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Poole Tower Blocks to Get Sprinklers

Tower blocks managed by a housing partnership in Poole are to be fitted with sprinklers. Borough councillors unanimously approved plans for the project. Work is expected to cost around £630,000. A total of six tower blocks will benefit from the fire safety improvements.

Poole Housing Partnership, which manages six tower blocks on behalf of the council, carried out fire safety reviews following the Grenfell tragedy. Work to install the sprinklers will be carried out over five years. Two blocks at Sterte Court will be the first have sprinklers. The remaining four Old Town towers will get sprinklers when they are refurbishment some time over the next five years.


U-Turn Following Grenfell

Sprinklers were first considered in Poole four years ago. At the time, it was felt they were not necessary. Following Grenfell the fire service recommended the decision be ‘revisited’. Sprinklers will now be installed in individual apartments and communal areas in the tower blocks.

Up and down the country, local authorities are having to make the same decision.


Sprinkler Tank Company Ready to Help

Nationwide Water Solutions Limited is the UK’s leading independent supplier and installer of sprinkler tank equipment. A sprinkler tank ensures water is stored on the premises for the sole purpose of fighting a fire.

A spokesman said: “We understand the concern over fire safety in high-risk buildings following the devastating blaze at Grenfell Tower. We are here to offer free advice to local authorities, housing associations and others. We also offer free site visits. A sprinkler tank supplied by us is designed to fit its environment. We also maintain sprinkler tanks and repair existing ones.”

Want to know more? For further information, visit our website. Alternatively contact us by telephone on 0345 5052540 or email

Nationwide Water Solutions Limited also conducts annual sprinkler tank inspections using underwater equipment.


Why Water Restrictions Highlight the Benefits of Sprinkler Tanks

It has been the weather of dreams. With unbroken sunshine and record-breaking temperatures, this summer is a hot topic. But, as the earth bakes, lack of rainfall is causing problems. Sprinkler tanks can offer peace of mind during exceptionally dry weather. United Utilities has today announced a hosepipe ban. It will affect parts of the North West and come into force in the first week of August.

The temporary ban will impact millions of people. Its aim is to safeguard essential water supplies. While the ban will ensure water is available to fight a fire, a sprinkler tank has distinct advantages.


Heatwave fires and sprinkler tanks

During prolonged spells of hot weather, fires are more likely to occur. They can include wildfires that spread to homes or businesses. Other dangers are caused by heat or direct sunlight being applied to a combustible item. Having a sprinkler tank connected to automatic sprinklers in your building will ensure you have water on standby 24/7.

As well as offering peace of mind, sprinkler tanks are efficient. They get to work as soon as a fire is detected. In hot weather, this is essential. It will give a building’s occupants more time to evacuate a building. Sprinkler tanks also supress flames, stopping a fire from spreading.


Water restrictions and sprinkler tanks

Your sprinkler tank is not affected by water restrictions. The water is already in the tank, waiting to be used in an emergency. Reservoir levels in the North East are currently so low that United Utilities has been shifting water up north from Wales.

In Ireland a hosepipe ban was introduce over a month ago. If your area has restrictions imposed, you must follow guidelines or face a heavy fine. Water restrictions highlight the benefits of already having water stored for an emergency.

Want to know more about sprinkler tanks? Visit Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. It is the UK’s leading independent sprinkler tank supplier and installer.


What If Your Building Doesn’t Have A Sprinkler Tank?

Fire safety is moving forward in the UK. More building owners are investing in automatic sprinklers. Many of those newly-installed systems benefit from a sprinkler tank. If you live in a high-rise building, you are likely to have round-the-clock fire safety measures in place. If you don’t, you should ask why.

Are you among those to have a sprinkler system connected to a sprinkler tank? If you are, you’re fortunate. That is because water is stored 24/7 – just to flight a fire. It is separate from your drinking water.


What is your sprinkler tank doing for you?

Consider a sprinkler tank as you would a firefighter. The only difference is that a sprinkler tank is on-site all day, all night and 365 days of the year. It is ready to deliver water to sprinkler heads the second a sensor detects a fire. It is likely to be delivering water to the point of a blaze before you even realise there is a fire.

How do you benefit? Sprinkler tanks:

  • Help prevent fires from spreading
  • They give you more time to evacuate a building
  • Reduce damage
  • Save lives

If your building does not have a sprinkler tank, water is not being stored solely to fight a fire.


Building owners, invest in fire safety

Boost your fire safety equipment with a sprinkler tank. Connected to an automatic sprinkler system it will aid your loss prevention strategy. It will make your building safer to live or work in. A fire tank will also give people more time to evacuate your building if the unthinkable happens.

If the tragedy at Grenfell Tower is making you think again about fire safety equipment, talk to Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. It supplies, installs and maintains sprinkler tanks across the UK. Its service is helping to make residential, commercial and public buildings safer.

Want to know more? For further information, visit Nationwide Water Solutions Limited.



