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Investigation Launched Into Hotel Fire

An investigation is under way following a fire at a hotel in Cornwall. The building had to be evacuated in the dead of last night after a blaze broke out in the roof space of an annexe. Firefighters from stations across the county attended the scene.

The fire, in Launceston, was tackled with breathing apparatus. The fire and rescue service said nobody was injured and that the fire had been successfully extinguished. Firefighters are now using thermal imaging equipment to check for hot spots and to help remove damaged materials.


The dangers of a hotel fire

Nationwide Water Solutions, which installs water storage tanks for automatic sprinkler systems in hotels, said the incident highlights the need for all businesses providing accommodation to consider fire risks from every angle. A spokesman said: “Risks posed by an annexe or an adjoining property can easily be overlooked. While there is no suggestion that this is what happened in this case, quite often an initial fire can go on to severely damage a neighbouring property. Luckily, in Cornwall, the fire was brought under control. Never overlook the risks of a property you do don’t own.

“We advise hotel owners to always install automatic sprinklers. While this fire was quickly contained, a blaze that takes hold is extremely dangerous in a hotel setting. Adding a sprinkler tank to a sprinkler system will ensure enough water is immediately available to fight a fire. Quite often a fire service will need to call in a water carrier. In rural areas, the carrier can be tens of miles away. It is always best to have your own water supply so work to contain a blaze is not delayed.”


Sprinkler tanks for hotel fire systems

Nationwide Water Solutions doesn’t just install sprinkler tanks in hotels – it maintains them too. It offers a wide range of services designed to extend the life of a fire tank. It also carries out independent inspections using underwater equipment.

Find out more about Nationwide Water Solutions online or book a free site survey if you are considering purchasing a sprinkler tank.

Tower Block Tenants Turn Down Offer of Automatic Sprinklers

Incredible as it may sound, following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, some tower block residents are refusing the offer of free sprinklers. At the biggest high-rise block in South Tyneside, one tenant refused a sprinkler system and similar opposition has occurred elsewhere in the North East.

Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s best-known sprinkler tank specialist, said: “This is madness. Who would want to turn down something that could save their life? The instances in the North East show that myths about sprinkler systems are preventing vulnerable buildings from getting the protection they deserve. A lot of the concerns centre around water damage in the event of a fire. What would you rather have – wet goods, no home, or possibly no life?”

How to persuade tower block residents to accept sprinklers

In the North East, council leaders are taking a cautious approach to promoting sprinkler systems. A council spokesperson has been quoted as saying the local authority did not want to ‘come down heavy’ on tenants. Instead, he said, it was ‘trying to encourage them’. While officials have pointed out to residents that sprinklers provide an extra layer of safety, some aren’t convinced.

Nationwide Water Solutions says: “Let’s be crystal clear: automatic sprinkler systems save lives. They help contain a blaze and stop it from spreading, giving people just like those who don’t want sprinklers more time to evacuate a building. In a tower block, they are essential.”

Advanced water storage for automatic sprinkler systems

Nationwide Water Solutions installs bespoke sprinkler tanks across the UK. Its robust water storage ensures fires can be tackled in any building, on any level and at any time. In addition to installing fire tanks, the company also undertakes sprinkler tank repairs and re-lining. Independent tank inspections are carried out using ROV equipment to save water and ensure the integrity of sprinklers.

Has Your Shopping Centre Got A Sprinkler Tank?

A massive fire in a shopping centre today has necessitated the need for more than 125 firefighters. The huge blaze has been declared a major incident by fire chiefs and the public are being advised to stay away. It broke out in The Mall, Walthamstow. Part of the roof is on fire.

Shopping centres pose unique risks to the public, and building owners should bear this in mind when carrying out risk assessments and investing in fire safety equipment. Nationwide Water Solutions, the leading installer of sprinkler tanks in shopping centres, says the sheer area covered can require a lot of water – not always easily accessible, especially if a premises is on multiple levels.


Shopping centre fire safety

A spokesman for the company said: “This is a very large fire and the cause is, thus far, unknown. The fire service has done exactly the right thing by telling people to steer clear of the area and for those living nearby to keep windows closed. We understand road blocks are in place.

“We carry out site surveys for shopping centres considering the merits of installing a sprinkler tank. They are completely free and can help businesses protect assets and people. Our aim is to help businesses have enough water to supply automatic sprinklers in an emergency.”


Sprinkler tank assessments for shopping centres

If your business owns a shopping centre, contact Nationwide Water Solutions to book a free site survey. The company installs and maintains a wide range of fire tanks – all designed to supply sufficient water to fight a fire the moment one is detected. It has carried out installation work for a wide range of commercial and industrial brands.

