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How to Easily Extend the Life of Your Sprinkler Tank

How to Easily Extend the Life of Your Sprinkler Tank

Are you torn between replacing your sprinkler tank and having it lined? Lining is an option if it has been suggested in an independent inspection report. Worried it will only slightly delay the hassle of having to decommission your existing tank? Concerned about the costs?

Lining a water storage tank is cost-effective and, with modern materials, a long-lasting solution. Nationwide Water Solutions, Britain’s leading sprinkler tank lining specialist, says it can extend the life of a fire tank by more than a decade. What’s more, rust and debris is removed during the cleaning process before the lining is installed.


Sprinkler tank lining facts

EPDM sprinkler tank lining is sensible option because it is durable and highly resistant to chemicals. Installing an EPDM lining does require a sprinkler tank to be drained, but the process takes just just days to complete and your sprinkler system will have access to stored water again. This highly specialised work can only be undertaken by professionals but provides a robust solution to an otherwise expensive problem.

A spokesman for Nationwide Water Solutions said: “If you have been told your sprinkler tank is suitable for lining, you can count yourself lucky. You can look forward to years more use and dependable water storage. Lining a storage tank is much easier than having to dismantle and replace an existing one. It is a lot cheaper too.”

Because fire safety is paramount in a wide range of high-risk buildings, an EPDM sprinkler tank liner is effective and efficient.


Learn more about sprinkler tank lining

Nationwide Water Solutions has resources for property owners and managers on its website. It offers a complete overview of the tank lining process – so you know what to expect and how long the work will take. It puts the emphasis on safety and explains how its workers are trained to carry out tank lining projects with due diligence.

Want to extend the life of your sprinkler tank?

For further information, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.