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Fire Risks in Commercial Buildings

Fire Risks in Commercial Buildings

Additional fire safety measures are required in commercial buildings. This is particularly the case if the building houses potentially dangerous equipment, such as welding or soldering tools. The presence of cylinders also requires careful assessment. If you are not sure what level of fire safety your building needs, talk to Nationwide Water Solutions Limited.

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Risks in commercial buildings

At the weekend, around 100 homes had to be evacuated when a fire broke out in a commercial garage. The blaze, in Derby, meant local residents had to seek shelter in an emergency refuge centre. Firefighters took steps to move people away from the area because commercial cylinders were present. Roads around the site were kept closed as a precaution the following day.

The fire was so severe that the structural integrity of the garage is now being examined. A joint police and fire investigation into the cause is under way. The fire occurred in a built-up area comprising a mix of commercial and residential buildings.


Commercial buildings in built-up areas

A spokesman for Nationwide Water Solutions said: “Any commercial building in a built-up area should be fully assessed to ensure it has the correct fire safety measures in place. We don’t know the cause of the major fire in Derby. However, it was so severe that police officers had to knock on people’s doors and tell them to leave their homes.

“Nobody wants to see a fire on this scale. Having the correct equipment for your particular building type is crucial.”

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