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Sprinkler Tank Specialist Warns Over Storage Areas

Buildings with storage areas need protecting with modern fire safety equipment, a sprinkler tank specialist has warned. Nationwide Water Solutions said spaces or buildings used for storage pose a risk. That is because of the the amount of cardboard and other combustible materials they contain. Losses in storage room fires can also be high, if a fire is not detected in time.

A spokesman said: “If you own a building that stores goods, you need to consider the benefits of installing a sprinkler system and a sprinkler tank. Not only will this type of equipment keep your insurers happy, it will boost loss prevention strategies and prevent the rapid spread of fire.”


Sprinkler tank specialist offers advice

Nationwide Water Solutions offers businesses and property owners free advice on water storage solutions. It travels the UK carrying out complete free site surveys which are followed up with detailed reports. A sprinkler tank is a water storage system linked to sprinklers. It holds water for the sole purpose of fighting a fire.

Fires in storage areas and shops are not uncommon. Today (November 30) a blaze was discovered in a store at a shopping centre in Lowestoft. The fire was detected at 8.15am. It necessitated breathing apparatuses and a hose reel.


Nationwide Water Solutions

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK sprinkler tank specialist dedicated to improving the supply of water to the point of fires. It says, detecting a fire quickly and delivering the right amount of water is crucial to containment. As well as saving lives, the combined use of sprinklers and a sprinkler tank can limit fire damage.

In addition to supplying and installing sprinkler tanks, the company provides a wide range of maintenance and repair services. For further information about sprinkler tanks, sprinkler tank repairs and sprinkler tank relining, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.


Sprinkler Tank Specialist Explains True Cost of Arson

The single biggest cause of fires in the UK is arson. This shocking fact is backed up by compelling statistics. Sprinkler tank specialist Nationwide Water Solutions says businesses and homeowners need to do more to combat arson. The cost of arson on commercial and residential premises in England and Wales hit £1.2 billion in 2015.

A spokesman for Nationwide Water Solutions said: “Figures released by the Association of British Insurers shows that the average claim for a commercial fire was £25,544 in 2015 – a rise of 165.4 per cent in just over a decade. At the same time, the cost of domestic fires rose by 205.8 per cent.”


Sprinkler tank specialist outlines risks

The spokesman said official figures show that 21,961 arson attacks were reported in England and Wales during the same year. The crimes resulted in just 1,242 successful prosecutions. Forty-seven per cent of all fires attended by the emergency services were deliberately started.

“We urge businesses, landlords and homeowners to consider arson a real risk. During 2015, 47 people died after fires were started deliberately. That is a shocking figure. More needs to be done to ensure the integrity of fire-fighting equipment.”

The sprinkler tank specialist says robust fire safety measures are needed to preserve life and limit losses. It is reminding property owners about the benefits of installing sprinklers and water storage equipment. Sprinklers help to contain fires, giving occupants of a building more time to escape.


Invest in sprinklers and a sprinkler tank

Nationwide Water Solutions carries out free site survey across the UK. It assesses sites with a view to providing bespoke water storage solutions for sprinkler systems. The Rochdale-based company supplies and installs sprinkler tanks, which hold water for the specific purpose of fighting fires.

It also provides tank inspection services and a range of maintenance and repair options. For further information about the full range of services offered by Nationwide Water Solutions, visit the website.

96% of Council Tower Blocks in London Don’t Have Sprinklers

Over the past year, you may have noticed us recording sprinkler projects in high-rise tower blocks. As a sprinkler tank specialist, we like to stay up to date with projects. Up and down the country, it seems, landlords are doing their bit to improve fire safety following the Grenfell tragedy. So you may be surprised to learn that just 4 per cent of council-owned tower blocks in London have the life-saving equipment.

According to research, undertaken by Labour and shared with the BBC, only 32 of the capital city’s 837 council-owned buildings above 30 metres have sprinklers. Croydon Central MP Sarah Jones is now calling on the government to set up a “fire safety fund” to help councils. You may recall reading stories on this blog where government cash towards sprinkler schemes was refused.


