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Hundreds of Buildings Still Unsafe 2 Years After Grenfell

Hundreds of Buildings Still Unsafe 2 Years After Grenfell

It was the tragedy that shocked the world. Dozens died in the Grenfell Tower fire but, two years on, experts say hundreds of similar buildings remain unsafe. As well as not yet benefiting from a sprinkler system, many have dangerous external cladding.

Seventy-two people perished at Grenfell, yet fire safety professionals say over 200 tower blocks in England alone still have similar cladding. Aluminium composite material remains on a total of 221 buildings.

Events have been held today to mark the anniversary of the fire and to remember those who died. The government has pledged to pay for the removal of potentially dangerous cladding from privately-owned buildings. The cost is in the hundreds of millions.


Review of cladding after Grenfell

A review into cladding used externally on high-rise blocks was ordered by the government following the tragedy. The BBC reports that 105 tower blocks with the cladding have had it removed. Nationwide Water Solutions, the sprinkler tank expert, says more still has to be done to ensure there is never another Grenfell in the UK.

A spokesman said: “Removing hazardous materials makes sense – but so too does installing sprinkler systems and a sprinkler tank. Fires can spread very quickly in high-rise buildings and systems must be in place to slow down the spread of the fire surface area from the start. We recommend property owners take the lead on this and make fire safety a priority. It doesn’t just protect people, it protects assets.”


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