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Grenfell: Call for immediate regulation changes

The Government has been urged to tighten building control and fire safety regulations immediately. Experts say more people will die if no action is taken until after the Grenfell Tower Fire inquiry has concluded. Campaigners are calling for sprinklers to be compulsory in all high-rise and high-risk buildings. Calls for urgent action follow revelations about the extent of safety failings at Grenfell, where 71 people lost their lives.

In an open letter to the Government, fire safety specialists say the time to act is now. They are concerned about the risks faced by those in buildings with poor fire safety equipment. Among their concerns is the use of combustible cladding and insulation fitted to the exterior of tower blocks. They want these materials banned.


Grenfell letter prompted by interim report


Dame Judith Hackitt is the former head of the UK Health and Safety Executive. She is leading an independent review into the effectiveness of current building and fire safety regulations. However, her findings have yet to be published.

The letter was prompted by her interim report, which reveals a catalogue of safety failings at Grenfell following refurbishments between 2014 and 2016. Those failings include:

The use of highly combustible exterior cladding

  • Badly fitted windows
  • Front doors with no door closers
  • No sprinklers
  • Narrow escape routes
  • Poor access for emergency services.

Architect George Clarke and Ronnie King OBE, of the all-party parliamentary Fire Safety and Rescue Group, along with the Mineral Wool Manufacturers Association (MIMA), were among those to sign the open letter.


10 months on – what’s changed?


Ten months after the tragedy, campaigners say they are “deeply concerned” that so little has been done to prevent a similar disaster. The letter read: “The official inquiries and investigations will run their course, but we must not wait. We believe these common-sense measures will help protect people’s lives and the buildings in which they live, work, learn and recover.”

The campaigners say “high risk” buildings should include schools, hospitals, care homes, sheltered housing and residential blocks.

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Take Your Sprinkler Plans to the Next Phase

Sprinkler plans weighing on your mind? If you represent an organisation that is considering the benefits of installing automatic sprinklers, talk to us. We are Nationwide Water Solutions Limited, and we are the UK’s leading independent supplier of sprinkler tank services. If sprinklers are totally new to you, don’t worry. You are not alone.

Sprinklers, and their benefits, are hardly out of the news these days. That is because the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy has encouraged an entire nation to re-think fire safety standards. Social housing and care providers are among those reviewing their safety measures. They are being urged to do everything they can to ensure lives are never again lost because of poor fire safety. The Government is also reviewing building control and fire safety in the wake of the devastating fire.


Sprinkler plans – the benefits


Fire chiefs in the UK support a national sprinkler week. This is because they know that automatic sprinklers have multiple benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Automatic sprinklers supress fires before they can spread
  • Sprinklers give people more time to evacuate a building, saving lives
  • Fire damage is limited in premises where sprinklers are fitted
  • The costs of a fire are reduced – not just to property owners but also to the public purse

Ready to move your sprinkler plans forward?


The importance of sprinkler tanks


Sprinkler tanks play a vital role in fire safety. They ensure water is ready to fight a fire whenever a sprinkler system detects one. Nationwide Water Solutions Limited carries out free site visits. It provides expert advice and supplies and installs sprinkler tanks. It works with sprinkler tanks of all shapes and sizes.

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eCommerce Stock: Know the Fire Risks

The boom in online shopping means more goods than ever before are being stored in warehouses. While eCommerce has helped to drive prices down by introducing more competition to marketplaces, it comes with risks. One of them is fire. That is why more warehouse facilities are being protected with sprinkler tanks.

Warehousing can contain huge quantities of plastic. This means fires need to be detected and supressed as quickly as possible. Automatic sprinkler systems with a dedicated water supply are the best option to prevent and reduces losses. That is why more and more warehouse owners are discovering the benefits of sprinkler tanks.

Here are five things you may not know about sprinkler tanks:


  1. Sprinkler tanks are on standby to deliver water to a fire 24/7. That means premises fitted with automatic sprinklers attached to a sprinkler tank are primed to work day and night.
  2. A ready supply of water means fires are tackled the moment they are detected.
  3. Sprinkler tanks provide added peace of mind to eCommerce stock owners and insurers, as well as warehouse owners.
  4. Group A plastics will require more water if a fire occurs.
  5. Sprinkler tanks can be built into the design of a new-build or retrofitted.


