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Benefits of Sprinkler Tanks Explained

Automatic sprinkler systems are on immediate standby 24/7 to fight a fire. A sprinkler tank supplies instant water to the location of a blaze – starting to fight a fire the second it is detected. But the benefits of sprinkler tanks are numerous. There are lots more, as this article will explain.

If you are considering retrofitting a sprinkler system, or installing one in a new building, these facts will help.


Sprinkler tanks save water

It’s true. The quantity of water used to fight a fire is measurable less if your premises has a well-maintained sprinkler tank. It will use between 0.02% and 17% of the quantity that would be used if sprinklers were not installed.

Not only that, sprinklers reduce fire carbon emissions by up to 21.6 per cent. The estimated net carbon benefit of sprinklers over the three-decade lifespan of a building that is more than 5,000 – 10,000m2.


Other benefits of fire tanks

Along with other safety measures, sprinklers can allow a building to be used for purposes other than those they were originally built for. Sprinkler also double the size of a fire compartment. With arson on the increase, sprinklers provide protection around the clock – at night and on public holidays. This means a fire is detected and dealt with even if nobody is around. This reduced damage and takes care of loss prevention.

Insurance discounts for buildings with sprinkler systems can be as much as 30 to 40 per cent.


Reducing the burden on the public purse

As well as saving lives and protecting property, sprinkler reduce the burden on public services. Often fires in properties with sprinkler tanks are out by the time the emergency services arrive on the scene. Unaffected part of the building can be back in use in no time at all.

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Sprinklers: Birmingham Set To Invest

Birmingham City Council is today (Tuesday) expected to confirm it will borrow £31 million to install sprinklers in every one of its high-rise flats – if the Government fails to provide the cash. More than 200 tower blocks in the city will benefit from enhanced fire safety equipment over the next two years. The council, which has reviewed fire safety following the Grenfell Tower fire in London, is expected to announce it will spend £19 million on the first phase of its retrofitting programme.

In an ambitious, uncompromising plan, Birmingham plans to invest in sprinklers to safeguard the occupants of 2,725 flats over the coming year. A further 4,408 apartments will benefit from the fire supressing equipment in the next financial year.


‘Residents safer with sprinklers’

In total, Birmingham City Council has 62,000 social homes. It is spending a combined sum of £129 million on a wide-ranging improvement plan. Sprinklers systems are just one of the areas being invested in. Homes will also benefit from spending on lift repairs, insulation, better heating systems and new doors and windows.

The decision to install sprinklers in every high-rise flat has been prompted by advice from fire safety experts. They say tenants are safer with sprinkler systems.


Government slow to provide sprinkler cash

After making all the right noises following the Grenfell fire, the Government is now seemingly reluctant to pay towards sprinkler installation costs. With councils up and down the country making bids for cash, they are being told only ‘essential’ work will win funding. That is despite fire safety experts saying all high-rise flats should have sprinklers.

Birmingham is just one of the many housing providers to ask for cash.


‘Prudential borrowing’ an option

A report to the city council’s cabinet says: “The investment programme includes £19 million of planned expenditure relating to the retrofit of fire suppression systems (sprinklers) as a part of an overall three-year programme anticipated to cost £31m, in relation to which Central Government have been approached for a contribution of £19.4m towards these costs.

“In the event that this funding is not forthcoming, the costs will be funded through prudential borrowing.”


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Fire Safety Starts with Peace of Mind

If you are a social landlord or manage public sector buildings, you may be considering retro-fitting sprinkler systems. Following the tragic loss of 71 lives in the Grenfell Tower fire, the pressure is on many sectors to improve fire safety. What the public want is peace of mind.

Sprinkler systems and sprinkler tanks achieve this. They not only reassure people that fire-fighting equipment is on standby to start fighting a fire the moment it is detected, they really do save lives and reduce damage to property.


Why a sprinkler tank?


A sprinkler tank provides added peace of mind and extra protection. Knowing that an instant supply of water is ready and waiting to be used can make a huge difference to how people feel about fire safety measures. Many people are worried about fires and, with good reason, are concerned that social landlords and others are putting costs before lives.

During the recent Sprinkler Week, supported by Chief Fire Officers, the message was loud and clear – sprinkler systems save lives. The message also sought to bust some of the myths about sprinkler systems. For example, some people think sprinklers cause a lot of water damage. In fact, modern sprinklers only activate in the affected area – not throughout a building.


Sprinkler tank services


If you are one of those preparing a case for the installation of sprinkler systems, talk to Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. It supplies and installs sprinkler tanks, and also offers a comprehensive range of maintenance services. It provides free site visits and expert advice. With a team of fully trained engineers and a commitment to excellence, this is a company dedicated to offering peace of mind.

In the current climate, retro fitting sprinkler systems is likely to become the norm. Pressure is mounting, not just on social housing providers with high-rise apartments, but schools, hospitals, care homes and many other sectors.

