Sprinkler Tank

Fire Safety Starts with Peace of Mind

Fire Safety Starts with Peace of Mind

If you are a social landlord or manage public sector buildings, you may be considering retro-fitting sprinkler systems. Following the tragic loss of 71 lives in the Grenfell Tower fire, the pressure is on many sectors to improve fire safety. What the public want is peace of mind.

Sprinkler systems and sprinkler tanks achieve this. They not only reassure people that fire-fighting equipment is on standby to start fighting a fire the moment it is detected, they really do save lives and reduce damage to property.


Why a sprinkler tank?


A sprinkler tank provides added peace of mind and extra protection. Knowing that an instant supply of water is ready and waiting to be used can make a huge difference to how people feel about fire safety measures. Many people are worried about fires and, with good reason, are concerned that social landlords and others are putting costs before lives.

During the recent Sprinkler Week, supported by Chief Fire Officers, the message was loud and clear – sprinkler systems save lives. The message also sought to bust some of the myths about sprinkler systems. For example, some people think sprinklers cause a lot of water damage. In fact, modern sprinklers only activate in the affected area – not throughout a building.


Sprinkler tank services


If you are one of those preparing a case for the installation of sprinkler systems, talk to Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. It supplies and installs sprinkler tanks, and also offers a comprehensive range of maintenance services. It provides free site visits and expert advice. With a team of fully trained engineers and a commitment to excellence, this is a company dedicated to offering peace of mind.

In the current climate, retro fitting sprinkler systems is likely to become the norm. Pressure is mounting, not just on social housing providers with high-rise apartments, but schools, hospitals, care homes and many other sectors.

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