Literally millions of pounds worth of damage can be caused in just one warehouse fire. That is why it pays to consider fire safety before an incident, rather than as an afterthought.


eCommerce warehousing solutions


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Developer Sets New Sprinkler Standards

A developer planning to build the tallest apartment block in Derby has said every floor will be fitted with sprinklers. Goodwin Developments, spearheading The Landmark project, is currently preparing a planning application for the development. Its company ethos to install sprinklers in all new builds sets new sprinkler standards in the UK. The high-rise building will comprise 201 luxury homes as well as a gym and residents’ lounge.

Seventeen storeys high, architects’ drawings of the building were unveiled to the Press and local residents earlier this week. The company revealed it has a policy of fitting sprinklers in all its buildings – something campaigners have welcomed.


‘You don’t have to do it, but we do’

Goodwin Developments’ director, Stephen Pratt, told the Derby Telegraph that every apartment will benefit from sprinklers. He said this was to protect residents in the event of a fire.

He said: “The building we’re proposing is fully sprinklered. All of our buildings – even the two or three storey schemes we’re building in the UK – are fully sprinklered. It’s a policy we have. You don’t have to do it, but we do. We feel it’s something that is important.”


Industry is leading sprinkler change

While a government review of building regulations and fire safety is still under way following the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, it seems developers are making up their own minds about the need for sprinklers. Goodwin could be a leader on new fire safety standards. Reaction to plans for The Landmark have been described as ‘really positive’ by the company.

The multi-million-pound scheme is being shown to the public for feedback before a planning application is formally submitted. With an iconic design and cutting-edge features, the project has been 17 months in the planning so far. If given the green light, the building will be the tallest in Derby.


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Sprinkler Tanks and Repairs

Sprinkler tanks and sprinkler systems are hot news. Not just because they save lives – but because more people need them. In the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, social housing providers and local authorities almost immediately started to draw up plans to retrofit sprinklers in tower blocks.

Some high-rise buildings have already benefited from improved fire safety equipment. The pressure now is on care home owners, schools and others to follow suit. But what if you already have a sprinkler system? Do you have to do anything?


Sprinkler tanks must be maintained

If you own a building that is fitted with a sprinkler system, it must be maintained. The sprinkler tank, also known as a fire tank, is the most important element of any automatic sprinkler system. It is what ensures water is on standby to be delivered to the point of fire. Supressing flames immediately, this often means there is little or no work for the emergency services to do. Buildings affected by fire can be back in use within hours.

At Nationwide Water Solutions Limited, we work with building owners across the UK. We help them ensure that their fire safety systems are working and properly maintained. Many of our clients first come to us to ask: “Can a sprinkler tank be repaired?” There isn’t always a straightforward answer, because that all depends on the condition of the tank.


What makes a sprinkler tank suitable for repair?

A sprinkler tank should be inspected at least annually by an independent, qualified expert. Inspections should be carried out using underwater camera equipment. This is to ensure the tank is still on standby to work in an emergency. If corrosion, leaks or other damage is recorded, a written inspection report, which will contain photographic evidence, will suggest the best course of action.

Unless a sprinkler tank is very badly damaged, Nationwide Water Solutions has a range of repair options. Each comes with a guarantee, meaning you can be sure your sprinkler tank will provide excellent fire safety for years to come.

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5 Surprising Facts About Fire Tanks

Fire tanks, commonly known in the UK as sprinkler tanks, play a vital role in the protection of property and lives. But, in the current rush to discuss the benefits of automatic sprinkler systems, they are often overlooked. In fact, sprinkler tanks guarantee the supply of water to sprinkler heads in the event of an emergency.

With a fire stank on standby, a fire can be out before the emergency services arrive. Water supresses the blaze before it can take hold and spread. Thousands of lives are saved every year and losses reduced as a result of sprinkler tanks. Here are five facts about fire tanks that you may not know:

1. Not all fire tanks are the same

Sprinkler tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be made from different materials. The exact specifications of each tank should be designed to meet the demands of its intended environment. Options offered by Nationwide Water Solutions Limited include galvanised steel tanks with internal linings and fully sealed sectional tanks.

2. Sprinkler tanks require maintenance

That’s right. Fire tanks should be inspected at least annually to ensure they are primed to supply water to sprinkler heads when required.

