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Benefits of Sprinkler Tanks Explained

Benefits of Sprinkler Tanks Explained

Automatic sprinkler systems are on immediate standby 24/7 to fight a fire. A sprinkler tank supplies instant water to the location of a blaze – starting to fight a fire the second it is detected. But the benefits of sprinkler tanks are numerous. There are lots more, as this article will explain.

If you are considering retrofitting a sprinkler system, or installing one in a new building, these facts will help.


Sprinkler tanks save water

It’s true. The quantity of water used to fight a fire is measurable less if your premises has a well-maintained sprinkler tank. It will use between 0.02% and 17% of the quantity that would be used if sprinklers were not installed.

Not only that, sprinklers reduce fire carbon emissions by up to 21.6 per cent. The estimated net carbon benefit of sprinklers over the three-decade lifespan of a building that is more than 5,000 – 10,000m2.


Other benefits of fire tanks

Along with other safety measures, sprinklers can allow a building to be used for purposes other than those they were originally built for. Sprinkler also double the size of a fire compartment. With arson on the increase, sprinklers provide protection around the clock – at night and on public holidays. This means a fire is detected and dealt with even if nobody is around. This reduced damage and takes care of loss prevention.

Insurance discounts for buildings with sprinkler systems can be as much as 30 to 40 per cent.


Reducing the burden on the public purse

As well as saving lives and protecting property, sprinkler reduce the burden on public services. Often fires in properties with sprinkler tanks are out by the time the emergency services arrive on the scene. Unaffected part of the building can be back in use in no time at all.

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