In addition, the business provides an extensive sprinkler tank repair service as well as independent inspections.

Hotel Fire In News After Premier Inn Devastation

Hotel fire latest: If you own a hotel, today’s news will be depressing. A fire is still raging at the Cribbs Causeway Premier Inn, Bristol. Parts of the building have collapsed onto the M5 and fire chiefs have not ruled out calling in more resources.

The blaze, which started yesterday, has devastated the hotel. Conditions inside what remains of the building are ‘extremely dangerous’, the fire and rescue service has said. Residents nearby are still being told to keep their doors and window shut because of lingering smoke.


The impact of a hotel fire

Nationwide Water Solutions is a fire tank expert. It supplies water storage tanks for automatic sprinkler systems. Its directors have been closely following the development of the hotel fire. It is not known at this stage what fire fighting equipment was installed in the building, but a spokesman said: “It is truly devastating to see a building on this scale be destroyed by a fire. The cost of rebuilding the hotel is likely to be very expensive. The only good thing to come out of this is that all the hotel guests have been accounted for.”

If you are concerned about fire safety in your hotel, consider storing water to fight a fire. A sprinkler tank works with an automatic sprinkler system and ensures water is available around the clock – exclusively for the purpose of containing a blaze from the earliest opportunity. The fire at the Premier Inn started on the third floor. A sprinkler tank ensures water can be delivered to any level of a building quickly. It helps overcome the issue of low water pressure.


Book a free hotel sprinkler tank site survey

Find out more about the benefits of a sprinkler tank at your hotel. Book a free site survey with Nationwide Water Solutions here. Alternatively, call 0345 505 2540 for further information.

Fire Risks and Flats Above Shops

Flats above shops should have robust fire fighting equipment. That is because commercial premises often store goods and packaging that present a fire spread risk. If a fire breaks out in a shop, it can quickly spread to accommodation on upper floors. Think about cardboard, flammable materials and other common risks.

Earlier today 80 firefighters tackled a blaze in a shop and flats in London.Twelve fire engines were sent to the scene shortly after 6.10am. It is not known where or how the fire started but thick smoke and work being undertaken by emergency services meant the closure of roads and the evacuation of the immediate area.


Fire safety for flats above shops

If you are a landlord renting out flats above shops, consider installing a sprinkler system. Automatic sprinklers will protect your investment and look after your tenants. If your premises is on multiple levels or especially large, get a sprinkler tank too.

A sprinkler tank provides a water supply to automatic sprinkler system day or night. It ensures water is always available – helping to contain a fire from the start and reducing the risks of major damage and / or injury.


Sprinkler tanks for mixed use buildings

Nationwide Water Solutions is an expert when it comes to installing and maintaining sprinkler tanks in mixed use buildings. This includes commercial premises with dwelling either attached or above. A spokesman said: “Fires that start in commercial properties can easily spread to dwellings – particularly if the accommodation is just above or either side. It makes sense to invest properly in fire safety – for your benefit and for others.”

If you want to find out more about sprinkler tanks, why not book a free site inspection? Alternatively, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.



Fire Safety in Film and Recording Studios

Film and recording studios hold important assets that have more than monetary value. In some cases historic artefacts as well as recordings are stored in often large complexes. Fire safety should be paramount. Artists have launched a legal challenge against one studio after a fire purportedly destroyed a large number of recordings. A lawsuit seeking £78m in damages has been filed by the estates of Tom Petty and Tupac Shakur, as well as bands and singer-songwriters.

This week, more than 75 firefighters tackled another blaze at a film studio near London. The studio is famed for spawning the Harry Potter films. While there are no reports of injuries, any damage to creative works, props and other assets could prove costly or impossible to replace. While it is not known if automatic sprinkler systems were installed in either of the two studios mentioned here, they are designed to prevent fires from spreading.

Water storage is the star of fire fighting

A spokesman for Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s leading sprinkler tank specialist, said: “If a studio is looking for a real A-lister, a sprinkler tank is cheaper than a celebrity and a real star when it comes to ensuring automatic sprinkler systems work properly. They store water around the clock, guaranteeing there is always water available in the right quantity, at the right time to contain a blaze. We recommend fire tanks for a wide range of building types, and recording studios are among them.”

The spokesman added: “A fire can occur at any time and knowing you have water available to fight it immediately offers real peace of mind. Many people don’t realise that firefighters can struggle to access enough water to tackle a large fire. That is why fire and rescue services have water carriers, but they are often only called in once initial crews are on the scene. Time is everything when fighting a fire. That is why it is best to have your own constant supply.”

Sprinkler tank site survey for film and recording studios

Nationwide Water Solutions carries out free site surveys for property owners contemplating the benefits of a sprinkler tank. If you are reviewing your fire safety equipment, get in touch.

