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Top Reasons To Refurbish A Sprinkler Tank

Want to refurbish a sprinkler tank? Not sure of the benefits? If your tank has been assessed as suitable by an independent inspector, you could save thousands. In this blog post, we speak to Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s fire tank repair and refurbishment specialist, and ask: why is it worth refurbishing a sprinkler tank?

“Not every building owner knows that sprinkler tanks can be refurbished,” said a spokesman. “Yet, it is the single most cost-effective way to extend the life of a water storage system for automatic sprinklers. We offer free advice to anyone considering the merits of repair work.”


Refurbish a sprinkler tank and save time and money

As well as being cost-effective, repairing a corroded or leaking sprinkler tank is a time-saving move. Nationwide Water Solutions says: “Dismantling an existing tank and replacing it is time-consuming and often expensive. If you have a storage tank that can be repaired, your sprinkler system will only be impacted for a matter of days. This is really important if your fire safety system relies on sprinklers to look after a vulnerable building or one that stores high-value goods.

“We work on a wide range of sprinkler tanks. Our full repair and refurbishment services can be viewed here. We recommend anybody thinking of having an old tank repaired gets expert advice. Be aware that putting off a decision can mean you leave it too late.”


Extending the life of a sprinkler tank

Experts who refurbish a sprinkler tank will ensure that your water storage facilities are fit to last for many more years. As well as repairing any leaks, which can prove expensive through water loss, a good repair job will ensure valves, the access area and any weak spots in the structure are sorted.

Want to learn more? For detailed information about sprinkler tank refurbishment and the processes involved, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.

Sprinkler tank installer explains how fire service cuts impact risk assessments

A sprinkler tank installer is reminding businesses that fire services across England are reviewing how they manage their assets – people, stations and appliances. In some parts of the country, consultations are currently taking place to decide where savings can be made. A number of fire stations are earmarked for possible closure and some divisions could lose appliances to other areas. Crews could also end up changing the way they operate stations.

While the public have been quick to rally behind local fire stations, they have been told that any changes will not impact cover. Some experts are not so sure. If you are relying on a swift response from the emergency services in the event of a fire, you may want to look again at what you are doing to stop a fire in its tracks.


Fire service cuts and businesses

Sprinkler tank installer Nationwide Water Solutions says cutbacks in funding to the fire service is something any business with large assets, risks or vulnerabilities should taken into consideration. “Fire services have suffered like every other part of the public sector since austerity was introduced. Nothing we have heard indicates this is going to change in the near future. While all fire services do their utmost to provide the very best service, it pays not to be complacent. At the end of the day, you need to take responsibility for looking after your assets.

“That is why more big businesses are investing in their own modern fire-fighting equipment, such as automatic sprinkler systems. We install the sprinkler tank, which stores water for the sole purpose of feeding sprinkler heads. This type of system ensures enough water is available to fight a fire at the earliest opportunity. You don’t want to have to wait for an initial fire crew to call for a water carrier when the fire is already taking hold.”


The nationwide sprinkler tank installer

Minor fires can quickly spread in vulnerable buildings, the spokesman pointed out. “Having your own water supply that can be pumped to sprinkler heads no matter where they are could save you more than just money. Sprinklers save lives.”

Visit the website for further information about Nationwide Water Solutions.


Never Drain A Sprinkler Tank For An Inspection

About to drain a sprinkler tank? Draining a sprinkler tank for a routine inspection is something that happened almost back in the Dark Ages. Today, nobody should allow their tank to be drained – unless it is being refurbished or replaced. Here, we ask a director of Nationwide Water Solutions to explain why. The company is the UK’s leading water storage expert for automatic sprinkler systems.

“There are serious risks associated with draining a sprinkler tank,” he explains. “Those risks start with cutting off the water supply to sprinklers. What would happen if a fire broke out? Another risk is the potential impact on insurance. Having a sprinkler system out of operation for any length of time should be reported to your insurer. It could be that you have benefited from reduced premiums because of the high standard of your fire-fighting equipment.”


Don’t drain a sprinkler tank

Another consequence of draining a sprinkler tank is loss of water. Not only is this bad for the environment, you will literally be pouring money down the drain, says Nationwide Water Solutions. The spokesman explained: “Water conservation is important. Draining a sprinkler tank for no valid reason is a waste of a precious resource and replacing it will add to your costs.

“We advise businesses with a fire tank not to have it drained for inspections. Advanced technology now means it is possible to get highly accurate information about the internal condition of a tank while the water is still in-situ. We are among the companies offering underwater inspections. We are able to do this because we have invested in sophisticated ultrasound and camera technology that scans every inch of a tank from under the water. We used ROV equipment to take the imaging technology everywhere it has to go.”


Expert fire tank inspection service

Nationwide Water Solutions inspects any size of sprinkler tank, anywhere in the country. It provides detailed written reports, backed up with photographic evidence.

