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Families Evacuated After Major Fire in Rochdale Mill

Families Evacuated After Major Fire in Rochdale Mill

Thirty homes were evacuated overnight (last night) following a major blaze at a mill building in Rochdale. A local magistrates’ court was opened to provide shelter for those forced to flee their homes. Firefighters were called to the scene at 10.35pm last night, the fire service has confirmed.

The blaze happened in Greenfield Lane. Paul Starling, the Officer in Charge, told the press: “We are making great progress at the scene and due to the brilliant work of our firefighters, we have surrounded the fire and contained it to the curtilage of the building.”

Dramatic scenes of the fire were uploaded to the internet and seen by people from across the world.


Chimney ‘insecure’ following fire

Mr Starling added: “The chimney in the centre of the building is insecure but we are monitoring the stability and are ensuring crews are kept at a safe distance.”

Earlier, firefighters said they were working hard to protect neighbouring properties. They focussed their efforts on containing the fire.

Evacuated families were allowed to return to their homes shortly before 1am. However, they have been told to keep windows and doors closed.


Fire safety equipment

It is not yet clear if the mill building was fitted with automatic sprinklers and a sprinkler tank. Witnesses describe hearing an ‘explosion’.

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