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No Government Cash for Sprinklers in Leeds

No Government Cash for Sprinklers in Leeds

The Government has turned down a request for cash for sprinklers in Leeds’ tower blocks. Leeds council had asked for cash to improve fire safety in 116 high-rise buildings. The authority is currently spending £10 million on sprinklers in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy.

The firm ‘no’ was reported to councillors this week. Communities Secretary Sajid Javid is reported to have said the Government is currently reviewing fire safety regulations.


‘Sound no’ over cash for sprinklers

The Local Democracy Reporting Service reports Leeds’ director of housing and resources, Neil Evans, saying the £10m “could have been used for other things which we had plans for” but this was a “question of making choices”.

He went on to say: “Money was requested for sprinklers, but the government came back to us and said they wouldn’t support us with the sprinklers programme. We are getting on with it ourselves, but it was a pretty sound no, frankly. The government is saying that they would assist councils who don’t have the money, which I think is a strange way of putting it.”


Cash for sprinklers: Government review

In a statement about cash for sprinklers, the Department of Communities and Local Government said: “The government intends to undertake a technical review of building regulations covering fire safety matters and will publish a call for evidence in the autumn.

“Possible changes to the guidance, including on the use of sprinklers, will be considered in this review.”


Adding a sprinkler tank to fire safety equipment

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s foremost independent supplier of sprinkler tanks. It is working with building owners and public bodies to fit sprinkler tanks to a range of buildings. Sprinkler tanks store water specifically to fight fires. They deliver water to the point of a fire the moment sensors trigger sprinkler heads. This 24/7 protection helps to contain fires and stop them from spreading.

The company also maintains, repairs and refurbishes sprinkler tanks. It offers an independent inspection service using underwater camera equipment.

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