If your sprinkler tank hasn’t been inspected for a while, ensure you call in and expert and get the job done thoroughly. Don’t be tempted to drain the tank and inspect it yourself. It could cost you a lot more than water.

To book an inspection, contact Nationwide Water Solution.



Fire Tank Services for Retirement Complexes

As a major fire in Crewe devastated a retirement complex, fire tank services companies were warning property owners to consider water storage facilities. More than 150 people were evacuated as firefighters battled to save the building. Part of it has said to have collapsed and residents have been moved into temporary accommodation or a crisis centre.

Fire chiefs said their priority was to save neighbouring buildings as the blaze consumed the building. Just nine years old, the development comprised one and two bedroom flats. Some of the residents have lost everything in the fire and the public have set up collection points for donations to help those who have been left with just the clothes they were wearing.


Fire tank services and protecting the vulnerable

Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s leading name in fire tank services, says developers looking to build retirement complexes should carefully consider site layouts, positioning of lifts and the installation of automatic sprinklers. A spokesman said: “This was a really big fire and people’s lives have been devastated. At this stage, we don’t know if the building was equipped with automatic sprinklers, so we cannot comment on the specifics of this fire. However, we urge all building owners with elderly or vulnerable residents to invest in modern fire fighting equipment – including a fire tank, so water is immediately available for sprinkler systems at all levels.

“Retirement complexes are a popular accommodation choice for the retired. The climate since the complex in Crewe was built has changed. We have had the terrible tragedy of Grenfell Tower and newer building owners should be clued up on how a small fire in one section of a building can quickly spread.”


More information about fire tank services

Nationwide Water Solutions provides fire tank services across the UK. It installs, maintains and refurbishes tanks used to store water for sprinkler systems. For further information, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.

Holidaymakers Evacuated After Fire Near Thorpe Park

Holidaymakers have been evacuated from a site in Cleethorpes following a suspected arson attack on an expanse of open land. The large blaze has engulfed land near holiday parks and other popular attractions. Packed for the summer holiday, the area is now being cleared while a huge operation gets under way to stop the fire from spreading.

Fire safety experts say property owners with buildings close to open land should consider the risks of a wildfire or arson attack when carrying out risk assessments. A spokesperson for Nationwide Water Solutions said: “Hopefully this fire near Thorpe Park can be quickly contained. After weeks of very hot weather, the land will be very dry. The risk of the fire spreading is very real and that is why the emergency services aren’t taking any chances.”


Helping people to be safely evacuated


The spokesperson said, because wild, accidental and deliberate fires can occur at any time of the day or night, those close to large open areas should consider the merits of installing automatic sprinklers. The spokesman said: “Sprinklers get to work straightaway, so if a fire was to spread to a property it would be quickly detected. Having a sprinkler tank guarantees water is available to contain the fire and give people more time to be safely evacuated.

“While the fire in Cleethopres is reported to be being treated as ‘deliberate’, many fires in the open are started by accident. People having barbecues or dropping a cigarette end may not realise that the heat can spark a devastating fire. Because this type of blaze is not uncommon, we would urge all property owners to consider the risks and invest in appropriate fire safety equipment.”


The sprinkler tank people

Nationwide Water Solutions supplies and installs a wide range of sprinklers tanks. It also repairs and maintains existing tanks and offers an independent fire tank inspection service.

To find out more about the benefits of on-site water storage for automatic sprinklers, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.

Sprinkler Tank Site Survey – Free With Nationwide Water Solutions

Sprinkler tank site survey information for property owners. Whatever business you are in, fire safety should always be a priority – and Nationwide Water Solutions makes it easy. The UK’s leading sprinkler tank expert, it supplies, installs and maintains water storage facilities for automatic sprinkler systems. Imperative in buildings on multiple levels / floors or considered high risk, the sprinkler tank avoids water pressure problems or delays in fighting a fire.

Because not every sprinkler system has a sprinkler tank, it makes sense to find out if your fire equipment would benefit from one. That is easy with Nationwide Water Solutions. It provides free site surveys – anywhere in the UK.


The best sprinkler tank site survey advice

As well as advising on the best place to site a fire tank, a sprinkler tank site survey will help you understand what is involved and the cost. There can be insurance and other benefits of beefing up your fire safety equipment, so it is worth finding out if your premises needs on-site water storage.

A spokesperson for Nationwide Water Solutions said: “Our free site survey can be real eye-opener. Many of our clients were unaware that we can build tanks to suit a particular space or site. Not only that we can help look after a tank. We carry out inspections across the country, using under water ROV equipment so a tank will never have to be drained for the process.

“For those who already have a sprinkler tank, we offer a wide range of refurbishment and repair services – all aimed at extending the life of a tank and keeping costs and risks down.”


Book your sprinkler tank site survey

Booking a sprinkler tank site survey is easy. Simply get in touch with Nationwide Water Solutions. No job too big or too small.