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Fire Trends You Need To Know About

Fire Trends You Need To Know About

When it comes to protecting assets from fire, it is prudent to know what types of fire are causing the most damage – as well as the most common causes. While dwelling, particularly in multi occupancy properties, are always a worry, fire trends show that threats can come from external as well as internal sources. For example, recent research has highlighted the perceived global rise in wild fires and an increase in their severity.

A property located in large grounds that don’t benefit from careful landscaping or near an open expanse of vegetation, such as a common, park or derelict site, will need regular risk assessments. Emergency risk assessments may need to be carried out in extreme weather in the summer months or during an unseasonably warm spell. If sprinklers and a sprinkler tank are not already installed, making provisions in your budget should be considered a priority. It is worth noting that wild fires are impacting more acreage than ever before and inching closer to densely populated areas. There have been 96 major wildfires of 25 hectares or larger in the UK so far this year. In the whole of 2018, there were just 79. The increase has been charted by the European Forest Fire Information System.


The sprinkler tank and common fire risks

Fire risks are heightened in certain environments. Industrial and commercial settings, for example, carry specific risks. Assessments should take into account any chemicals stored or used on the premises and if an accelerants are present. Other dangers include paper, cardboard and fabrics. Materials used to construct a building should never be overlooked. The structure of a property should be inspected for flammable materials that may have been used before they were known to carry heightened fire risks. External cladding is a good example.

Buildings in close proximity to car parks or similar vulnerable sites may also be at heightened risk of fire. If you cannot move parking further away from your building, get advice about how an external fire may impact your property and its occupants.


How to mitigate fire trends

While many fires can be prevented with the right safety procedures in place, some are hard to predict. That is why a modern fire-fighting system capable of containing a fire is paramount. If you are considering the merits of a sprinkler system, book a free sprinkler tank survey with the UK’s leading fire tank expert – Nationwide Water Solutions.