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Sprinkler Tank Advice for Care Homes

Care homes benefit from sprinkler tank advice. That is because this robust water storage system provides additional protection for older properties that have been converted. It also significantly aids the delivery of water to buildings with multiple floors. With many former hotels and other buildings converted into retirement and nursing homes, they have taken on a purpose for which they were not originally intended.

Risks in care sector buildings can be high. While current regulations safeguard many residents from common types of accidental fires, they cannot rule out the possibility of electrical faults and even unusual causes of fire. Most recently, deaths have potentially been caused by paraffin-based skin creams. Two pensioners died in fires that are being linked to flammable ointments.


Fire safety and sprinkler tank advice

Sprinkler tank advice is vital if you want to direct water to sprinkler heads in the right quantity. This done the the moment a fire is detected. In a care home setting, it is vital – if the building is to be safely evacuated. Getting everyone out can be difficult and time-consuming when many residents will have serious mobility issues and other complex health problems. if If you run a care homes that does not benefit from a sprinkler tank, talk to Nationwide Water Solutions.

We are here to guide you through the pros and cons of having a fire tank installed in your premises. We offer completely free site surveys across the UK and are used to working in sensitive environments. We advise property owners on the best location for a sprinkler tank as well as the correct shape and size for their building.


Care homes and fire safety

It is quite staggering to note the number of even modern care homes in the UK without automatic sprinklers. Residential care facilities are businesses and need to consider loss prevention as well as life preservation when undertaking risk assessments. The right sprinkler tank advice guarantees the availability of water around the clock to contain a fire and offer everyone peace of mind.

To book a free site survey visit Nationwide Water Solutions or for a no obligation chat call 0345 505 2540.

Sprinkler Tank Installation | Vulnerable Buildings

Sprinkler tank installation makes sense in high-risk, vulnerable buildings. This blog post is being written as firefighters damp down following a fire at a UK mental health facility. Any building that presents a heightened risk of arson should benefit from an automatic sprinkler system and a sprinkler tank.

For exceptional sprinkler tank installation services, check out what is on offer from Nationwide Water Solutions. It works with care facilities, hostels, prisons and schools to deliver bespoke fire safety equipment designed to save lives and protect properties. A spokesman said: “Because a man has been detained by police, we cannot comment on the most recent fire. However, vulnerable buildings, particularly those housing challenging individuals, need the very best fire safety equipment.”


Combating arson with sprinkler tank installation

Some buildings are at a greater risk of fire. They include schools during holidays, care facilities housing those who are more likely to commit arson, older properties and those in densely populated areas. They are aso recommended for properties spread over multiple levels and in situations where low water pressure is an issue. A sprinkler tank ensures automatic sprinklers have enough water to effectively tackle a fire immediately. This prevents a blaze from spreading, limits damage and, importantly, gives occupants enough time to safely evacuate the building.

Sprinkler tank installation is made easy with Nationwide Water Solutions. It provides anybody thinking about investing in a sprinkler tank with a free site survey. For those who already have a sprinkler tank, it delivers independent inspections using ROV under water survey technology. A spokesman said: “Our site surveys offer a detailed look at your site and what type of sprinkler tank is required and for what location.”


Find out more about sprinkler tanks

For more information about the benefits of installing a sprinkler tank, talk to the specialists. Nationwide Water Solutions offers first-class sprinkler tank installation across the country. Find out more by visiting the company’s website.

Sprinkler Tank Repair Services: Are They Worth It?

Looking at an inspection report that says sprinkler tank repair services are needed to protect the integrity of your automatic sprinkler system? Not sure if you want to invest in a new tank or find out more about refurbishment options? Many businesses and property owners needlessly invest in a new sprinkler tank when they don’t need to.

Common misconceptions are that:

  • Repairs won’t last
  • Refurbishment is a waste of money
  • The work won’t be guaranteed
  • Repairs will take too long to complete

Enter Nationwide Water Solutions with great reasons why sprinkler tank repair services are a good move. You will be surprised by the number of benefits and how quickly the work can be carried out.


Guaranteed sprinkler tank repair services

A spokesman said: “Sprinkler tank repair services are extremely cost-effective. It saves you money and ensures your fire tank is fit for purpose for many years to come. If you have been told by an independent expert that your tank is suitable for refurbishment, yes, it is worth it.”