Warehouse Fires: How to Minimise the Damage

The weekend saw a number of businesses devastated by warehouse fires. It is important to remember the crucial role warehousing plays, not just in the supply chain but in looking after physical assets. Robust fire safety measures are needed to ensure any fire that starts in a building used for storage is quickly contained. Nationwide Water Solutions, the leading supplier of sprinkler tanks and associated services, explains more.

“A warehouse fire can impact not just stock levels but deliveries,” a spokesman said. “A fire in a warehouse at the weekend has disrupted supplies to a number of hardware stores in Devon and Dorset. It is vital to remember that goods stored in warehouses often have packaging that can intensify a fire. We recommend automatic sprinkler systems for all warehouses, and we also recommend the use of a sprinkler tank to ensure water to fight a fire is stored on-site.”

Install a sprinkler tank for your warehouse

Nationwide Water Solutions installs above and below ground sprinkler tanks in warehouses across the UK. It works with partners in both the private and public sectors to drive up fire safety in commercial and residential premises. Its work with warehouse owners is helping to keep insurance costs and claims down.

The spokesman said: “Yet again, the warehouse fire at the weekend happened ‘out of hours’, overnight when nobody was around to detect the fire straight away. A total of 15 fire appliances were required to bring the blaze under control. Like many other warehouse fires, this one spread quickly and caused considerable damage. We urge anyone with a warehouse to contact us and request a free site survey.”

About Nationwide Water Solutions

Nationwide Water Solutions is based in Yorkshire and covers the whole of the UK. In addition to installing sprinkler tanks, it provides inspection, maintenance and repair services.

For further information, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.

Water Conservation During Sprinkler Tank Inspections

Sprinkler tank inspections perform an important role. They alert you to early signs of problems and open up more options to remedy them. Early inspection methods posed risks and were costly. They meant sprinkler systems were not operational during the inspection and routinely meant tanks had to be drained.

Thankfully, water conservation is at the heart of modern inspection methods. This is good news, especially when you consider some sprinkler tanks hold literally thousands and thousands of litres of water. Here at Nationwide Water Solutions, we take water conservation seriously. That is why all our inspections are carried out under water.


Sprinkler tank inspections with no water loss

We don’t use divers. We have invested in state of the art technology, including remote controlled vehicles that take our cameras to every part of a tank’s interior. Photographic evidence of the condition of a tank is important. Our customers don’t have to take our word for it – they can see it for themselves.

In addition to underwater cameras, we use ultrasound equipment to check the thickness of tank walls. It can identify weak spots that may not be visible. One of our directors points out: “Water is a crucial resource and should never be wasted. It is also expensive. That is why we only conduct sprinkler tank inspections under water. It is safer, cheaper and ensures sprinkler systems are fully operational throughout.”


Book an inspection

 If your sprinkler tank hasn’t had an independent inspection recently, book one now. Nationwide Water Solutions covers the entire country. All inspections conclude with a detailed written report and supplementary evidence of any problems found.

We inspect above and below ground tank, of all shapes and of all sizes.

Contact us on 0345 505 2540 to book your inspection today.



4 Reasons to Trust This Sprinkler Tank Installer

Replacing outdated water storage facilities or investing in a fire tank for the first time can be a daunting task – if you don’t know which sprinkler tank installer to choose. The outlay and perceived hassle can cloud your judgement, especially if you are faced with a pushy salesman. Thankfully, there is an easier way…

Nationwide Water Solutions is the fully accredited sprinkler tank installer with a wealth of experience. Here are 4 reasons why you can trust this UK-wide expert.


1. Unrivalled understanding of sprinkler tank installation


Nationwide Water Solutions has installed sprinkler tanks across the UK. It works with a wide range of clients to provide robust water storage for sprinkler systems anywhere. Take a look at its case studies to see some of the work it has undertaken.


2. Above and below ground sprinkler tank installer


Whatever your requirements, Nationwide Water Solutions is here to help. It installs all types of sprinkler tanks – both above and below ground. Tanks are made to measure, ensuring they are just right for their location and environment.


3. Fully qualified installation team


Nationwide Water Solutions takes no chances. Its installation team is training in everything from working at height to first aid. You can be assured of the very highest standards and professionalism.


4. Ongoing maintenance and inspection service


Once your sprinkler tank is installed, Nationwide Water Solutions will help you look after it. The company provides maintenance services as well as under water inspections.

If you are planning to install a sprinkler tank, talk to the experts for honest, specialist advice that will save you time, money and rule out problems later on. Nationwide Water Solutions is just a phone call away – 0345 505 2540. To book a free site visit, call or learn more online. Free technical advice is available, along with information about the trade bodies the company is accredited by.