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Why Manufacturing Businesses Need a Sprinkler Tank

Large manufacturing plants need to adopt rigorous fire safety plans. Automatic sprinkler systems are a no-brainer. So too is a sprinkler tank. Fire in industrial and manufacturing premises are on the rise. What is your business doing to reduce risks and increase loss prevention measures?

As the UK’s leading sprinkler tank expert, we work with partners across a range of sectors. Increasingly, our customers are coming from the manufacturing and industrial landscape. This is because they have recognised the need to ensure water is available in the right quantities to fight a fire immediately.


The sprinkler tank and loss prevention in manufacturing

Manufacturing businesses often invest huge sums of money in machinery. They also store huge stocks. A fire can disrupt a business to the point of its demise. Safeguarding premises from a catastrophic blaze is paramount to the future of a business.

A sprinkler tank delivers the right amount of water to the point of a fire. It helps to suppress the flames and stop a fire from spreading. This is paramount in a building that may not be operational around the clock or operates graveyard shifts. The vast majority of fires in industrial premises happen at night or weekends, when a building may not be fully staffed. This means a fire is likely to have taken hold before it can be properly tackled. Automatic sprinklers and a sprinkler tank can mean the difference between a minor and major incident.


Meet the sprinkler tank experts

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading independent sprinkler tank expert. It works with manufacturing and industrial businesses to provide the gold standard in fire safety. This is a business that covers the whole of the UK. It provides free site surveys and technical advice to ensure you get your firefighting strategy exactly right.

As well as supplying and installing sprinkler tanks, Nationwide Water Solutions maintains and repairs existing equipment. Its independent sprinkler tank inspections help businesses and public bodies ensure their water storage facilities are fit for purpose.

For further information, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.

Why Open-Sided Car Parks Need Sprinklers

A major fire in Liverpool at the end of last year could prompt fresh calls for new fire safety assessments in open-sided car parks. It is understood that pressure groups will demand sprinklers in all ‘at risk’ parking areas. The fire in Merseyside spread to multiple cars, causing hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage. More than 1,000 vehicles were destroyed in the blaze.

It has been reported that the fire spread so rapidly a car was catching alight every half a minute. At the moment, open-sided car parks are not required by law to have sprinklers. The Government has, in the past, played down the effectiveness of sprinkler systems in car parks. However, fire safety experts are now suggesting the matter needs to be revisited.


Containing fires in car parks

Sprinklers contain fires, delaying the time it takes for them to spread. Firefighters universally back the installation of sprinkler systems in high-risk buildings. It keeps a blaze under control until emergency services get to the scene. One of the biggest concerns about open-sided car parks is that they are often found in multi-purpose buildings, including some tower blocks.

The number of vehicles affected by a blaze in a car park would be significantly reduced by sprinklers. Housing experts are already expressing concerns that fire suppression systems are not more widely used in covered car parks.


Nationwide Water Solutions

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading independent sprinkler tank specialist. It says: “The risks posed by burning vehicles makes all covered car parks an obvious choice for sprinkler systems. Open-sided covered car parks are no exception.

“We supply sprinkler tanks to ensure sprinklers have the water they need to suppress a fire. Any building owner who is concerned about fire safety in an open-sided covered car park is invited to get in touch. We provide free site surveys and technical advice.”

Nationwide Water Solutions supplies and installs sprinkler tanks. It also maintains and repairs tanks.

For further information, visit the company’s website.



Brighton Tower Blocks to be Fitted with Sprinklers

Brighton and Hove council has become the latest to agree to install sprinklers in tower blocks. Two properties have been identified for initial work – Essex Place and St James House. The council will spend up to £150,000 on each building.

The move follows the catastrophic loss of life following a fire at Grenfell Tower in London last year. The tower blocks singled out for sprinklers are considered among the tallest properties in the conurbation. Residents were consulted before the decision to install sprinklers was taken. Despite the huge loss of life at Grenfell, just 37 of the 74 households who responded supported the installation of the life-saving equipment.


Tenants given sprinkler choice

Because of fears about leaks, tenants will be given a choice over having sprinklers in their flat. However, those who reject the idea will be offered a single sprinkler head. Reports say it will be positioned close to the flat’s door – to keep the means of escape covered.

A hybrid sprinkler system is favoured for both projects. Full sprinklers are expected to be fitted in communal areas, including laundry rooms and bin stores.

Residents at three further tower blocks in Brighton – Theobald House, Nettleton Court and Dudeney Lodge – are due to be consulted as part of a programme of installing sprinklers more widely. The move aims to mitigate the known failings at Grenfell.


