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GRP Sprinkler Tank Installer Talks About The Wider Issues Caused By Fires

GRP Sprinkler Tank Installer Talks About The Wider Issues Caused By Fires

GRP sprinkler tank equipment is making a real difference in the UK – and here’s why…

Make no mistake, the biggest losers in any fire are those on the scene and property owners. But what about other people? Every day of the week in the UK routines are disrupted by fire and lives destroyed. Roads are closed, facilities shut and damaging smoke fills the air. Businesses with equipment or other assets stored in someone else’s building are also impacted, along with emergency services workers called to deal with 999 calls.

In an era when public safety should be at the forefront of everything, it is easy to see why many people think fire safety should never be left to chance. Nationwide Water Solutions is changing the way property owners and businesses manage the threat of fire. It installs water storage solutions to ensure sprinkler systems have their own dedicated supply of water.


The GRP sprinkler tank boom

A spokesman said: “Most property owners really get the fact that more can be done to prevent the spread of fire. However, not all of them have the cash to make improvements and some think fire safety is something that can be put off to another day. For those who want to protect their assets and people, the GRP sprinkler tank is popular. Fabricated from glass reinforced plastic, it is strong and safe. It can store large volumes of water, meaning sprinklers can get to work the moment they are activated.

“We are seeing lots of new clients looking to invest in water storage systems because they appreciate it may take time for a water carrier, for example, to reach them in an emergency. Fires can spread quickly so a small blaze that may have, at first, seemed containable can rapidly get out of control. If a fire brigade has to call for additional resources, they could be located some distance away.”


Nationwide Water Solutions

Nationwide Water Solutions is a GRP sprinkler tank expert. It also installs a wide range of other tank types, each depending on their intended environment. Based in Yorkshire, it covers the whole country.