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Insurers Tell Businesses to Invest in Sprinkler Systems

Insurers Tell Businesses to Invest in Sprinkler Systems

After a number of disastrous fires in commercial and industrial premises, insurers have urged businesses to invest in sprinkler systems. Some recent high profile fires would never have spread if better fire safety equipment had been installed. That is what a fire expert at insurer FM Global has said.

The specialist insurance firm provides cover for commercial properties. Its senior consultant for international codes and standards, Tom Roche, spoke after a major fire at a Dartford warehouse. He said: “Not for the first time this year are we seeing the major damage that fire can cause to a commercial or industrial facility. Once again, this damage is very severe and brings to the fore the need for effective automatic sprinkler systems in such premises.”

Mr Roche said businesses should consider doing more than the bare minimum to comply with fire regulations. He pointed out: “For those businesses who believe that by following regulations they will be safe, it is important to understand that the UK ranks well behind many European countries.”


Invest in a sprinkler tank with sprinkler systems

Nationwide Water Solutions has noted the increase in fires at commercial and industrial properties without sprinklers. The company supplies sprinkler tanks which store water specifically to fight a fire. They are recommended for business premises, which can be left unoccupied overnight and at weekends – meaning undetected fires can be left to spread.

A spokesman said: “It makes no sense to hold back from investing in a sprinkler system with a sprinkler tank. Time and time again, businesses go under because they have suffered a major fire. A sprinkler tank is the best way to ensure you’ve got enough water on standby to suppress a blaze before it can spread.”


Nationwide Water Solutions

Nationwide Water Solutions works with a diverse range of clients from across the UK. If offers free site inspections and provides maintenance and repairs services for those with existing sprinkler tanks. Its independent inspection service is recommended by insurers because it uses underwater technology to mitigate the need for a sprinkler tank to be drained.

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