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Businesses homeless after major fire

A former mill used as a hub for small businesses is to be demolished after being severely damaged by fire. Tameside Council has taken the decision to demolish the building after safety reports indicated the ruins of the building are not safe. The mill, in Greater Manchester, was left “structurally unsound” following a blaze at the weekend.


Ray Mill, in Stalybridge, was reported to be on fire shortly before midnight on Saturday. Firefighters were still at the scene on Monday morning.


Mill fire leaves building ‘unsafe’

Firefighters who arrived at the scene of the blaze were confronted with a building that was well alight. At the height of the fire, it is reported that five storeys of the mill were affected. Because of the condition of the building following the fire, demolition work is to start as soon as possible. The council says, work is expected to take around a week.


While the mill remains unsafe, streets surrounding the building are to remain closed until demolition work is complete. Tame Street and Clarence Street are among the no-go areas.


Public services affected by blaze

Because of its close proximity to public services, the blaze was likely to lead to some disruption to gritting and waste disposal services. A nearby bus depot was the scene of an evacuation of vehicles during the major incident, with 80 buses being removed to a place of safety. The council said the buses had to be removed to safeguard public transport.


Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service has launched an investigation into the cause of the blaze. Ray Mill housed around 15 small businesses, with many of them losing everything.


Retrofit sprinklers

Is your business concerned about the impact of fire? Are you considering retrofitting sprinklers? Talk to Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s leading sprinkler tank service. It supplies, installs and maintains sprinkler tanks, ensuring water is always on standby in the event of a blaze.




Sprinkler Week Ends With Message To Care Homes

With support up and down the country, Sprinkler Week 2018 has been a great success. Supported by fire and rescue services, businesses and individuals, the campaign has highlighted the many benefits of retro fitting sprinklers.

As the campaign winds down, London fire brigade is now urging care homes, retirement homes and hostels across the capital to review their fire safety systems, after figures revealed that just one per cent have life-saving sprinklers installed.

Fires happen, on average, every day at care homes across London, and the fire brigade is using Sprinkler Week to demand the installation of automatic fire suppression systems in high rise buildings, schools, and care homes.

Focus on vulnerable people

Borough Commander for Newham, Spencer Alden-Smith, said: “It’s a tragic fact that many of the fires we see involve vulnerable people who have mobility or health issues that mean they are unable to escape even small fires, and they may suffer fatal or life changing injuries before the fire brigade is even called.

“We need to ensure sufficient and appropriate protection measures are in place to safeguard these people where they live and suppression systems should be part of those considerations.

“Small fires can kill and soon develop into large fires unless they are stopped. Automatic fire suppression systems such as sprinklers can stop those small fires developing into tragedy.”

Sprinkler facts for care homes

AFSS are the only systems which can detect fires, suppress them, and raise an alarm, and Steve said the idea they’re expensive is a myth.

He said: “Costs vary depending on the type of system, but in schools, for example, if they are incorporated from the design stage, sprinklers are around one per cent of the total build cost.”

He also suggested self-contained watermist systems, which are designed to protect vulnerable people who, because of mobility issues, might find it harder to escape. These systems can be installed in one room of a property where the resident spends most of their time.

Lack of sprinklers

Of the 428 fires in London’s care homes and hostels last year, sprinklers were only installed in five. There were three fatalities and 53 injuries in these fires.

During Sprinkler Awareness Week, the fire brigade are repeating calls for blocks higher than 18m to be fitted with sprinklers, along with all residential care homes and sheltered accommodation.

Sprinkler tank services

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Sprinkler Myths Dispelled

With Sprinkler Week 2018 under way, we dispel some of the common myths surrounding sprinkler systems. Each myth is dispelled with proven facts. With fire and rescue services across the country encouraging businesses and local authorities to retro fit sprinklers, here’s your chance to get the facts.


When there is a fire all the sprinklers go off at once.

Wrong. Each head is independent and only the head(s) adjacent to the fire go off as the heads are activated by heat and not smoke


Sprinklers can go off accidentally.

Wrong. Records show that the chance of an accidental discharge from sprinklers is in the region of 16 million to one. They will only go off if there is a fire which increases the heat beyond the defined sprinkler trigger point (typically 135 to 165°F (57.2 to 73.9°C).


Water damage is as bad as fire damage.

Wrong. A typical sprinkler discharges 55 litres per minute. A firefighting hose discharges over 600 litres per minute. You can expect sprinklers to discharge less than 5% of the water used by the fire service.


Sprinklers are very expensive.


Wrong. The costs of installing them are roughly equivalent to carpeting the same building in new buildings. However, damage from fires can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds – sometimes running into millions of pounds. Losses from fires in buildings protected with sprinklers, in comparison, are estimated to be one-tenth of those in unprotected buildings. Fitting sprinklers can save money in some areas – insurers will often offer premium discounts to premises with sprinklers, and policy excesses may be lower.


Invest in a sprinkler tank

Convinced that sprinklers are well worth the outlay? Invest in a sprinkler tank to ensure water is always on standby to fight a fire. Contact Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. It supplies, installs and maintains sprinkler tanks across the UK.

