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Sprinkler Tank Work By Accredited Professionals

The safety of your people and assets should always be paramount. Property owners and businesses invest in automatic sprinkler systems because it gives them peace of mind. Ensuring sprinkler tank work is only ever undertaken by accredited professionals is vital.

Engaging unqualified workers to repair or maintain an important component of fire safety equipment is not just dangerous, it is foolish. A sprinkler tank failure, for example, could cause serious water leakage or cause sprinklers to fail in an emergency. It is also important to bear in mind that anyone working on a sprinkler tank should be trained to work at height and have the appropriate first aid knowledge.

Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s foremost expert for all sprinkler tank work, explains what accreditations you should look out for.


Safety Schemes In Procurement

If you see the SSIP logo, you can be assured that your sprinkler tank work is being undertaken by a contractor competent in health and safety management. This important accreditation is recognised across multiple sectors, including construction.



This third party accreditation body is a trusted advisor on health and safety compliance. It is considered an authority and sets industry standards that accredited members must follow.


The British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association

The BAFSA is the driving force behind the manufacture, installation and maintenance of automatic fire sprinkler and water-based fire suppression systems in the UK.


Sprinkler Tank Work You Can Trust

Nationwide Water Solutions is accredited by all three of these important organisations and more. It installs new sprinkler tanks as well as delivering inspection, maintenance and repair services. It works with businesses and public authorities across the UK, setting new standards in fire safety.

If you are in the process of investing in a sprinkler system and want to benefit from on-site water storage, arrange a free site visit. For all your sprinkler tank work, contact Nationwide Water Solutions.

3 Ways A Sprinkler Tank Protects A Vulnerable Building

If you run a business that sells flammable materials such as furniture or beds, a sprinkler system with a sprinkler tank is a no-brainer. But what if you own or manage a a building you don’t realise is vulnerable to fire? The best way to gauge the risk is through regular and thorough assessments.

Even the most obvious fire risks are sometimes overlooked. Firefighters regularly deal with major fires in commercial kitchens and retail units containing large amounts of fabric and / or cardboard. A recent fire in Kettering devastated a long-established bed shop. If you want to ensure your building, business and people are protected from the devastation of fire, here are three ways to make a difference…

1. Book a sprinkler tank site survey

A water storage tank site survey is a good idea if you are planning to install a sprinkler system or already have one. It will look at the size, location and nature of the site and give you a clear understanding of what may be required. You can book a completely free site survey here.


2. Maintain an existing sprinkler tank

It is easy to let things slip when you are busy or struggling to grow your business. But ignoring the condition of an existing sprinkler tank can end up costing you everything. Make sure your tank is independently inspected to ensure any problems are detected early. By monitoring your tank and taking swift remedial action, your automatic sprinklers will always have water on standby.


3. Replace a redundant fire tank

If your fire tank is redundant or earmarked for decommissioning, don’t wait. Talk to Nationwide Water Solutions. This is the company trusted by household name to remove and replace outdated water storage tanks.

For further information about the sprinkler tank and how it can protect your vulnerable building, call Nationwide Water Solutions on 0345 505 2540.

Industrial Fire Safety In The Spotlight

Industrial fire safety was in the spotlight again earlier this month. Firefighters were praised for dealing with a potentially difficult fire in an industrial building in Gloucester. Four people were taken to hospital as a result of the blaze. Two fire appliances were sent to the scene one Wednesday night.

Emergency services were told a blaze had broken out in an industrial building at Hempstead at 8.29pm. Nationwide Water Solutions Limited, the UK’s leading supplier of sprinkler tanks and services, said it was heartening to note that the fire had been quickly contained. All four men taken to hospital were suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation.


Concerns over industrial fire safety

A spokesman said: “In this case, the fire was quickly put out and damage was minimalised. Unfortunately, that is not always the case with fires in industrial buildings. Many lack modern firefighting equipment and others have systems that are out of date or not properly maintained.

“We would urge any business with industrial premises to contact us. We offer completely free site surveys to those thinking of investing in automatic sprinklers and a sprinkler tank for on-site water storage. For those who already have a sprinkler tank, we offer a full range of services – from independent ROV inspections to repairs. We also carry out routine maintenance work.”