The company says its repairs:

  • Are guaranteed to last
  • Save the expense and inconvenience of having an existing tank dismantled and removed
  • Are cheaper than buying a replacement sprinkler tank
  • Take less than a week to carry out

In addition, Nationwide Water Solutions’ repairs include an anti-corrosion coating to stop a tank from deteriorating. All its staff are fully trained and complete every project to the highest standards. What’s more, the company offers free site visits and free technical advice.


Nationwide Water Solutions

If you want to know more about the advanced repair systems used by Nationwide Water Solutions, call 0345 505 2540 or email Alternatively, visit the Nationwide Water Solutions website where you will find detailed information about its sprinkler tank repair services.

The company operates across the UK and inspects and installs fire tanks in a wide range of environments

Sprinkler Tank Expert Comments on Paris Fire

Here is some important information about the benefits of a sprinkler tank. If you own a residential or business property in a built-up area, invest in automatic sprinklers and a sprinkler tank. The tragic news that ten people, including a baby, have died following a major fire in Paris highlights how quickly a fire can spread in large buildings. The fire took hold of an eight-storey property in France’s capital city, prompting a national outpouring of grief.

Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s sprinkler tank expert, says the fact that the blaze may have been started deliberately should be a cause for concern. Arson is common in commercial ad public buildings, along with vehicles. When directed at a residential address, as in this case, the results are all too often catastrophic. If you haven’t already invested in sprinklers, now is a good time to do so. At the same time, find out more about the effectiveness of a sprinkler tank.


Paris fire: nation wakes up to a tragedy

As well as the tragic loss of life, more than thirty people have been injured in the fire. It is reported that several of them include firefighters. The scene of the fire is close to the Parc des Princes football stadium. In a residential area, it necessitated the evacuation of fifty people by ladder. Other people climbed onto rooftops to escape flames and smoke.

Sprinkler tank expert Nationwide Water Solutions says: “ This fire started on the second floor of a block of flats. Any building that is over more than one level should have a sprinkler tank. This ensures the pressure is there to get water in the right quantity to the point of the blaze. In this case, smoke had already reached the top floor of the building by the time someone raised the alarm. Automatic sprinklers, when installed, get to work straight-away.”


Book your free sprinkler tank expert site survey

Want to improve fire safety in your building? Book a free site survey with Nationwide Water Solutions. The company covers the whole of the UK and installs sprinkler tanks. It also maintains and repairs tanks. For further information, visit Nationwide Water Solutions online.






Sprinkler Tank Lining: What Are The Benefits?

If you want to know how sprinkler tank lining can benefit your sprinkler system, this blog post will be helpful. It will outline when the lining of a sprinkler tank can be carried out, how and the best materials. A sprinkler tank is essential in many buildings with automatic sprinklers. Maintaining your tank and ensuring it is in good condition is important.

We have collected together the most commonly asked questions about sprinkler tank lining. We have done this in a bid to offer you the very best advice. All the information has been supplied by experts here at the UK’s leading sprinkler tank specialist, Nationwide Water Solutions.


When is sprinkler tank lining recommended?

Put simply, sprinkler tank lining extends the life of your tank. It saves you the cost of dismantling and removing a tank as well as the expense of having a new one installed. You should only invest in sprinkler tank lining if your fire tank is showing signs of wear and on the advice of an independent inspector. Although sprinkler tanks don’t have to be inspected annually, Nationwide Water Solutions recommends they are. This is because corrosion can lead to weak spots in a tank that could eventually cause a tank to leak.


Sprinkler tank lining materials

Nationwide Water Solutions recommends sprinkler tank lining with EPDM. Recognised as a higher quality material than traditional alternatives, including butyl rubber, it is extremely robust and durable.


Will my sprinkler tank have to be drained for relining?

Yes. The tank is drained over a period of up to 36 hours and the whole lining process can take some days to complete. The full process is explained here.


Will sprinkler tank relining deal with any rust?

Yes. Nationwide Water Solutions cleans the tank’s internal surfaces, removing rust and any other debris.


If you want to extend the life of your fire tank, find out more about sprinkler tank lining. For free advice, visit Nationwide Water Solutions or call 0345 505 2540.