Sprinklers Week Message

A senior fire officer says he wants to “dispel the myth” that water from sprinkler systems causes more damage than fire. His message has been broadcast ahead of National Sprinklers Week.

“That is absolutely and completely untrue. Sprinklers only react to just where the fire is. They react to the heat and successfully put out fires to save lives and property,” said Ian Leigh, Station Manager in Protection at Shrewsbury Fire HQ.


Week to bust myths of sprinklers

Speaking to mark National Sprinkler Week, he pointed out that TV shows and films often showed sprinklers going off throughout a building which was “pure drama”. He said they gave a false picture of what happens in real life. Owners of historic buildings were often reluctant to install the equipment for fear of causing water damage which could be easily cleared up while fire was much more of a threat and could completely destroy properties.


Between 60 and 80 per cent of businesses never recover from serious fires according to insurance company estimates, said the Station Officer. The Homebase store in Oswestry was saved from severe damage by a sprinkler in 2009 when a fire broke out. More recently, a sprinkler system saved a large Amazon distribution warehouse in Staffordshire from serious damage in a fire just before Christmas.


“The sprinklers prevented the fire spreading and kept the damage to approximately 2 per cent of the total stock costs and allowed 10 per cent of the business to resume after 42 hours,” added the officer.


A Scottish school was saved by sprinklers which reduced fire damage to a single classroom in a blaze which would probably have destroyed the entire three storey building last year.


National Sprinklers Week

Fire and Rescue Services from across the UK are putting their voices together to campaign during Sprinkler Awareness Week which runs from March 12. Their joint message is that the risk of death or injury from fire is greatly reduced, particularly in homes occupied by vulnerable people or in high risk buildings such as blocks of flats where escape is more difficult.

The Grenfell tower block tragedy in which 71 people died has renewed the debate around the provision of sprinklers in premises of all types and Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service is actively assisting with the public inquiry and the Independent Review of Building Regulations.


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Damage Concerns Over Ageing Sprinkler Tanks

As the thaw sets in and floods threaten more and more homes and businesses, people responsible for sprinkler tanks are being urged to ensure they are properly maintained. Leaks can occur in corroded tanks – especially those which have not been inspected recently. With hundreds of homeowners and organisations counting the cost of water damage caused by extreme weather, now is the perfect time to remind businesses and local authorities to check sprinkler tanks.

Mick Brightmore, of Nationwide Water Solutions Limited, said: “Sprinkler tanks rarely leak as a result of bad weather. However, they can cause problems if they are not properly maintained. That is why we are reminding those with sprinkler systems to get their fire tanks checked.”

Damaged sprinkler tanks

Mr Brightmore said, while water damage is fresh in people’s minds, it is a good idea to talk about the benefits of yearly inspections. He pointed out that damaged sprinkler tanks can immobilise an automatic sprinkler system and risk lives and property.

“It is not worth leaving a sprinkler tank to deteriorate. The cost of repairing a tank is far less than replacing one. By ensuring your tank is regularly inspected, it can be maintained to a high standard and provide peace of mind for many years. The risks involved with neglecting a sprinkler tank are simply not worth it.”

Book a sprinkler tank inspection

Give yourself peace of mind by booking a sprinkler tank inspection with Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. They carry out inspections anywhere in the UK and provide a full written report backed up with photographic evidence. What’s more, you won’t have to drain your tank for the inspection to take place because Nationwide uses underwater camera equipment.

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Ready Supply of Water Crucial to Fire Safety

Everyone knows water can stop a fire from spreading and be used to put it out. But what if there is no water supply to tackle a fire? You may think this is an unlikely event, but it is more common than you think. Fire engines can run out of water, particularly if there is no hydrant in the vicinity of a blaze. That is why a ready supply of water is crucial to fire safety.

Are you responsible for fire safety in warehousing, a large retail area, tower block, care home, school or hospital? Have you considered the availability of water – in large quantities – in the event of a fire?

Sprinkler tanks save lives

While much has been written about the effectiveness of sprinklers, particularly in suppressing fires, following the Grenfell Tower tragedy little has been said about sprinkler tanks. These often-unseen water reservoirs ensure sprinklers are primed and ready to work whenever they are needed. They save lives and they significantly reduce loss.

If you are planning a loss prevention strategy, include a sprinkler system with a sprinkler tank. Instant water is vital to control a blaze and stop it from spreading.

Supply of water: true stories

In the US earlier this year, a 63-year-old man died after firefighters tackling a blaze ran out of water. The crew had no water for more than a minute while they waited for a second crew to arrive at the scene of a blaze.  It had taken the first crew less than six minutes to use all the water it had.

There were multiple casualties in Japan in 1995 when firefighters, who turned up to tackle a major blaze, found hydrants wouldn’t work.

Invest in a sprinkler tank

If you are planning to install a sprinkler system, invest in a sprinkler tank for complete peace of mind. Nationwide Water Solutions Limited is the UK’s leading independent supplier and installer of sprinkler tanks. Find out more here.