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Grenfell Tower Fire – Update

Grenfell Tower Fire – Update

The fallout from the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy continues. It has been revealed that a second funeral has been held for one of the victims – after bone fragment was found. DNA testing has revealed it belonged to a 57-year-old victim. He died after jumping from the burning building. The bone fragment was found after police sent his clothes to be cleaned.

Discovered in a tumble dryer just a few weeks ago, the revelation came as a shock to the man’s family. His widow told Channel 4 News she found the second burial more distressing than the first.

Police apologise to Grenfell widow

The Metropolitan Police has apologised to the family for the “distress that this has caused”. A spokesman said Grenfell was “one of the most complex investigations” ever undertaken by the force.

Scotland Yard has said: “Mr Neda’s clothing was sent to an external company for professional cleaning of each item prior to their return to his family.

“Each person’s items are cleaned within an isolated environment so no cross-contamination can occur. It was during this process that a small fragment of bone was discovered.”

Safety reviews continue

Local authorities, social housing providers and businesses are continuing to review fire safety measures following failings at Grenfell Tower. While external plastic cladding is being removed from many high-rise buildings, additional fire suppressant measures are being considered.

Sprinkler systems are likely to be installed in many high-rise apartment blocks.

Sprinkler tank update

Nationwide Water Solutions Limited remains available to discuss sprinkler tank installation and maintenance. Its team of engineers is working with a wide range of organisations who are keen to implement fire safety improvements following the devastating impact of the fire at Grenfell Tower.

If you are considering the benefits of installing a sprinkler tank or want to ensure your existing tank is compliant and fit for purpose, contact Nationwide Water Solutions.