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The Importance of a Sprinkler Tank in Public Buildings

The Importance of a Sprinkler Tank in Public Buildings

Public buildings can be at a higher risk of fire than privately owned ones, making a sprinkler tank a good risk reduction investment. Schools and prisons are at particular risk of fire. In the case of schools, arson is a prevalent threat during weekends and holidays. Fire is a risk in a prison 24/7 – even with the recent clampdown on smoking.

Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s market-leading, independent sprinkler tank expert explains. It says: “The cost to the public purse of a fire in a public building is just one drawback of not investing in a sprinkler tank. Disruption to a service can add further costs and present authorities with challenging obstacles. We recommend automatic sprinklers and a sprinkler tank. This ensures damage is limited and people in a building have the time to be safely evacuated.”

Fires in UK prisons are currently at a record high. In 2016 alone, there were 2,580 – 50 a week.


Public buildings and water supplies

A spokesman for Nationwide Water Solutions says a ready supply of water in the right quantity is important in public buildings. He said: “Most public buildings are large. A sprinkler tank ensures enough water is available around the clock to suppress a fire and contain it. We work with local authorities and government agencies to deliver cutting edge water solutions that don’t just save lives – they save money.”

Museums, libraries, hospitals, care facilities and universities all require modern fire safety equipment for protection. Yet, according to experts, not all benefit from a separate supply of water to fight a fire. Relying on mains water, which can be affected by low pressure, can be a costly mistake.


Nationwide Water Solutions

Nationwide Water Solutions designs and installs bespoke sprinkler tanks in public buildings across the UK. It also offers comprehensive relining and refurbishment services. Its independent inspections ensure sprinkler tanks are maintained in tip-top condition. They identify problems early using state of the art underwater camera equipment.

For further information, visit the company’s website.