Necessary steps ‘taken’ for tower blocks

While Housing Minister Kit Malthouse claims the government has done what is required when it comes to fire safety in high rise buildings, many don’t agree – including councils. Some have pledged to spend in excess of £10m to ensure their tower block tenants get the protection they need.

A coroner recommended councils should consider retrofit sprinklers in existing high-rise residential buildings back in 2009 – before the fire at Grenfell Tower. The government is likely to be reminded of that when the fund is mooted.


Sprinklers and a sprinkler tank for robust fire safety

Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s foremost sprinkler tank expert, says it is surprised so many tower blocks in London are still without sprinkler systems. A spokesman said: “We are here, ready to assist councils when they consider the importance of water storage for sprinklers. For any council considering retro-fitting sprinkler systems, we offer completely free site surveys.”

If you represent a council keen to invest in fire safety, contact Nationwide Water Solutions. Find out more by visiting the company’s website.


How To Ensure There Is Enough Water To Fight A Fire

It may seem obvious, but having enough water to fight a fire is crucial to containing damage and saving lives. Yet there is no guarantee the right quantity will be available unless you consider storage options. Even professional firefighters sometimes struggle on this score. Today’s blog post will look at the causes and solutions.

One of the biggest problems affecting the delivery of water to the point of a blaze is low water pressure. Any delay can lead to more damage and less time to evacuate a burning building.


How to guarantee water supplies

Having an automatic sprinkler system and a sprinkler tank will guarantee you can fight a fire as soon as possible. This will help to slow down the spread of the flames or suppress them. As a result, occupants of a building have more time to get out. What’s more, there is likely to be less damage.

Nationwide Water Solutions is a UK sprinkler tank supplier. Based in Yorkshire, it covers the whole of the country. It also maintains and repairs existing sprinkler tanks, and carries out independent inspections. It is at the cutting edge of efforts to improve fire safety in large, multi-level and vulnerable properties.


Find out more about sprinkler tanks

Nationwide Water Solutions provides a free site inspection service. A spokesman said: “We can assess sites and provide a detailed survey. Our sprinkler tanks are made for each individual environment to ensure they provide a robust fire safety solution.”

Are you concerned about fire safety in a building you own or manage? Are you considering retro-fitting sprinklers? Find out more about sprinkler tanks from Nationwide Water Solutions. Visit the company’s website here for further information. Alternatively, give the business a call on 0345 505 2540.

Knowing that you have the tools to fight a fire will provide peace of mind.



How Perceptions of Fire Safety Have Changed in 1 Year

It has often been said that there was a ‘before Grenfell’ and ‘after Grenfell’. Perceptions of fire safety suggest this is true. In just one year, something considered a low priority for many building owners has shot to the top of the list. The Grenfell Inquiry has this week heard testimonies that support this.

Robert Black was the chief executive of the management company in charge of Grenfell Tower. Giving evidence to the inquiry this week, he said he was at a loss to understand why the fire spread so quickly. He told a hearing: “I thought we had a brand new refurbished building that was on fire and people will be asking how that could happen.”

Mr Black was not aware of any shortcomings in the building’s safety before the fire.


Fire safety in 2018

One year on from Grenfell, every building owner in the UK is aware of their responsibility to ensure fire safety is sufficient. As tower blocks across the country benefit from the retro-fitting of sprinkler systems, many are looking at the issue of water storage. This often overlooked feature of building safety is especially important if there are concerns about low water pressure.

Nationwide Water Solutions, a sprinkler tank specialist, says it is upbeat about improved perceptions of fire safety. A spokesman said: “Building owners are now acutely aware that the buck stops with them. Scraping by with the minimum fire safety equipment puts lives at risk. More and more people have recognised this. Hence, we are seeing a surge in sprinkler system installations, along with the desire for sprinkler tanks.”