The cause of the fire in Gloucester is still being investigated. It is thought it was contained to an extraction unit.


Talk to the sprinkler tank specialists

Sprinkler tank specialists for more than a decade, Nationwide Water Solutions has installed life-saving water storage tanks in industrial premises operated by household name. It works with businesses from a wide range of sector to deliver water storage solutions designed to protect material assets as well as people.

For further information visit Nationwide Water Solutions.

Sprinkler Tank Business Supports Independent Inspections

Are you are looking for a sprinkler tank business that carries out independent tank inspections? You are in the right place. Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading supplier of insurance compliant checks. It thoroughly examines sprinkler tanks without the need for draining. Its ROV method gives you the clearest picture of the health of your tank -without compromising the operation of your sprinkler system.

Inspection services are in the spotlight. More businesses and public sector bodies are suspected of neglecting the need to maintain water storage facilities for sprinkler systems. Considered dangerous, as well as a false economy, such an oversight can cost lives.


The sprinkler tank business for your next inspection

The guidelines for how often a sprinkler tank should be inspected vary. One sprinkler tank business may say every ten years. Another, including Nationwide Water Solutions, will suggest annually. Corrosion of carbon steel, for example, can occur quickly when the humidity of the air reaches 70 per cent and and the air above exceeds 32F. Air impurities can also accelerate corrosion, making more regular checks a savvy investment.

If corrosion is left undetected, a sprinkler tank could fail. As well as rendering a sprinkler system useless, it could lead to significant water leakage and necessitate the removal and replacement of the existing tank. Monitoring any potential problems and authorising remedial works is safer and more cost-effective.


Book an independent sprinkler tank inspection

If your sprinkler tank has not been inspected for a year or more, contact Nationwide Water Solutions. It inspects sprinkler tanks across the UK. Importantly, it uses underwater thermal imaging equipment and ultrasound to cover every inch of the structure. Check also include other components, such as access routes, lids and valves, to name a few.

Don’t leave the integrity of your sprinkler system to chance. Talk to the sprinkler tank business that can help you ensure your system is always ready to work in an emergency.

New Row Over School Sprinkler Systems

School sprinkler systems are the subject of a new row. Just 105 of 673 new school buildings have been fitted with sprinkler systems, the schools minister Nick Gibb has admitted. The revelation has angered the Fire Brigades Union. It accuses the government of “utter complacency” over fire safety in schools.
Just 15 per cent of buildings opened by February this year have the life-saving equipment. The Fire Brigades Union has responded. It says new school builds and high-risk buildings should have sprinklers. A spokesperson said: “Sprinklers can assist in the control of a fire in its early stages.” The Union added the equipment limits damage, giving occupants extra time to escape. Sprinklers also reduce the risks faced by firefighters attending the incident.”

Need for school sprinkler systems

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s sprinkler tank expert. It says the decision to ignore the pressing need for school sprinkler systems doesn’t make sense. A spokesman said: “As well as protecting valuable state assets, sprinkler systems with their own water supplies in schools slow down the spread of a fire. They don’t just limit damage and save the public purse by containing a blaze – they give a building’s occupants more time to evacuate.”
Nationwide Water Solutions installs sprinkler tanks in public, commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. It has noted a rise in work from industrial partners. They recognise the potential high losses and long-term impact of a major fire. “Sprinklers are mandatory in new school buildings in Scotland and Wales. Why they are not in England is a complete mystery to us. Why invest millions and then not protect that investment? The combined figures of a new build with the potential costs of a fire are mind-boggling.”

Sprinkler tank services for school sprinkler systems

In the UK the leading sprinkler tank expert is Nationwide Water Solutions. It installs, maintains and inspects water storage facilities for automatic school sprinkler systems. The company’s clients include major commercial and industrial brands, as well as some areas of the public sector. It is working hard to raise awareness about the long-term benefits of fire tanks. Contact the company for further information about sprinkler tank installation. If you already have a sprinkler tank, book an independent inspection.

