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Fire Safety Lessons Learned in 2018

Fire Safety Lessons Learned in 2018

Sprinkler tank specialist Nationwide Water Solutions takes a look at the fire safety lessons learned in 2018. If your business or organisation is reviewing fire safety, today’s blog post will highlight the issues that raised concerns this year. They are worth bearing in mind as the year draws to a close and a new one beckons.


Government fails on sprinkler cash

One of the biggest fire safety lessons learned… Many local authorities and social housing providers were left wanting after asking the government to stump up cash towards sprinkler schemes. In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire, officials appeared to suggest money would be available for retrofitting schemes. The good news was that many of those whose applications were turned down funded the projects themselves. This indicates that responsible landlords and building owners will need to budget for sprinkler installation and ongoing maintenance in the future.


Danger of mixed use buildings highlighted

The number of fires that started in commercial or industrial premises and then spread to residential dwellings was marked. Nationwide Water Solutions highlighted a number of these during the year, including one which started in a fish and chip shop and spread to flats on upper floors. Fires of this nature illustrate the importance of robust fire safety measures in commercial premises that share bricks and mortar with residents.


Out of hours workshop fires

Serious workshop fires had a significant impact on businesses this year. Many started during the night or at weekends, when nobody was around to raise the alarm quickly. This meant that fires had taken hold by the time emergency services arrived on the scene. These cases highlight the need for sprinklers in workshops. One of the many fire safety lessons learned in 2018.


Increased awareness of sprinkler tank benefits

During the year, it became clear that there is increased awareness about the benefits of including a sprinkler tank in an automatic sprinkler system scheme. We hope we have played a part in this, regularly updating multiple sectors about why a sprinkler tank can make a difference.

If you missed our blog posts this year, we will recap:

  • Water on standby to fight a fire 24/7
  • Enough water immediately available to suppress a fire
  • Greater chance of early containment
  • Good solution for properties where low water pressure is an issue
  • More time for a building’s occupants to safely evacuate
  • Better loss prevention

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