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Importance of Having a Sprinkler Tank in Landmark Hotels

The case of The Royal Clarence in Exeter is a poignant reminder of why sprinkler tanks are a must for historic hotels. The prominent building that stood adjacent to the Cathedral Green was gutted by fire – just hours after firefighters thought a blaze in a neighbouring building was under control.

The fire penetrated the walls and roof of the hotel, eventually leading to a major disaster. The hotel, a landmark building in Exeter’s city centre, is now undergoing an almost complete rebuild. Meanwhile, neighbouring businesses have suffered significant financial loss as a result of reduced footfall. One long-established shoe shop has been forced to close. Other nearby businesses say they have had to diversify to survive.


Hotels and sprinkler tank benefits

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s premier sprinkler tank expert. It says a BBC investigation highlights potential failings in the management of the fire. However, a spokesman said: “All hotels should be fitted with sprinklers and a sprinkler tank. Large hotels need the right quantity of water immediately available to contain a blaze.

“It is always a tragedy when an historic building is lost or severely damaged by fire. We urge hotel owners to invest in automatic sprinklers with a sprinkler tank to provide robust protection.”


Free hotel site surveys

Nationwide Water Solutions offers a free site survey service. It provides detailed reports so that hotel owners know what solutions are suitable for their premises. As well as designing and installing sprinkler tanks in a wide range of shapes and sizes, Nationwide Water Solutions also maintains and refurbishes existing sprinkler tanks.

It offers a guaranteed relining service and also conducts annual, independent inspections of sprinkler tanks. The spokesman pointed out: “Insurance claims can be impacted if you fail to ensure your fire safety equipment is properly maintained. As with all water storage solutions, sprinkler tanks can be prone to rust over time. Detecting and dealing with the first signs of corrosion can ensure a sprinkler tank lasts for years and years.”

For further information visit Nationwide Water Solutions’ website.

Weirdest Ways Serious Fires Can Start

Fires can start in the weirdest ways. As the UK’s top independent sprinkler tank specialist, we closely follow the causes of fires to identify trends. However, some are not exactly predictable. We have compiled a list of the weirdest ways serious fires can start.

We hope these examples highlight how seemingly innocent actions can lead to devastating consequences.


Fear of spiders

A man seriously damaged his parents’ home after using a blow torch to kill a spider. Needless-to-say, it wasn’t just the spider he set fire to. He was house-sitting at the time and thought he saw a black widow spider on an outside wall. His extermination method raised eyebrows with the 29 firefighters who were needed to extinguish the blaze. Firefighters were seen sawing off part of the property’s roof. Now that is one of the top weirdest ways a fire can start!


High-flying cigarette butts

You’d be amazed how many lit cigarettes are discarded in the street. You may be even more amazed to discover that birds have been known to pick them up and deposit them on rooftops. In one case, a pigeon dropped a lit cigarette down a chimney, causing a serious fire.


Loose batteries

Batteries are one of the biggest causes of house fires in the UK. Loose batteries are known to be a cause.



Yep, even wanting to look good can cause a fire. In May this year, a simple make-up mirror reflected light that caused a £1.5 million home to burn down. Firefighters warn property owners to keep mirrors away from windows and direct sunlight.


A cup of coffee

Your breakfast could be ruined if you take your coffee with a non-dairy substitute for milk. Powdered creamers are flammable – enjoy you coffee away from naked flames. That includes the toaster!


Being overly house proud

If you like to keep your loo spotlessly clean, be careful to avoid causing an explosion. A combination of bleach and acid cleaners can blast your best efforts sky-high.


Play it safe

Have the weirdest ways serious fires can start piqued your interest? Protect your public, residential, commercial or industrial building with a sprinkler tank. Integrated with an automatic sprinkler system it will be on standby for any eventuality.

Find out more about the benefits of a sprinkler tank by visiting Nationwide Water Solutions.






