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What If Your Building Doesn’t Have A Sprinkler Tank?

What If Your Building Doesn’t Have A Sprinkler Tank?

Fire safety is moving forward in the UK. More building owners are investing in automatic sprinklers. Many of those newly-installed systems benefit from a sprinkler tank. If you live in a high-rise building, you are likely to have round-the-clock fire safety measures in place. If you don’t, you should ask why.

Are you among those to have a sprinkler system connected to a sprinkler tank? If you are, you’re fortunate. That is because water is stored 24/7 – just to flight a fire. It is separate from your drinking water.


What is your sprinkler tank doing for you?

Consider a sprinkler tank as you would a firefighter. The only difference is that a sprinkler tank is on-site all day, all night and 365 days of the year. It is ready to deliver water to sprinkler heads the second a sensor detects a fire. It is likely to be delivering water to the point of a blaze before you even realise there is a fire.

How do you benefit? Sprinkler tanks:

  • Help prevent fires from spreading
  • They give you more time to evacuate a building
  • Reduce damage
  • Save lives

If your building does not have a sprinkler tank, water is not being stored solely to fight a fire.


Building owners, invest in fire safety

Boost your fire safety equipment with a sprinkler tank. Connected to an automatic sprinkler system it will aid your loss prevention strategy. It will make your building safer to live or work in. A fire tank will also give people more time to evacuate your building if the unthinkable happens.

If the tragedy at Grenfell Tower is making you think again about fire safety equipment, talk to Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. It supplies, installs and maintains sprinkler tanks across the UK. Its service is helping to make residential, commercial and public buildings safer.

Want to know more? For further information, visit Nationwide Water Solutions Limited.