Lessons Learned From The Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire

The world could only watch as one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world burned last month. Notre-Dame Cathedral was described as ‘the epicentre of our lives’ by Parisians and President Emmanuel Macron. It succumbed to flames that almost wiped out its 850-year old history. Part of the iconic Gothic structure was undergoing remedial works at the time.

An electrical fault is currently being assessed as the possible cause of the fire. Meanwhile, the UK’s leading sprinkler tank expert says lessons can already be learned. Nationwide Water Solutions is urging those who own or manage historic sites to consider the impact of a major fire when carrying out risk assessments. A spokesman explained: “Too often, it is discovered after a devastating fire that that not enough fire safety equipment was in place to stop a fire from spreading. Modern automatic sprinkler systems and sprinkler tanks can effectively contain a fire and limit the damage.”

Don’t want your historic site to suffer the same fate as Notre-Dame Cathedral? Here are two lessons that have already been learned:


1. Invest in modern fire fighting equipment

Nationwide Water Solutions says too many building owners don’t look at the bigger picture when planning fire safety improvements. A spokesman said: “We cannot comment on the firefighting equipment installed at Notre-Dame Cathedral. What we can say is that time and time again, we hear of cases where hugely important buildings have been all-but lost because owners have failed to install sprinklers and a sprinkler tank. Some worry about water damage, but compared to the loss of a major landmark it is a small price to pay.


2. Properly maintain fire safety equipment

Nationwide Water Solutions urges owners of historic properties to check the last time they had their sprinkler tank independently inspected. It offers a nationwide inspection service and uses underwater ROV equipment to carry out checks while tanks are still full and sprinkler systems fully operational. Book an inspection here.

It will take years, possibly decades, to restore Notre-Dame Cathedral’s landmark spire and interior. Take action now to protect your historic building and preserve it for posterity. Visit Nationwide Water Solutions.

Industrial Fires: Water Storage Tanks A Necessity

Industrial fires can have a devastating impact on businesses, their employees and the local economy. That is why water storage tanks are important in large-scale industrial premises. Connected to modern fire-fighting equipment, stored water can quickly contain a fire and stop it from spreading. This is important to maintain operations and minimise damage.

Nationwide Water Solutions works with businesses in the industrial sector. It supplies and installs a huge range of water tanks designed to work with automatic sprinkler systems. If your business has yet to invest in state-of-the-art fire safety equipment, now is the time. You can benefit from a completely free site survey by calling Nationwide Water Solutions on 0345 505 2540.


How water storage tanks support businesses

By containing a fire with the help of water storage tanks, industrial businesses can limit the impact on productivity. Reducing the impact of a fire to a small area means a business can maintain productivity levels. A spokesman for Nationwide Water Solutions said: “Industrial fires are more common than a lot of people think. Even a false alarm can hit production, meaning good fire fighting equipment is essential. Knowing that your premises benefits from an instant water supply to fight a fire around the clock offers complete peace of mind.”

Yesterday afternoon firefighters were called to reports of an industrial fire in Newport. Crews from Newport and Ryde attended Newport Quay just after 4.30pm. On this occasion, it was a false alarm and crews were stood down. Nationwide Water Solutions understands an alarm was triggered by external fumes.


Water storage tanks: installation and refurbishment

As well as installing water storage tanks, Nationwide Water Solutions also repairs and refurbishes existing ones that are showing signs of wear. It provides a nationwide underwater inspection service and has a team of fully trained engineers to carry out repair work.

For further information, visit Nationwide Water Solutions’ website or give them a call to arrange a site visit or water tank inspection.

How To Minimise Fire Damage With A Water Storage Tank

A fire can start anywhere at any time – often when you are least expecting it. That is why it pays to have a water storage tank connected to automatic sprinklers. Minimising damage is essential to save lives and property – not to mention ensure the continued operation of a business or public service.

A water storage tank is essential in buildings that are spread over multiple floors, contain a large amount of goods or pose a high risk. Warehouses, factories, care homes, hospitals, schools and tower blocks are among those recommended to invest in a robust fire fighting system. Having water readily available means a fire can be tackled quickly. Swift action can stop a fire from spreading and even extinguish it.