The Importance of a Sprinkler Tank in Public Buildings

Public buildings can be at a higher risk of fire than privately owned ones, making a sprinkler tank a good risk reduction investment. Schools and prisons are at particular risk of fire. In the case of schools, arson is a prevalent threat during weekends and holidays. Fire is a risk in a prison 24/7 – even with the recent clampdown on smoking.

Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s market-leading, independent sprinkler tank expert explains. It says: “The cost to the public purse of a fire in a public building is just one drawback of not investing in a sprinkler tank. Disruption to a service can add further costs and present authorities with challenging obstacles. We recommend automatic sprinklers and a sprinkler tank. This ensures damage is limited and people in a building have the time to be safely evacuated.”

Fires in UK prisons are currently at a record high. In 2016 alone, there were 2,580 – 50 a week.


Public buildings and water supplies

A spokesman for Nationwide Water Solutions says a ready supply of water in the right quantity is important in public buildings. He said: “Most public buildings are large. A sprinkler tank ensures enough water is available around the clock to suppress a fire and contain it. We work with local authorities and government agencies to deliver cutting edge water solutions that don’t just save lives – they save money.”

Museums, libraries, hospitals, care facilities and universities all require modern fire safety equipment for protection. Yet, according to experts, not all benefit from a separate supply of water to fight a fire. Relying on mains water, which can be affected by low pressure, can be a costly mistake.


Nationwide Water Solutions

Nationwide Water Solutions designs and installs bespoke sprinkler tanks in public buildings across the UK. It also offers comprehensive relining and refurbishment services. Its independent inspections ensure sprinkler tanks are maintained in tip-top condition. They identify problems early using state of the art underwater camera equipment.

For further information, visit the company’s website.

Water Supply Fears Over Sprinklers in Surrey Tower Block

Residents in a 17-storey tower block in Surrey are concerned water supply problems have impacted their automatic sprinklers. Sprinkler systems were allegedly out of order last month following water supply issues. The borough council says it kept residents living in Surrey Towers informed about the water issues.

According to reports, up to 100 flats in the tower block were left without running water for two days. Residents have blamed “defective pumps” and say it interrupted the sprinkler service. It is claimed that bottles of water were left on doorsteps by the council while workmen installed a tap outside the block of flats to provide residents with drinking water.


Situation clarified over sprinklers

Although residents have expressed concerns that the sprinklers may have been out of order, the council did not rush to back up their claims. A technical manager for the firm that retrofitted sprinklers in the block said they would have been affected. The council has now said low water pressure was likely to have impacted the sprinklers.

Residents are urging the council to notify them if the sprinklers are not working in the future.


Sprinkler tank expert comments

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading sprinkler tank expert. It says there are two ways to get water to sprinklers – direct from the mains supply with a booster pump or from a sprinkler tank with a pump. A sprinkler tank stores water solely to fight fires. A spokesman said: “We don’t know which method is being used in this tower block, but we always recommend a sprinkler tank for very large buildings like this.

“As well as ensuring water is always available to fight a fire, a sprinkler tank provides peace of mind – something high-rise tower block residents need. Sprinkler tanks and associated equipment should be independently checked at least annually to stop problems from occurring.”

For further information about Nationwide Water Solutions, visit the website.


How A Sprinkler Tank Protects Agricultural Buildings

The rural idyll is not always what it seems. Remote buildings are often not connected to mains services. They can be miles away from the nearest water source, leaving them particularly vulnerable if a fire breaks out. Agricultural buildings, which may house machinery, animal feed or livestock, are subject to building regulations. This is where a sprinkler tank comes in.

If there is no piped water on site, building owners are required to take action. Firefighters may need access to additional water in the event of an emergency. Farmers and agricultural building owners are therefore obliged to have a charged static water tank of at least 45,000 litres capacity.

You may think having a pond or stream nearby would mitigate this need. However, it too needs to hold 45,000 litres of water – all year round. Not only that, easy access and a hard standing is required. This is to allow a fire appliance to easily access the water.