Sprinkler tanks and fire fighting

Having water ready to fight a fire is now recognised as important when it comes to buying people time. It can contain a blaze and increase the time during which a building can be safely evacuated. Importantly, a sprinkler tank can significantly reduce damage.

If you want to bring your building’s safety into the 21st Century, visit Nationwide Water Solutions and find out more about the benefits of  a sprinkler tank.

Fire Risks in Commercial Buildings

Additional fire safety measures are required in commercial buildings. This is particularly the case if the building houses potentially dangerous equipment, such as welding or soldering tools. The presence of cylinders also requires careful assessment. If you are not sure what level of fire safety your building needs, talk to Nationwide Water Solutions Limited.

The company is the UK’s leading independent sprinkler tank expert. As well as supplying and installing sprinkler tanks for use in conjunction with automatic sprinkler systems, it provides free site surveys. You can benefit from a survey and detailed report. Simply contact Nationwide Water Solutions to book an appointment.


Risks in commercial buildings

At the weekend, around 100 homes had to be evacuated when a fire broke out in a commercial garage. The blaze, in Derby, meant local residents had to seek shelter in an emergency refuge centre. Firefighters took steps to move people away from the area because commercial cylinders were present. Roads around the site were kept closed as a precaution the following day.

The fire was so severe that the structural integrity of the garage is now being examined. A joint police and fire investigation into the cause is under way. The fire occurred in a built-up area comprising a mix of commercial and residential buildings.


Commercial buildings in built-up areas

A spokesman for Nationwide Water Solutions said: “Any commercial building in a built-up area should be fully assessed to ensure it has the correct fire safety measures in place. We don’t know the cause of the major fire in Derby. However, it was so severe that police officers had to knock on people’s doors and tell them to leave their homes.

“Nobody wants to see a fire on this scale. Having the correct equipment for your particular building type is crucial.”

Nationwide Water Solutions installs and maintains sprinkler tanks in a wide range of buildings. It provides robust water storage facilities in hospitals, schools, prisons, office blocks, residential buildings and commercial and industrial premises.

For further information visit the company’s website.



Why You Need To Improve Fire Safety This Winter

The fire service is one of the most underrated public services in the UK. It is less likely to speak out when it is hit by spending cuts, yet this winter it will be deployed in the NHS. That’s right, fire crews will be drafted in to take patients home from hospital.

Worcestershire Acute Hospital Trust has come to an arrangement which it hopes will prevent overcrowding and bed-blocking. But what does that mean for fire cover? According to reports, firefighters will transport vulnerable patients home. Not only that, they will “settle them in and check their surroundings are safe”.


Queuing ambulances lead to winter plan

The arrangement to use fire crews to take hospital patients home follows scenes of queuing ambulances outside hospitals last year. The fire service in Worcestershire has agreed to provide the transport service for six months – for free. During that time, it will seek to establish how much help the trust needs.

The service will be offered to patients at Alexandra Hospital in Redditch from the beginning of December. The Health Service Journal reports a spokesperson saying: “The service will be aimed at the most vulnerable to ensure they are safe in their own homes. Patients who can walk and possibly some wheelchair users will all benefit from transport home by uniformed fire service staff who are fully trained in identifying risks…”


What this means for your winter fire safety

Nationwide Water Solutions Limited is the UK’s market-leading, independent sprinkler tank expert. A spokesman said: “All eyes will be on Worcestershire this winter to see how this scheme works. What we don’t want to see is a national roll-out. Fire services are stretched and, in the event of a major fire, adequate resources are required in the quickest possible time.

“We advise owners of large commercial, retail and residential businesses to ensure their fire safety equipment can suppress a blaze and stop it from spreading. An automatic sprinkler system with a sprinkler tank is essential at a time when public services are under the cosh.

“In recent weeks, we have seen problems caused by low water pressure. These issues have highlighted the real benefits of having your own stored water supply to fight a fire. Our sprinkler tanks are designed to meet the needs of the buildings they serve and are a robust safety and loss prevention measure.”