3. Fire tanks do not have to be drained for an inspection

Modern inspection techniques include the use of underwater camera equipment. This means your sprinkler system is still on standby to fight a fire during the inspection process.

4. Sprinkler tanks can be repaired

With a range of lining and coating options, most tanks displaying signs of minor wear and tear and leaks can be repaired. An inspection will highlight if your tank if suitable for repair work.

5. Fire tank linings can be replaced

Nationwide Water Solutions helps businesses and public bodies extend the life of sprinkler tanks with lining systems that are guaranteed for years.

Want to know more about sprinkler tanks and how they can boost your firefighting capacity and provide robust loss reduction? Talk to Nationwide Solutions Limited.

What? Sprinklers in ALL homes?

New regulations in the US often go on to be implemented by other countries, including the UK. That is why Nationwide Water Solutions Limited, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of sprinkler tank products and services, predicted sprinklers could one day be a feature of building and fire safety regulations here, across the pond. Are you worried sprinklers will have to be fitted in all homes? Read on…

Unfortunately, it took the loss of multiple lives and real outrage to make the British government look again at fire safety regulations. The impact of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy is now being felt. As a Government review considers what changes may need to be made to make buildings safer, reports are coming out from independent bodies that suggest every residential property in the UK should be fitted with sprinklers.


Will it ever happen?

The cost of retrofitting sprinklers in every property in England means it is unlikely, in our opinion, that all homes will be compelled to have sprinklers. However, it is looking ever-more likely that certain properties will be required to have sprinklers within the next five years.

In our estimation, we believe the following types of property will have to be retrofitted with sprinklers:

  • High-rise blocks of flats
  • Care homes
  • Some council and housing association properties accommodating vulnerable tenants, such as the elderly
  • Some public buildings


Nationwide Water Solutions Limited believes the following types of new builds are likely to require sprinkler systems in the medium-term future:

  • New builds over a set number of storeys
  • All new schools
  • New care homes


Why is this happening?

The tragic loss of life at Grenfell Tower has highlighted the need to bring fire safety and building regulations up to a higher standard. Failings at the London blaze illustrated how current precautions are not working. People are dying because modern fire protection equipment is not being installed.


What should I do now if I own homes?

If you represent a social housing provider, school, developer, are a private landlord or own a care home, plan ahead. You need to budget for a sprinkler system. If you want to know more about sprinkler tanks and the role they play in delivering water to sprinkler heads, talk to Nationwide Water Solutions. Worried that your sprinkler tank has not been inspected in the past 12 months? Book an inspection today.

Sprinklers in every home on the horizon

The Government has finally responded to a coroner’s request for it to consider the ‘immediate and positive consideration’ of legislating to ensure sprinklers are fitted in every home. Coroner Simon Nelson issued his plea in 2015 following the death of a 24-year-old housing association resident. Now, more than two years later, he has received an answer.

Inside Housing prompted the response after making a Freedom of Information Act request.

Encouraging landlords to fit sprinklers

Melanie Dawes, permanent secretary at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, wrote: “I am very sorry also that the department did not reply to the report at the time. The department has searched through its records and although the report was received, it would seem that it was not actioned properly through our correspondence management system.”

She added that the department has now “encouraged” social landlords to “consider installing sprinkler systems” in high-rise properties. However, it has never made them compulsory.

Fire safety regulations under review

That could change, though. The Government has made it clear that current fire safety and building regulations need to be reviewed. The review process is currently underway.

John Healey, Shadow Housing Secretary for Labour, told Inside Housing: “Ministers ignored the recommendations on sprinklers from two earlier coroners reports after the fatal fires in Lakanal House and Shirley Towers. It is shocking that for over two years they failed even to reply to this important further coroner’s report, which they seem to have lost within their own department.

“Following the terrible fire at Grenfell Tower, it is shameful that the government still refuses to ensure sprinklers are fitted in tower blocks. Ministers should back fire chiefs’ advice and Labour’s plan to urgently set aside the funds to get this done.”

Sprinkler tanks

Planning a new build or want to retrofit a sprinkler system? Nationwide Water Solutions Limited can supply and install a sprinkler tank that guarantees water is ready to fight a fire the second one is detected. The company also provides sprinkler tank maintenance, repair and inspection services. To find out more, visit Nationwide Water Solutions Limited.