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How Much Do You Know About Sprinkler Tank Maintenance?

Sprinkler tanks play a pivotal role in fire safety. But what about sprinkler tank maintenance? In a high-risk building,  a sprinkler tank can mean the difference between life and death. If your building benefits from an automatic sprinkler system, how well is your sprinkler tank maintained?

Sprinkler tanks are often overlooked. But they require annual inspections to ensure they are fit for purpose. Leaks, corrosion and other issues can make your fire safety precautions vulnerable. That is why Nationwide Water Solutions helps building owners maintain their sprinkler tank.


Don’t overlook sprinkler tank maintenance

If a sprinkler tank isn’t maintained, your automatic sprinkler system could fail. This could be a disaster. As well as putting lives at risk, it could lead to extensive fire damage. Consider too the loss of large volumes of stock and/or personal property.

We recommend sprinkler tanks are independently inspected at least annually. This ensures that any problems are detected quickly. Where a problem is found that can be remedied, we offer a range of services to ensure your sprinkler tank is as good as new.

Where a sprinkler tank is deemed to have come to the end of its life, we can design, supply and install a new one.

Our repair services include tank relining.


Love your sprinkler tank

Look after your sprinkler tank and it will look after you.

A Nationwide Water Solutions’ spokesman said: “Taking care of vital life-saving equipment is paramount. A sprinkler tank should never be neglected, and you should not rely on in-house inspections to get the full picture of a tank’s condition. We urge building owners to ensure their sprinkler tank is independently inspected every twelve months.”

A sprinkler tank is an excellent feature of any loss prevention strategy. We recommend a sprinkler tank for large buildings, particularly public premises, industrial sites, factories, schools and high-rise apartments.


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4 Reasons to Learn More About Investing in a Sprinkler Tank

Is fire safety on your mind? Have you considered the benefits of investing in a sprinkler tank? We are Nationwide Water Solutions. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about this highly beneficial water storage solution. Fire safety is paramount if you own a high-rise building, care home, public building, warehouse or industrial premises.

The information in this blog post will give you an idea of the reasons our customers are investing in a sprinkler tank.


1. Water stored specifically to fight a fire

A sprinkler tank ensures you have enough water to service a sprinkler system around the clock. This is especially important if you own a large building. You will have water on standby to fight a fire the moment the worst happens. Getting water to the point of a fire quickly is crucial to stop it from spreading and to reduce damage.


2. Complements an automatic sprinkler system

Sprinkler tanks work with automatic sprinkler systems. They ensure water can be delivered to sprinkler heads immediately. Many of our customers invest in a sprinkler tank when they are having sprinklers installed. Others turn to us when their existing sprinkler tank needs replacing or repairing. We also carry out independent sprinkler tank inspections.


3. Life preservation and loss prevention

An automatic sprinkler system and sprinkler tank gives people more time to evacuate a burning building. A sprinkler tank is an excellent addition to any loss prevention strategy. This is specially important if you want to reduce the costs associated with a building fire.


4. Peace of mind

Knowing that you have water ready to fight a fire offers building owners peace of mind.


Investing in a sprinkler tank

Want to find out more about the benefits of investing in a sprinkler system? Contact Nationwide Water Solutions. We are the UK’s leading independent supplier of sprinkler tanks. For more information, visit our website.

Approved Sprinkler Tank: What Does That Mean?

The sprinkler tank performs a vital role in fire safety. While often installed to meet building regulations, it forms a pivotal part of an automatic sprinkler system. However, every fire tank installed in the UK must meet approved sprinkler tank standards.

So, what does ‘approved’ sprinkler tank mean? All sprinkler tanks should be approved by the LPCB. That is the Loss Prevention Certification Board. The LPCB has been working with the fire safety industry and the Government for more than a century. It is the body that sets the standards for fire and security products and services. Its overall goal is to ensure they perform effectively.

LPCB listed tanks have to meet the manufacturing and test standard LPS 1276. They also have to meet the requirements for BE EN 12845:2009.


Invest in an approved sprinkler tank

An approved sprinkler tank is supplied with a 10-year guarantee. As well as meeting tough manufacturing tests, approved sprinkler tanks have to meet a raft of other requirements. For example, they have to meet standards set down for life safety systems.

If you invest in an approved sprinkler tank, you will have to maintain it. At Nationwide Water Solutions, we provide the full range of sprinkler tank services. We supply and install sprinklers tanks. We also repair and maintain existing fire tanks.

