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Call For Sprinklers In Council Homes

Call For Sprinklers In Council Homes

Pressure is being put on UK housing providers to follow legislation in some US states and install sprinkler systems in houses. The latest call comes from a mother whose disabled daughter died in a fire in Cambridge. She is calling on all councils to install sprinklers in their homes.

Theresa Freeman died after a fire at her council bungalow in Cherry Hinton last December. Now her mum, Janice Tyrrell, wants fire safety laws to change. Speaking to ITV, she said: “I feel strongly – everyone, elderly, bedridden… if they can’t get out they should have a sprinkler. It should be law. It really should.”

Sprinklers may have saved trapped woman

Theresa died after fire engulfed her bedroom. Theresa’s disabilities meant she was trapped. Neighbours were unable to reach her.

She was taken to hospital after 999 workers gained access to the burning property. Unfortunately, Theresa suffered 65 per cent burns and later died. Her mum said the bungalow was fitted with smoke alarms. However, she believes there should have been sprinklers.

A spokesperson for Cambridge City Council told ITV it is looking into what they should do as a result of the tragedy.

They said: We are deeply sorry about what happened and have passed our condolences on and say we’re very sorry again for what has happened and we hope that us learning from that and trying to protect other tenants will bring some comfort.”

‘Change the law’ call

Janice wants the law changed to offer greater fire safety protection to those who are vulnerable or housebound.

She said: It should be law. Everybody, elderly, bedridden, if they can’t get out they should have sprinklers.”

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