School on Fire in North Shields

Breaking news…Firefighters are currently tackling a fire at St Thomas More Roman Catholic Academy in North Shields. The blaze was reported in the early hours of today (Tuesday). At the scene, more than 20 firefighters are attempting to put the fire out.

Five fire engines are currently at the school. The blaze is said to have been reported at around 2am. No injuries have been reported.


School now closed

The headmaster, named in the local press as ‘Mr Watson’, initially said the school would be open as normal today – even though firefighters are still on the scene.

Mr Watson released a statement to the local press that said: “Early this morning there was an isolated fire in part of the school building. As the building was empty nobody was at risk and early indications are that it started accidentally.

“As the fire occurred in part of the building that we can seal off, school will be open as normal.”

However, he has just released a second statement: “…the fire alarm system and telephone line in most of the wider school has unfortunately been compromised. This was only discovered when a fire alarm engineer came on site. We therefore have no alternative but to close the school for all students today, Tuesday 10th July.

“As soon as we have anymore information we will let you know. Any students who are already in school have been informed and those that can, will make their own way home. I am sure you understand that we need to put the safety of students and staff first.

“If this is a problem for any of the students we will keep them in school until other arrangements can be made.”

“I sincerely apologise for this very late notice but hope that you understand how fluid the current situation is.”


‘Smoke and flames’

Eyewitnesses have described ‘a lot of smoke and flames’ coming from the building. However, as indicated in the statement, the blaze is limited to an isolated part of the school site.

It is not yet known if the school was fitted with automatic sprinklers. Further updates on this breaking news story is available from the local press in North Shields.


Nationwide Water Solutions Limited

Nationwide Water Solutions Limited supplies school, universities and a large number of other types of buildings with sprinkler tanks. It installs, maintains and inspects fire tanks across the UK. For free site visits, no obligation advice and costings, contact Nationwide Water Solutions.

For further information about Nationwide’s services, visit the website.


Sprinkler Tank Advice for Owners of Unoccupied Properties

Do you own an unoccupied property? You may be wondering why you need sprinkler tank advice, if you are. The fact is, vacant buildings are prone to arson attacks. What’s more, with nobody on site, a fire can take longer to discover.

Protecting your asset makes sense, particularly if a building is the subject of development plans or is likely to be put back into use. Arson attacks present an ever-present threat. Don’t forget, a fire started deliberately more than a week ago is still burning on Saddleworth Moor. But buildings, as well as open land, have been the subject of arson attacks in the past week.


A sprinkler tank makes sense for empty properties

A disused building in the Somerset town of Glastonbury was targeted by an arsonist earlier this week. As is quite common in these types of incidents, the fire was started in a doorway. It was reported to the emergency services at 6.55am on Wednesday.

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading independent sprinkler tank specialist. A spokesman said: “Empty buildings are known target for arsonists. If you own a building you want to preserve, it pays to invest in automatic sprinklers connected to a sprinkler tank. That is because it is like having your own private firefighting crew on call every day, around the clock.”


Other reasons to consider a sprinkler tank

If your property is located next to or near an empty building, double-check your fire safety processes. Ensure they are robust enough to cope with a fire that has spread from another building.

Nationwide Water Solutions says: “Your fire assessments should consider external risks. When you weight up the likelihood of arson on an empty nearby property, consider the potential impact on your building.”

Want more information about the benefits of installing a sprinkler tank? Visit Nationwide Water Solutions for further information.

3 Good Reasons to Invest in a Sprinkler Tank

If fire safety is preying on your mind, here’s three good reasons to invest in a sprinkler tank. Of course, they aren’t the only reasons why a sprinkler tank makes sense. The biggest reason of all is that they help to save lives.

We recommend this blog post to anyone who is concerned about fire safety. Whether you own a tower block, commercial building or apartments, it will be a useful aid to planning your fire safety programme. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


1. Water on standby to fight a fire

A sprinkler tank ensures water is stored specifically to fight a fire. It is ready, around the clock, to supply water to automatic sprinkler heads. Consider a sprinkler tank as your own on-site firefighter. Water, delivered promptly to the source of a fire, can supress the flames and stop a blaze from spreading. Invest in a sprinkler tank here.


2. Loss prevention on steroids

If you own a building that stores expensive goods or a large amount of stock, think loss prevention. A sprinkler tank can reduce the amount of fire damage, keeping your insurer happy. A sprinkler tank will also limit the amount of damage to a building. Commercial premises can be back in operation in a matter of hours after a minor fire. Invest in a sprinkler tank here.


3. Peace of mind

A sprinkler tank offers building owners peace of mind. If you are a social landlord, own a high-rise building or run a care home, a sprinkler tank makes good economic sense. As well as giving yourself peace of mind, you will demonstrate that you take fire safety seriously. Invest in a sprinkler tank here.


Buy a sprinkler tank

Want to buy a sprinkler tank? Contact Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. It provides free site visits and no obligation quotes. It installs, maintains and inspects sprinkler tanks.

To find out more, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.