Importantly, our service includes independent inspections. We use hi-tech underwater camera equipment to survey the inside of tanks. This means a sprinkler tank does not have to be drained for the inspection process. It ensures a sprinkler system remains fully operational.


Find out more

Nationwide Water Solutions provides sprinkler tank services across the UK. It works with a wide range of tank types and in all sizes. Whatever the capacity or your sprinkler tank or tanks, it can help your system remain compliant and primed to fight a fire.

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Why Does My Building Need A Sprinkler Tank?

Fire safety is in the news. And so too is the sprinkler tank. The stark reality of what fire can do has hit home following a number of major tragedies. Building owners are realising the importance of investing in good fire protection. Automatic sprinkler systems are becoming more and more commonplace. Not just in high-rise buildings, but in any type of building.

At Nationwide Water Solutions, we work with people who want to ensure enough water is available to feed sprinkler systems. Many people ask us: Why does my building need a sprinkler tank? There are lots of very good reasons why it makes sense to invest in a sprinkler tank. In today’s blog post, we are going to focus on two.


Peace of mind with a sprinkler tank

It’s true. A sprinkler tank offers building owners and residents peace of mind. That is because they know water is always available to fight a fire. And it is available in the quantities required. If you own a large building, ensuring you can get enough water to the point of a fire quickly can mean the difference between a lucky escape and disaster.

The sprinkler tank doesn’t just help to save lives. It saves money too. It helps to reduce the amount of damage caused by a fire. Many businesses invest in a sprinkler tank as part of their loss prevention strategy.


More time to evacuate

Getting the right amount of water to the heart of a fire quickly will stop it from spreading. When a fire is contained, people have more chance to safely evacuate a building. This is important if you own a building with multiple tenants or a warehouse with high value stock.

A fire tank should be used in very large premises, such as hospitals, care homes, factories and prisons.

Want to know more? For further information about the benefits of the sprinkler tank, get in touch. Visit our website.

Automatic Sprinklers Praised After Tealights Set Curtains on Fire

Firefighters in Wiltshire have praised automatic sprinklers following a flat fire in Salisbury. The sprinklers extinguished the blaze almost immediately. Not only was the damage contained, water damage was minimal.

The fire was reported in a property at Avon Reach on Wednesday morning. Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service is currently promoting the installation of automatic fire sprinklers in residential properties.

Group Manager Tim Gray, the head of fire safety, told the Salisbury Journal : “Because of the quick activation of sprinklers, not only did the occupier escape unharmed, the damage to the flat was minimal. Automatic sprinkler systems are one of the best ways to suppress a fire at the earliest opportunity.

“On this occasion, only one fire crew from Salisbury was required to attend, and no further firefighting was needed as the single sprinkler head had extinguished the fire, which was caused by lit tealights being left on a windowsill before igniting the curtains.”


Promoting automatic sprinklers in homes

The Fire and Rescue Service says it supports developers and works with local authority building control departments to promote the use of sprinklers where possible.

There is currently no legislative requirement for sprinkler systems in residential premises, so the service works with other organisations, including the National Fire Sprinkler Network, to promote sprinklers for both new builds and retro-fitting.


Integrated fire safety

Srinkler systems can be attached to sprinkler tanks. They hold water to fight fires and for no other purpose. Having a dedicated water source to tackle a blaze can ensure a fire is contained quickly. A sprinkler tank is especially beneficial in larger buildings, including public places such as hospitals, libaries and office buildings.

You can find out more about the benefits of sprinkler tanks from Nationwide Water Solutions. It is the UK’s leading independent supplier and installer of sprinkler tanks. The company also maintains existing tanks and conducts independent annual checks on sprinkler tanks. For further information, visit the the website.

Families Evacuated After Major Fire in Rochdale Mill

Thirty homes were evacuated overnight (last night) following a major blaze at a mill building in Rochdale. A local magistrates’ court was opened to provide shelter for those forced to flee their homes. Firefighters were called to the scene at 10.35pm last night, the fire service has confirmed.

The blaze happened in Greenfield Lane. Paul Starling, the Officer in Charge, told the press: “We are making great progress at the scene and due to the brilliant work of our firefighters, we have surrounded the fire and contained it to the curtilage of the building.”

Dramatic scenes of the fire were uploaded to the internet and seen by people from across the world.


