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Staffing Shortages Cut Fire Cover

Staffing Shortages Cut Fire Cover

If there was ever a good reason to invest in a sprinkler tank this is it. In Britain today there are fire engines with no crew. In fact, in Aberdeen, Scotland, a number of the city’s six fire appliances have been stood down over the past week – because of staffing shortages.

With public services cut to the bone, it doesn’t take much for emergency services to be stretched to breaking point. August is the peak time for holidays and is no exception. Where does this leave your safety and property? We think, potentially at risk.

Why fire cover is stretched

One engine in Aberdeen was not operational on Tuesday this week. A further two had no crew on Wednesday. The city’s fire and rescue service blamed the problem on “short-term sickness and planned annual leave”.

The Fire Brigades Union has previously raised concerns. It says lives can be at risk as a result of shortages. Speaking to the BBC, Iain Bushell, SFRS deputy chief officer, said: “The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has given a clear signal to our communities that we are fully committed to addressing crewing challenges in the City of Aberdeen. We are actively working to address this locally while continuing to liaise with the FBU.”

What will a sprinkler tank do for you?

Safeguard your assets and lives with an automatic sprinkler system and sprinkler tank. It will be ‘on duty’ – even if your local fire service is short staffed or under pressure. A sprinkler tank holds water specifically to fight a fire. This means you have a first line of defence primed to work around the clock.

Buildings fitted with a sprinkler tank are easier to evacuate should the worst happen. Sprinklers contain a fire for longer. This gives people the chance to escape. It also helps to minimise damage.

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