Invest in a sprinkler tank

Major sprinkler system projects often benefit from a sprinkler tank. It ensures enough water is immediately available to tackle a fire. In large buildings, a sprinkler tank is recommended – because it can contain a blaze and stop it from spreading.

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading independent sprinkler tank expert. It supplies, installs and maintains sprinkler tanks across the country. For further information or to book a free site visit, go to the website.



Corrosion and Your Sprinkler Tank

Have you invested in a sprinkler system and sprinkler tank? Did you know, it is important to stay on top of maintenance? A good sprinkler tank should last for many years. With annual independent inspections, any minor remedial work can be undertaken to extend the life of a tank. However, corrosion should never be ignored.

If a sprinkler tank becomes badly corroded, it is likely to leak. Apart from compromising your sprinkler system, leaking water is bad for the environment and could cause costly damage. In today’s blog post, we are going to be examining the topic of corrosion and sprinkler tanks. We hope it helps you understand the importance of proper maintenance.


What is corrosion?

Corrosion doesn’t normally occur overnight in a sprinkler tank. It is a natural process which may happen over a good many years. It is the result of metal being gradually eroded by water, chemicals and/or air. One of the biggest indicators of corrosion is rust. This is caused by the formation of iron oxides.

The difficulty with a sprinkler tank is that the corrosion is likely to be where a visual inspection can’t see it. For example, it could be below the water line inside the tank. It is for this reason that regular, professional inspections are vital.


How to detect corrosion

It is never a good idea to drain a sprinkler tank to visually inspect it. This will interrupt your fire safety measures and seriously compromise your sprinkler system. Instead, you should call in the experts. Nationwide Water Solutions carries out underwater inspections. This process doesn’t involve divers or anything dramatic. The specialist firm uses underwater cameras.

The benefits of an underwater sprinkler tank inspection are two-fold. One, they determine the actual condition of a tank. Two, they provide photographic evidence of any corrosion – so you are not left in any doubt. It also keeps your fire safety system fully operational and saves water.


Sprinkler tank repair

If your sprinkler tank is found to have corrosion, the inspection report will make qualified recommendations. In some cases, a sprinkler tank can be relined or repaired. In others, it may need to be replaced. Nationwide Water Solutions carries out sprinkler tank repairs across the UK.

For further information about its sprinkler tank services, visit the website.

Fire Safety in Mixed Use Buildings

West Yorkshire Fire Service has revealed a fire that started in a takeaway caused potentially dangerous smoke to seep into nearby accommodation. The takeaway is located on the ground floor of a mixed use building that has apartments above.

Three fire engines, sent from from Leeds and Hunslet stations, attended the scene. An aerial appliance also attended following reports of a fire at 7.35am today. Although the fire was quickly put out, it highlights the dangers of mixed use buildings.

A spokesperson for the fire service said: “There are reports that one person has suffered smoke inhalation as a result of the fire and an ambulance was requested. A Fire Investigation Officer is on the scene and is looking into the cause.”


Risks of mixed use buildings highlighted

Nationwide Water Solutions is one of the UK’s leading sprinkler tank specialists. It says, commercial premises in mixed use buildings need to review risk assessments for fire regularly.

A spokesman said: “Dwellings that are located in the same building as commercial concerns can be at greater risk of fire. This means that building owners need to be aware of the increased risks.

“Buildings used for more than one use should benefit from automatic sprinkler systems. The onus should be on building owners to ensure the necessary fire-fighting equipment is installed.”


Sprinkler tank specialists

Nationwide Water Solutions supplies and installs sprinkler tanks. The water storage tanks ensure water is reserved to fight fire around the clock. They are especially beneficial in commercial premises that are left unattended, large buildings and multi-occupancy buildings.

As well as installing sprinkler tanks, Nationwide Water Solutions also maintains an repairs existing ones. It offers an independent under water inspection service. Sprinkler tanks should be inspected at least once in a 12 month period.

For further information about Nationwide Water Solutions, visit the website. Use the contact form to get in touch and request a free site visit.

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Importance of GRP Fire Suppression Tanks for Businesses

Austerity, uncertainties over Brexit and low confidence have all hit UK businesses. A fire could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. In fact, more than 80 per cent of businesses affected by a fire go on to fail. That is why we are highlighting the importance of GRP fire suppression tanks for businesses.

