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Approved Sprinkler Tank: What Does That Mean?

Approved Sprinkler Tank: What Does That Mean?

The sprinkler tank performs a vital role in fire safety. While often installed to meet building regulations, it forms a pivotal part of an automatic sprinkler system. However, every fire tank installed in the UK must meet approved sprinkler tank standards.

So, what does ‘approved’ sprinkler tank mean? All sprinkler tanks should be approved by the LPCB. That is the Loss Prevention Certification Board. The LPCB has been working with the fire safety industry and the Government for more than a century. It is the body that sets the standards for fire and security products and services. Its overall goal is to ensure they perform effectively.

LPCB listed tanks have to meet the manufacturing and test standard LPS 1276. They also have to meet the requirements for BE EN 12845:2009.


Invest in an approved sprinkler tank

An approved sprinkler tank is supplied with a 10-year guarantee. As well as meeting tough manufacturing tests, approved sprinkler tanks have to meet a raft of other requirements. For example, they have to meet standards set down for life safety systems.

If you invest in an approved sprinkler tank, you will have to maintain it. At Nationwide Water Solutions, we provide the full range of sprinkler tank services. We supply and install sprinklers tanks. We also repair and maintain existing fire tanks.

Importantly, our service includes independent inspections. We use hi-tech underwater camera equipment to survey the inside of tanks. This means a sprinkler tank does not have to be drained for the inspection process. It ensures a sprinkler system remains fully operational.


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Nationwide Water Solutions provides sprinkler tank services across the UK. It works with a wide range of tank types and in all sizes. Whatever the capacity or your sprinkler tank or tanks, it can help your system remain compliant and primed to fight a fire.

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