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Sprinklers Used To Deter Anti Social Behaviour

Businesses in Bristol are among the first in the UK to install sprinklers outside their premises. The systems are being used to keep vandals, vagrants and thieves at bay. Although extremely effective in combating anti social behaviour, business owners using the systems have come in for criticism.

A tanning salon made the national news after successfully using sprinklers to stop homeless people sleeping in its doorway. While the system does dispense water, the delivery system is intentionally slow – merely dripping water on anyone in its path.

Rough sleepers targeted by sprinklers

The Bristol Post reports the systems are being used to ward off rough sleepers. While the owner of the tanning salon said the system was effective in combating anti social behaviour associated with rough sleepers, the city’s Help Bristol’s Homeless is less than impressed. It has described it as “draconian”.

A tanning salon spokesperson said the system was not installed to deprive homeless people of a place to sleep – just deter anti-social behaviour. They pointed out all the salon’s problems stopped after the system was installed.

Michael Brightmore is CEO of Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. It supplies and installs sprinkler tanks across the UK. He said: “This use of sprinkler systems is relatively new in the UK. However, if it proves effective, it could become much more commonplace.”

He cited the use of sprinkler systems to protect public buildings and premises where high value goods are stored, or in areas that are prone to anti-social behaviour.

Nationwide Water Solutions

Nationwide Water Solutions provides sprinkler tanks for systems in commercial, industrial and high-rise buildings. It works in both the private and public sector across the UK. Nationwide Water Solutions also carries out underwater sprinkler tank inspections using ROV cameras, as well as repair and maintenance services.

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How To Find The Best UK Sprinkler Tank Supplier

If you are one of the many organisations planning to install a sprinkler system this year, have you considered who will supply and install a sprinkler tank? You can find the best UK sprinkler tank supplier from a variety of sources. Have you checked out Nationwide Water Solutions Limited? As its name suggests, this established sprinkler tank specialist provides a service that covers the whole of the country.

Those who should be looking to review fire suppression equipment in 2018 include:

  • Social housing providers
  • Commercial enterprises who have warehousing
  • Health and care providers
  • Education facilities
  • Owners of properties that store high-value goods
  • Museums, art galleries and antique centres

Finding a sprinkler tank supplier matters

Having a ready supply of water is important if a fire breaks out. A sprinkler tank ensures water is there, on standby, and primed to be pumped to a particular part of a building when sensors in sprinklers detect heat. This instant delivery of a fire suppressant can stop a blaze before it spreads. A sprinkler tank saves lives and reduces costs associated with damage.

Fire brigades are increasingly highlighting cases where sprinklers could have stopped a serious incident before it escalated. Therefore, it pays to stay on top of fire safety advice. There are particular buildings that are now recommended to have sprinkler systems installed.

Does your building need a sprinkler system?

If you own a high-rise building, you need a sprinkler system – especially if the property is used for housing or accommodates a large number of workers. Big retail and commercial premises should also invest in sprinklers. And those who own or manage health or care facilities should take care to ensure systems are in place that give the elderly or frail a chance to escape a fire.

If you are worried that your current fire safety measures could be out of date, get a professional to carry out an expert review. There is nothing better than knowing you have taken all the right precautions. Peace of mind is worth more than money in hindsight.


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Legislation bid for sprinklers in social housing

Scotland could lead the way with sweeping new fire safety legislation for social housing projects. MSP David Stewart wants sprinkler systems installed in all new high-rise social housing developments. He has launched a consultation on a members’ bill for changes to current laws.

Mr Stewart was moved to act after inquires showed many high-rise social housing developments do not have modern fire suppression systems. A review was carried out following the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy. The Scottish government has admitted that sprinkler systems are one of the options being considered for improved fire safety.

