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What A Sprinkler Tank Can Do For An Historic Building

What A Sprinkler Tank Can Do For An Historic Building

So, what can a sprinkler tank do for an historic building? The loss of an iconic landmark to fire can have far-reaching consequences. The devastating blaze that gutted Brazil’s National Museum is a good example. People gathered in the street to mourn its loss, openly crying. That sense of loss quickly turned to anger.

They blame lack of funding for the catastrophe. The Rio de Janeiro museum housed one of the biggest natural history collections in the world. Brazilians believe, for that reason, it should have benefitted from better loss prevention measures. Among its exhibits were the 12,000-year-old remains of a woman known as “Luzia” – the oldest discovered in Latin America.


Fire risks ignored, experts claim

According to media reports, the museum was in a ‘dilapidated state’. Experts had warned the historic building was at serious risk of fire. The museum director has since stressed “Luzia is a priceless loss for everyone interested in civilization”.

The blaze, which was discovered on Sunday evening, gutted the former royal palace building. The cause is not yet known. Fire safety experts say a sprinkler tank connected to an automatic sprinkler system could have contained the fire and stopped it from spreading. It is reported that the first firefighters on the scene had no ladders and no water.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.


Invest in a sprinkler tank

If you own or manage an historic building or premises that house irreplaceable artefacts, invest in a sprinkler tank. Used in conjunction with an automatic sprinkler system it can limit damage, save lives and protect irreplaceable valuables. Water will always be availabe to start tackling a blaze immediately.

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