Financial strains on businesses of all sizes means their eye has been taken off loss prevention. But strategies to protect physical assets should be increased, not decreased, during difficult trading periods. This is because the risks associated with the loss of property and goods – not to mention the potential loss of life – will have a greater impact on an already struggling business.


GRP fire suppression tanks explained

GRP fire suppression tanks, or sprinkler tanks, ensure water is always available to fight a fire. They prevent the spread of fire by containing it. Many people who benefit from a fire suppression tank liken it to having their own firefighter on duty 24/7.

Automatic sprinkler systems are considered the gold standard in fire safety equipment. If you own a warehouse, factory, apartment block or shopping centre, you need sprinklers. They will protect your financial investment as well as giving you – and others – peace of mind. We recommend a fire suppression tank if you own a building that is not staffed around the clock. A fire left undetected will spread and cause devastating damage.


Nationwide Water Solutions

A GRP fire suppression tank gets to work immediately. The moment a fire is detected, and sprinklers are activated, it pumps water to the point of a fire. Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading independent fire suppression tank expert. It supplies and installers sprinkler tanks – and offers a wide range of complementary services.

Operating across the country, it is driving up standards and reducing risks to businesses. If you are worried that austerity has forced you to overlook fire safety essentials, talk to Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. If your business premises already has a sprinkler tanks, it can inspect it and ensure you are aware of its condition.

Discover more about GPR fire suppression tanks by visiting the website.

Sprinkler Tank, Sprinklers to Reduce Fire Deaths

One person has died and two others injured in a fire that engulfed three floors of a property in London. The incident happened in the early hours of yesterday (September 6). The body of a woman was discovered by emergency services. Sprinkler tank, sprinklers and associated technology has the power to reduce fire deaths. It is not commonly used in domestic buildings.

The fire happened in south-east London. It is reported that 60 firefighters attended the scene, along with eight engines. London Fire Brigade says the blaze happened at a property in Centurion Square, Woolwich.

A spokesperson for the fire service said the ground, first and second floors of the building were damaged. More than 20 calls were made to the emergency services about the fire. The cause of the blaze is under investigation.


Fire safety in homes

The tragedy happened at a time when some local authorities in the UK are reviewing fire safety. They are considering the benefits of sprinkler tank, sprinklers and innovative solutions in domestic properties. Cornwall Council and authorities in Scotland are said to be investigating calls for sprinklers to be made compulsory in social housing and high-rise buildings.

Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s foremost independent supplier of sprinkler tank services, is following developments carefully. It supplies, installs and maintains sprinkler tanks. It also carries out independent sprinkler tank inspections across the country.


Homes can benefit from a sprinkler tank, sprinklers

It is uncommon for private houses to be fitted with sprinklers in the UK. However, demand for more advanced domestic fire safety equipment is driving increased interest. In the US, some states legislate to ensure all new homes benefit from sprinklers.

An automatic sprinkler system can quickly contain a fire and stop it from spreading. It can also reduce damage and give occupants more time to evacuate a building.

To find out more about sprinkler tanks, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.


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What A Sprinkler Tank Can Do For An Historic Building

So, what can a sprinkler tank do for an historic building? The loss of an iconic landmark to fire can have far-reaching consequences. The devastating blaze that gutted Brazil’s National Museum is a good example. People gathered in the street to mourn its loss, openly crying. That sense of loss quickly turned to anger.

They blame lack of funding for the catastrophe. The Rio de Janeiro museum housed one of the biggest natural history collections in the world. Brazilians believe, for that reason, it should have benefitted from better loss prevention measures. Among its exhibits were the 12,000-year-old remains of a woman known as “Luzia” – the oldest discovered in Latin America.


Fire risks ignored, experts claim

According to media reports, the museum was in a ‘dilapidated state’. Experts had warned the historic building was at serious risk of fire. The museum director has since stressed “Luzia is a priceless loss for everyone interested in civilization”.

The blaze, which was discovered on Sunday evening, gutted the former royal palace building. The cause is not yet known. Fire safety experts say a sprinkler tank connected to an automatic sprinkler system could have contained the fire and stopped it from spreading. It is reported that the first firefighters on the scene had no ladders and no water.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.


Invest in a sprinkler tank

If you own or manage an historic building or premises that house irreplaceable artefacts, invest in a sprinkler tank. Used in conjunction with an automatic sprinkler system it can limit damage, save lives and protect irreplaceable valuables. Water will always be availabe to start tackling a blaze immediately.

Want to know more? Contact Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s leading independent sprinkler tank expert. It provides the full range of sprinkler tank services, including inspections, maintenance and repairs. We supply and install a range of sprinkler tanks.

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