Book a free site survey with Nationwide Water Solutions. For further information visit this website.

Businesses Destroyed by Fire in Nottingham

Four businesses have been destroyed by fire after a blaze in a disused cattle market. The major fire forced the evacuation of hundreds of animals stored in a pet shop. Around 100 firefighters attended the scene on Sunday evening. Low water pressure hampered their efforts.

Fire safety experts say the event highlights the need for owners of businesses to consider who their neighbours are. Disused, derelict or old buildings are vulnerable to fire, meaning those nearby need to consider additional fire safety measures, including the installation of automatic sprinklers and sprinkler tanks. In this case, the fire spread and caused gas cylinders to explode.


Businesses and fire safety

It is reported that 200 reptiles were evacuated from a retail outlet and that a bedding shop was gutted in the fire. Four businesses are said to have been either reduced to ashes or ‘badly affected’, including an army surplus shop and a fruit wholesaler.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service has admitted it faced “a real challenge”. It has cited limited water supply at the scene of the fire as one of the challenges. It has also pointed out the close proximity of the buildings to the former cattle market.

A spokesman is reported as saying: “The buildings are close together and it was a dynamic situation. Because of the amount of material involved in the buildings, we had problems with the water pressure from the fire hydrants and had to use a high pressure pump to get water from the canal.”


Businesses urged to beef up fire safety

Nationwide Water Solutions says lack of water because of low pressure is not uncommon. “People expect the fire service to turn up and have a ready supply of water,” a spokesman said. “In the case of a very large fire like this, firefighters may not be able to readily access water in the quantities they need because of things like low water pressure.

“We advise all businesses, particularly those close to a vulnerable site, to install automatic sprinklers and a sprinkler tank. You will have water on standby 24/7. In the early stages of a fire, it will keep the blaze in check and give people time to evacuate a building and reduce damage. Importantly, it can suppress flames and help to stop them from spreading to things like highly-flammable gas cylinders.”

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading independent supplier of sprinkler tanks. Businesses concerned about fire safety can benefit from a free site survey. For further information, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.


  • Please note: The image used is for illustration purposes only and does not purport to depict the fire outlined in this article.

Sprinkler Tanks and Fire Safety in Restaurants and Pubs

Now, here’s some food for thought for restaurants… What fire safety measures have you got in place for your restaurant or pub? Because they are linked to kitchens, restaurant owners have to consider risks to the public as well as their premises. Kitchen fires pose a constant danger and having robust measures in place can stop a fire from causing major damage – and protect lives.

Every year, hundreds of fires occur in restaurants across the UK. Some go unreported, because they are quickly contained. The real danger of a fire in a restaurant is that it could spread to neighbouring properties, particularly if it is located in a mixed use building. Canteen facilities in schools, hospitals and workplaces need to pay particular attention to fire safety.


Recognise the dangers in commercial kitchens and restaurants

Cooking oil and deep fat fryers are a common cause of fires in commercial kitchens. They are among the reasons why restaurant fires feature highly in loss statistics. Other causes of kitchen fires include faulty appliances and wiring. When you consider the risks and potential losses incurred as a result of a fire, it is worth investigating how automatic sprinklers and a sprinkler tank can offer you greater protection.

Large premises should always invest in sprinklers. A sprinkler tank should be added to ensure water is available in the right quantity when a fire breaks out. This is especially important if the building is spread out over multiple levels or is considered vulnerable.


How to find out more

Talk to us. We are Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. We are the UK’s leading independent fire tank specialist. We offer free site surveys with detailed reports, and we can design, supply and install the right sprinkler tank solution for your premises.

If your restaurant or commercial kitchen already benefits from sprinklers, when was your sprinkler tank last inspected? Insurers take a dim view of those who fail to maintain fire safety equipment properly. We recommend an independent inspection is conducted at least annually. Contact us to book an appointment. There is no need to drain your tank for the inspection because we use underwater technology.

For further information, visit our website.