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How Perceptions of Fire Safety Have Changed in 1 Year

How Perceptions of Fire Safety Have Changed in 1 Year

It has often been said that there was a ‘before Grenfell’ and ‘after Grenfell’. Perceptions of fire safety suggest this is true. In just one year, something considered a low priority for many building owners has shot to the top of the list. The Grenfell Inquiry has this week heard testimonies that support this.

Robert Black was the chief executive of the management company in charge of Grenfell Tower. Giving evidence to the inquiry this week, he said he was at a loss to understand why the fire spread so quickly. He told a hearing: “I thought we had a brand new refurbished building that was on fire and people will be asking how that could happen.”

Mr Black was not aware of any shortcomings in the building’s safety before the fire.


Fire safety in 2018

One year on from Grenfell, every building owner in the UK is aware of their responsibility to ensure fire safety is sufficient. As tower blocks across the country benefit from the retro-fitting of sprinkler systems, many are looking at the issue of water storage. This often overlooked feature of building safety is especially important if there are concerns about low water pressure.

Nationwide Water Solutions, a sprinkler tank specialist, says it is upbeat about improved perceptions of fire safety. A spokesman said: “Building owners are now acutely aware that the buck stops with them. Scraping by with the minimum fire safety equipment puts lives at risk. More and more people have recognised this. Hence, we are seeing a surge in sprinkler system installations, along with the desire for sprinkler tanks.”


Sprinkler tanks and fire fighting

Having water ready to fight a fire is now recognised as important when it comes to buying people time. It can contain a blaze and increase the time during which a building can be safely evacuated. Importantly, a sprinkler tank can significantly reduce damage.

If you want to bring your building’s safety into the 21st Century, visit Nationwide Water Solutions and find out more about the benefits of  a sprinkler tank.