Water storage tank tips

Nationwide Water Solutions is the market-leading supplier of water storage tank services in the UK. A spokesman said: “Having enough water to douse a fire from the very beginning can bring a blaze under control quickly. At the very least, it will contain it. This gives people the time they need to safely evacuate a building.

“This week, we have seen fires in the UK start from mundane things like discarded cigarettes. Even something dropped outside a building can pose a hazard, meaning it makes sense for property owners to consider the benefits of storing water for the specific use of fighting a fire.”


Where to buy a water storage tank

For a comprehensive range of custom water storage tank options, visit Nationwide Water Solutions. It installs sprinkler tanks across the UK and carries out repairs and refurbishment work on existing tanks. Its independent underwater tank inspections are helping property owners to stem the flow of water lost through corrosion and leaks.

For completely free technical advice or to discuss your needs, contact Nationwide Water Solutions on 0345 505 2540.

Tackle Malicious Arson With A Fire Tank

As police in Northumberland issued images of an arsonist who unwittingly set himself on fire, a fire tank expert was warning businesses not to be complacent when it comes to fire safety. The arsonist was caught on camera torching a workshop in Gateshead earlier this month. Footage shared by police shows his hands and clothes on fire.

A police spokesman said the fire is being treated as ‘malicious arson’. The workshop was on a farm and the culprit, who has yet to be identified, could be seen pouring a flammable substance on a door. He then became a human fireball. Police say they are certain the man would have suffered serious burns in the incident and have issued an appeal in a bid to locate him.


The rise of malicious arson attacks

Businesses, in particular, need to be aware of the dangers posed by malicious arson attacks. A spokesman for fire tank specialists Nationwide Water Solutions said: “This type of crime is on the rise and can prove very costly, as well as dangerous. Businesses that store large amounts of goods or who count machinery as assets should protect them, their building and people’s lives with automatic sprinkler systems.”

The spokesman added: “Industrial and commercial premises, particularly those on more than one level, should also invest in a fire tank. This will ensure that water is ready to fight an arson attack almost immediately. It is fortunate that, in the Gateshead incident, nobody else was injured. The fact is that many arson attacks take place at night when few people are around to raise the alarm quickly. Having the right equipment on standby will ensure that no time is lost in containing a fire.”


Nationwide Water Solutions, the fire tank expert

If you want to protect your business from malicious arson attacks, consider the benefits of a fire tank. Talk to Nationwide Water Solutions. It installs, maintains and inspects water storage tanks across the UK. For further information, visit Nationwide Water Solutions or call 0345 505 2540.

The Importance of Maintaining A Sprinkler Tank Contents Gauge

A sprinkler tank contents gauge plays an important role in helping you to monitor water levels in your fire tank. Consider it an early warning system that can indicate the presence of a leak. It will prompt you to take action to minimise water loss and more serious damage.

At Nationwide Water Solutions, we often refurbish or replace a contents gauge during sprinkler tank repair work. But you shouldn’t wait for something to go wrong before you act to repair a faulty, old or damaged piece of monitoring equipment such as this. We are here to help you keep your sprinkler tank and ancillary equipment in tip-top condition before a problem develops.


Dangers of ignoring a sprinkler tank contents gauge

A contents gauge should be regularly checked. An indication that the water level in your tank has dropped suddenly could suggest:


  • Corrosion
  • A perforation in the tank lining
  • Problem with valves


Help yourself to keep a close watch on sprinkler tank water levels effortlessly. Ensure your contents gauge is easily accessible so you can take readings quickly and conveniently. If you are worried your gauge is not working, seek advice immediately. This relatively low-cost piece of equipment provides long-term peace of mind and should be replaced if it is beyond repair.


The contents gauge and your sprinkler tank

Here at Nationwide Water Solutions, we provide a wide range of services designed to ensure you have adequate water supplies to tackle a fire the moment one is detected. We install sprinkler tanks of all shapes and sizes to work with automatic sprinkler systems. We also provide a range of repair and refurbishment services, along with ROV tank inspections.

Concerned about the integrity or your sprinkler tank? Don’t leave it. Contact us to book an inspection. Visit our website or give us a call on 0345 505 2540.