily available whenever you need it.

If you follow this simple guide to sprinkler tank installation, you should get the right tank for your system, at the right price and with a solid guarantee that it will last for years.

Supermarket Warehousing and Fire Safety

Fire safety is a key consideration for supermarket warehousing. That is why major distribution centres in the UK invest in modern sprinkler systems. Accidents can and do happen. Distribution centres store huge quantities of food, chemicals and other items. That is why they are on the front line of loss prevention.

Sprinkler systems keep insurers happy. They also help avoid unforeseen problems. Some companies hit by warehouse fires have later seen shares take a dip.

Sprinkler Tanks for Distribution Centre

Lidl, for example, takes a proactive approach to fire safety in supermarket warehousing. It was last week a step closer to developing a major new warehouse and link road in Ireland. The plan includes two sprinkler tanks, a pump house and an electricity substation.

If the scheme goes ahead, a sprinkler system is part of the plan. It will protect a gross floor area of 57,611sqm. The space comprises warehousing and a two-storey office wing.

Loss Prevention for Supermarket Warehousing

A fire can have a devastating impact on a business. Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading sprinkler tank specialist. It says: “We always tell businesses to take a proactive approach to fire safety. It should be a top to bottom process, with everyone in an organisation aware of the dangers of fire.

“We tell businesses to seek advice, especially if a building is to undergo alterations. A fire safety review should be undertaken at least once a year.

“Regular inspection of sprinkler tanks is paramount. So too is maintenance. Poor management of a sprinkler system can see it fail in an emergency.”

Warehouse Sprinkler Tank Maintenance

Warehouse fire prevention should be a top priority. Sprinkler systems for supermarket chains significantly reduce risks and losses. Distribution and order fulfillment centres contain millions of pounds worth of goods. They also employ tens of thousands of workers in the UK. The cost of a fire at a single one could easily run into eight figures.

When was your sprinkler tank last inspected? Find out about our ROV camera inspections.

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Renewed Calls for Sprinkler Systems in Tower Blocks

London Fire Brigade has issued a fresh call for sprinkler systems to be installed in flats. Firefighters called for sprinkler systems in tower blocks after the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy. A fire in student accommodation has now seen the service repeat its call.

It has published a new video showing a split screen that features two identical rooms. The footage highlights how a sprinkler system contains the fire in one room. A room without sprinklers saw the fire spread out of control.

The fire brigade says sprinklers save lives.

Sprinkler system saves students

Seventy-one people died when a fire swept through Grenfell Tower in London earlier this year. The death toll included pensioners and a stillborn baby.

A recent blaze at a block of flats occupied by 200 students in London saw no casualties. London Fire Brigade says a sprinkler system was installed in the building. The sprinklers gave everyone time to evacuate the flats before firefighters arrived on the scene.

‘Retrofit tower blocks with sprinklers’ call

London Fire Brigade issued a statement that said: “For a long time, we have been calling for residential tower blocks to be retrofitted with sprinklers.

“Sprinklers are the only fire safety system that detects a fire, suppresses a fire and raises the alarm.

“They save lives and protect property and they are especially important where there are vulnerable residents who would find it difficult to escape, like those with mobility problems.”

The UK’s sprinkler tank experts

For information about sprinkler tank installation, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.