Grenfell tragedy prompts calls for sprinklers

After 71 people died as a result of the tower block fire in North London, the BBC carried out an investigation that showed more than 300 high-rise flats in Scotland have no fire suppression systems in place. Figures obtained by the BBC suggested 15 people have died and a further 480 people injured in fires in high-rise buildings in Scotland – all since 2009.

If Mr Stewart manages to push through the members’ bill, councils and social housing providers will be required to fit sprinkler systems in all new social housing builds. His consultation is expected to run until April 16.

Grenfell a ‘scandal’

Mr Stewart told the BBC: “The scandal of Grenfell last summer was that protection was not available to those who were most in need.

“That is why I am making this common sense proposal to ensure all new social housing has a sprinkler system installed. This simple change in law is a practical step that will save lives.”

Sprinklers to be considered ‘very carefully’

Housing minister Kevin Stewart told MSPs t the end of last year that the Scottish government had “gone further on sprinklers than have other parts of the UK”, but said the ongoing review would consider the matter “very carefully”.

The BBC reports that a spokeswoman for the Scottish government said: “Residential sprinklers are one of a number of fire safety measures currently being considered by our review into building fire safety standards chaired by Dr Paul Stollard.”


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The Best Water Tanks For Sprinkler Systems

The best water tanks for sprinkler systems are ones designed for your specific needs, according to industry experts. Nationwide Water Solutions Limited, one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers and installers of fire tanks, says its order books comprise requests for the full range of sprinkler tanks.

A spokesman said: “Because we are experienced installers, we are trusted by our customers to recommend the best water tanks for their sprinkler systems. We supply and install all types of fire tanks, from one-piece GRP water tanks to the very largest, sectional sprinkler tanks. Of course, they come in a range of materials – from stainless steel to concrete.”


Buy the best water tanks for sprinkler systems


The company supplies and installs water tanks for the full range of sprinkler systems. Nationwide Water Solutions also offers a comprehensive range of maintenance and repair services. It provides a trusted ROV underwater inspection service, which insurers like because there is no need to drain a sprinkler tank during the process.

The spokesman said: “The cornerstone of our work is quality. All our installation team members are fully trained. Delivering a professional, competent service is critical where fire safety is concerned.”


Fire tanks for all sectors


As well as supplying water tanks for sprinkler systems in public buildings, Nationwide Water Solutions supplies and installs fire tanks in high-rise buildings, warehousing, factories, health care facilities, educational establishments and commercial premises. Its industrial projects have included work at numerous factories throughout the country.

With fire safety a priority for many public and private sector organisations in 2018, Nationwide Water Solutions Limited is ready to answer any questions about water tanks. It provides free on-site surveys. For further information contact Nationwide Water Solutions here.

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Sprinkler systems for multi-storey car parks?

A sprinkler system could have stopped a fire that destroyed 1,400 vehicles at a multi-storey car park, a fire chief has told The Times newspaper.

The New Year’s Eve fire in Liverpool started in a parked Land Rover before rapidly spreading. It has emerged that rules exempting multi-storey car parks from some fire safety regulations, including the need for sprinklers, are half a century old.

Dan Stephens, the chief fire officer of Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, has claimed his firefighters only had access to enough water to delay the spread of the blaze.


Sprinklers would have suppressed multi-storey car park fire


He told The Times: “Had the car park had sprinklers that would certainly have acted to suppress the fire. It may well even have extinguished the fire.”

“Had the car park had sprinklers that would certainly have given us a far better chance to get sufficient water on the fire to put that out. But beyond a certain point . . . the heat release rate from vehicles is such that we just didn’t have access to the water to put it out.”


Huge bill for insurers


An insurance industry expert said the fire is expected to prompt claims totalling more than £2 million. The figure could even rise above £10 million.

A spokeswoman for the Association of British Insurers said: “Insurance is there to cover the costs of just this type of incident, and in 2016 motor insurers paid out more than £33 million every single day.”


Council may consider sprinklers for multi-storey car parks


The multi-storey car park is owned by the local authority and was built in 2008.