Safeguarding agricultural buildings

If you own agricultural buildings, a static water or sprinkler tank will give you peace of mind. Farm machinery is not cheap, and the loss of livestock and crops can ruin a business. Serious barn fires are, thankfully, rare. But, when they do occur, having water on site makes it much easier to tackle.

Nationwide Water Solutions supplies and installs sprinkler tanks across the UK. Its tanks can be custom made and are available in a range of materials – from galvanised steel to concrete – as well as different shapes and sizes. They are suitable for above or below ground. As well as supplying sprinkler tanks, Nationwide Water Solutions offers a wide range of maintenance, repair and refurbishment services. It is one of the most experience fire tank experts in the UK. So, if you already have a fire tank, they are good people to call if you get a problem.


Nationwide Water Solutions

For further information visit Nationwide Water Solution’s website. It outlines all the services available, including annual independent inspections. Free site visits can be arranged for those who need expert advice about the siting and type of tank required.

Insurers Tell Businesses to Invest in Sprinkler Systems

After a number of disastrous fires in commercial and industrial premises, insurers have urged businesses to invest in sprinkler systems. Some recent high profile fires would never have spread if better fire safety equipment had been installed. That is what a fire expert at insurer FM Global has said.

The specialist insurance firm provides cover for commercial properties. Its senior consultant for international codes and standards, Tom Roche, spoke after a major fire at a Dartford warehouse. He said: “Not for the first time this year are we seeing the major damage that fire can cause to a commercial or industrial facility. Once again, this damage is very severe and brings to the fore the need for effective automatic sprinkler systems in such premises.”

Mr Roche said businesses should consider doing more than the bare minimum to comply with fire regulations. He pointed out: “For those businesses who believe that by following regulations they will be safe, it is important to understand that the UK ranks well behind many European countries.”


Invest in a sprinkler tank with sprinkler systems

Nationwide Water Solutions has noted the increase in fires at commercial and industrial properties without sprinklers. The company supplies sprinkler tanks which store water specifically to fight a fire. They are recommended for business premises, which can be left unoccupied overnight and at weekends – meaning undetected fires can be left to spread.

A spokesman said: “It makes no sense to hold back from investing in a sprinkler system with a sprinkler tank. Time and time again, businesses go under because they have suffered a major fire. A sprinkler tank is the best way to ensure you’ve got enough water on standby to suppress a blaze before it can spread.”


Nationwide Water Solutions

Nationwide Water Solutions works with a diverse range of clients from across the UK. If offers free site inspections and provides maintenance and repairs services for those with existing sprinkler tanks. Its independent inspection service is recommended by insurers because it uses underwater technology to mitigate the need for a sprinkler tank to be drained.

For further information visit the website.




No Government Cash for Sprinklers in Leeds

The Government has turned down a request for cash for sprinklers in Leeds’ tower blocks. Leeds council had asked for cash to improve fire safety in 116 high-rise buildings. The authority is currently spending £10 million on sprinklers in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy.

The firm ‘no’ was reported to councillors this week. Communities Secretary Sajid Javid is reported to have said the Government is currently reviewing fire safety regulations.


‘Sound no’ over cash for sprinklers

The Local Democracy Reporting Service reports Leeds’ director of housing and resources, Neil Evans, saying the £10m “could have been used for other things which we had plans for” but this was a “question of making choices”.

He went on to say: “Money was requested for sprinklers, but the government came back to us and said they wouldn’t support us with the sprinklers programme. We are getting on with it ourselves, but it was a pretty sound no, frankly. The government is saying that they would assist councils who don’t have the money, which I think is a strange way of putting it.”


Cash for sprinklers: Government review

In a statement about cash for sprinklers, the Department of Communities and Local Government said: “The government intends to undertake a technical review of building regulations covering fire safety matters and will publish a call for evidence in the autumn.

“Possible changes to the guidance, including on the use of sprinklers, will be considered in this review.”