Chimney ‘insecure’ following fire

Mr Starling added: “The chimney in the centre of the building is insecure but we are monitoring the stability and are ensuring crews are kept at a safe distance.”

Earlier, firefighters said they were working hard to protect neighbouring properties. They focussed their efforts on containing the fire.

Evacuated families were allowed to return to their homes shortly before 1am. However, they have been told to keep windows and doors closed.


Fire safety equipment

It is not yet clear if the mill building was fitted with automatic sprinklers and a sprinkler tank. Witnesses describe hearing an ‘explosion’.

Thinking of investing in fire safety equipment? Talk to Nationwide Water Solutions. We are the UK’s leading supplier of sprinkler tanks. A sprinkler tank stores water around the close to fight fire. We install sprinkler tanks and also maintain them. With a range of tank types, we offer a bespoke service that ensures your sprinkler tank is suitable for your buildings.

If your premises already benefits from a sprinkler tank, when was it last inspected? We recommend a sprinkler tank is independently inspected annually. To book an inspection, visit our website. Alternatively, give us a call on 0345 5052540.


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Staffing Shortages Cut Fire Cover

If there was ever a good reason to invest in a sprinkler tank this is it. In Britain today there are fire engines with no crew. In fact, in Aberdeen, Scotland, a number of the city’s six fire appliances have been stood down over the past week – because of staffing shortages.

With public services cut to the bone, it doesn’t take much for emergency services to be stretched to breaking point. August is the peak time for holidays and is no exception. Where does this leave your safety and property? We think, potentially at risk.

Why fire cover is stretched

One engine in Aberdeen was not operational on Tuesday this week. A further two had no crew on Wednesday. The city’s fire and rescue service blamed the problem on “short-term sickness and planned annual leave”.

The Fire Brigades Union has previously raised concerns. It says lives can be at risk as a result of shortages. Speaking to the BBC, Iain Bushell, SFRS deputy chief officer, said: “The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has given a clear signal to our communities that we are fully committed to addressing crewing challenges in the City of Aberdeen. We are actively working to address this locally while continuing to liaise with the FBU.”

What will a sprinkler tank do for you?

Safeguard your assets and lives with an automatic sprinkler system and sprinkler tank. It will be ‘on duty’ – even if your local fire service is short staffed or under pressure. A sprinkler tank holds water specifically to fight a fire. This means you have a first line of defence primed to work around the clock.

Buildings fitted with a sprinkler tank are easier to evacuate should the worst happen. Sprinklers contain a fire for longer. This gives people the chance to escape. It also helps to minimise damage.

Want to know more about the sprinkler tank and what it can do for you? Connect with us. We are Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. We supply and install sprinkler tanks in a wide range of buildings. We also repair and maintain existing sprinkler tanks.

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Why Schools Need A Sprinkler Tank

The summer holiday is a good time to outline the benefits of a sprinkler tank. August is a prime month for fires in schools. And in the UK, fires in educational buildings are on the rise. In London alone, they have risen by more than 30 per cent in the last year.

London Fire Brigade believes the time has come for sprinkler systems to be made compulsory in all schools. An automatic sprinkler system with a sprinkler tank offers advanced fire safety to high risk buildings.

Last year there were 90 fires in London schools. The 34 per cent rise followed incidents across the educational board. Fires were reported in:

Primary schools
Secondary schools

How a sprinkler tank can prevent major damage

According to London Fire Brigade’s latest Fire Facts report, the trend is set to continue. It is calling for sprinklers to be made compulsory in all new school builds. It also wants all schools to be retrofitted with sprinklers during major refurbishments. A staggering 184 schools ignored the advice when their buildings were refurbished last year.

Because many fires in schools happen during the summer holiday, they take longer to detect. This means buildings are already damaged before emergency services are called. When you consider the cost to the public purse, a sprinkler system with a sprinkler tank makes sense.

A sprinkler tank stores water specifically to fight fires. This water is available around the clock, 365 days a year. It reduces damage and gives anybody in a building more time to get out.

Strong words from London Fire Brigade

London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton said: “The Government should do their homework and realise that millions of pounds are wasted every year repairing fire damage in London’s schools when sprinklers could have prevented the spread of fire.

“This is not just about saving money; when a school is closed it disrupts a child’s education and affects parents by closing breakfast and after-school clubs.”

Want to find out more about the benefit of a sprinkler tank? Talk to Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s leading independent supplier of sprinkler tanks. The company also provides maintenance and repair solutions.