A council spokesman said: “We will listen, we’ll take advice from the chief fire officer, we’ll look at what we do with this car park and what we do with our car parks if the advice is that we should have sprinkler systems. We won’t bury our heads in the sand. I have heard conflicting advice.”

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The Ultimate In UK Fire Safety 2018

Make sure you invest in the best fire safety. As well as protecting lives, you will achieve lower insurance premiums. You will also benefit from peace of mind, knowing your building and its contents have proper protection. Benefit from the ultimate in fire safety with a sprinkler system. Fire safety 2018 is all about loss prevention.

Sprinkler systems are highly effective. They prevent fires from spreading, giving people the chance to evacuate a building. As soon as a sprinkler system is activated it contains a fire. That means less damage and reduced losses. Commercial sprinkler systems are a no brainer for warehousing, schools, universities, healthcare facilities and high-rise buildings.


Effective fire safety


Studies have shown that sprinkler systems usually only fail due to lack of maintenance or human error. You can ensure your sprinkler system benefits from world-class maintenance by taking advantage of the range of specialist services offered by Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. Covering the whole of the UK, this expert sprinkler tank company can keep your sprinkler system fit for purpose and ready to fight a fire.

If you are investing in a sprinkler system in 2018, make sure you insist your sprinkler tank is supplied and installed by Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. As well as providing a professional, expert service, this is a UK-based company that goes above and beyond to provide a range of services you can have confidence in.


Sprinkler tanks and fire safety 2018


Because lack of maintenance is a known risk, use Nationwide Water Solutions’ inspection, repair and replacement sprinkler tank services. Its ROV underwater inspections ensure sprinkler systems remain primed to work during tests. Following an inspection, it provides detailed reports and photographic evidence to illustrate its findings.

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Is fire safety your New Year resolution?

If beefing up fire safety is your New Year resolution, you may want to consider installing a sprinkler system. And if you are worried about fitting a sprinkler tank into an awkward space, Nationwide Water Solutions Limited can put your mind at ease. Sprinkler tanks come in many different sizes, and can be designed just for your environment.

Nationwide Water Solutions Limited supplies and installs a wide range of sprinkler tanks. That, of course, includes ones designed to fit awkward spaces. As one of the UK’s leading sprinkler tank experts, Nationwide Water Solutions Limited offers all types of sprinkler tanks, from large sectional tanks to smaller, one-piece GRP tanks. That means, they have got the right tank for your sprinkler system.

Fire safety and sprinkler tanks

Fires in Liverpool, Manchester, The Bronx and elsewhere over the festive period have put fire safety back in the public eye. Whether you are now considering installing a sprinkler system or would like to replace a damaged or outdated sprinkler tank, Nationwide Water Solutions Limited can help. Its sprinkler tank range includes models made from glass coated steel, galvanised steel, concrete, epoxy coated steel and stainless steel. With one of the UK’s most respected sprinkler tank installation teams, you can be assured of a professional service from start to finish.

Working across multiple sectors, Nationwide Water Solutions Limited has carried out sprinkler tank installations across the country. It works with commercial and public sector organisations, as well as landlords and not-for-profit housing associations. Recent projects have included installations at plastic recycling, food packaging and warehousing premises.

News dominated by fires

Nationwide Water Solutions offers a fire tank design and installation service, delivered by fully trained experts. A spokesman said: “The Christmas and New Year period has again been dominated by news about large fires. Luckily, in the UK, there was no major loss of life. Sadly, it was a different matter in The Bronx area of New York. The costs of the UK fires will run into tens of millions. When you consider the personal and financial impact of a fire, it makes sense to install a sprinkler system to give you the best chance of stopping a fire before it spreads.

“We are always happy to carry out site assessments, anywhere in the UK. These surveys are free and in-depth, offering recommendations based on the best-suited and most cost-effective for your premises.”

To book a free site assessment, call Nationwide Water Solutions on 0345 5052540.