Adding a sprinkler tank to fire safety equipment

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s foremost independent supplier of sprinkler tanks. It is working with building owners and public bodies to fit sprinkler tanks to a range of buildings. Sprinkler tanks store water specifically to fight fires. They deliver water to the point of a fire the moment sensors trigger sprinkler heads. This 24/7 protection helps to contain fires and stop them from spreading.

The company also maintains, repairs and refurbishes sprinkler tanks. It offers an independent inspection service using underwater camera equipment.

For further information visit the website.




Sprinkler Tank News for Building Owners

The Grenfell Inquiry is topping sprinkler tank news. Many building owners will be wondering what they can do to further improve fire safety. While many are making plans to invest in automatic sprinklers, more need to be educated about the benefits of adding a sprinkler tank. Nationwide Water Solutions, one of the UK’s leading sprinkler tank experts, says most are unaware of the advantages.

A spokesman for Nationwide Water Solutions said: “Automatic sprinklers are a sound investment. They save lives. But what many building owners fail to consider is where the water for sprinkler tanks is going to come from. To ensure a ready supply in the right quantities, a sprinkler tank makes sense.”


How our sprinkler tank news can help you

In larger buildings, including tower blocks, factories, hotels, hospitals, prisons and schools, a sprinkler tank is a savvy investment. It will deliver water to sprinkler heads at any time of the day or night as soon as automatic sprinklers are activated.

The spokesman pointed out: “Getting water to the point where it is needed quickly is paramount. A sprinkler tank will instantly meet the needs of a sprinkler system to suppress a fire. By containing a blaze quickly, people have more time to evacuate.

“As well as helping to save lives, a sprinkler tank helps to reduce damage.”


Invest in a sprinkler tank from Nationwide

Nationwide Water Solutions installs sprinkler tanks across the UK. It provides a bespoke supply service to ensure that properties get the right solution for their needs. Sprinkler tanks are available in a number of formats, each designed according to its intended environment.

Maintaining a sprinkler tank is easy with Nationwide Water Solutions. It provides a number of repair and refurbishment services to those with existing fire tanks. The company also carries out independent underwater sprinkler tank inspections.

For further information about Nationwide Water Solutions and its range of fire safety services, visit the website.

Sprinkler Tank Maintenance by Fire Safety Experts

Having a sprinkler tank is a savvy investment. But this important piece of fire safety equipment needs to be looked after by sprinkler tank maintenance experts. It is vital that a sprinkler tank is independently inspected at least once a year.
A thorough check every 12 months will ensure that your sprinkler tank is in good condition. Sprinkler tank maintenance experts can identify corrosion and any other problems. The last thing you need is a leaking sprinkler tank or a sprinkler system that fails in an emergency.

About Sprinkler Tank Maintenance

There is no need to drain a sprinkler tank for an inspection, if you call in the experts. At Nationwide Water Solutions, we can carry out a thorough inspection underwater. We use waterproof camera technology. This high-tech kit lets the inspector get up close and personal to the inside of your sprinkler tank. Photographic evidence will accompany a written report. It will explain in detail the condition of your sprinkler tank.
Sprinkler tank maintenance may involve repairs or relining. Nationwide Water Solutions has an excellent track record in delivering durable solutions. Proper maintenance will significantly extend the life of your sprinkler tank. The full options can be viewed on our website.

Nationwide Sprinkler Tank Maintenance

Nationwide Water Solutions delivers outstanding sprinkler tank maintenance and refurbishment services. We operate across the UK. Our customers include private organisations as well as public bodies. We deliver excellence through a team of fully trained engineers and inspectors. With first aid, working at height and industry specific training, we are a trusted brand.
We deliver sprinkler tank services to a wide range of customers who value fire safety and our expertise.
As well as providing maintenance services, we also supply and install new sprinkler tanks. We offer free site visits. For further information about the company’s range of fire tank services, visit our website. Alternatively, call 0345 505 2540 or email