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Interest in Sprinkler Tanks ‘Rising’ Says Expert

Interest in Sprinkler Tanks ‘Rising’ Says Expert

The UK’s leading expert on sprinkler tanks says interest in water storage equipment is rising. Nationwide Water Solutions has seen a spike in requests for free site surveys. It says, the rise coincides with ongoing inquiries into the Grenfell tragedy.

Nationwide Water Solutions installs and removes sprinkler tanks for a wide range of public, private, industrial and commercial clients. It also delivers a wide range of repair, maintenance and inspection services. It offers free sites visits and in-depth advice to those considering the benefits of investing in advanced fire safety equipment.


Sprinkler tanks in demand

A spokesman for Nationwide Water Solutions said: “Landlords and businesses, in particular, are recognising the importance of effective fire safety measures. More and more want to benefit from sprinkler tanks, which store water solely for the use of sprinkler systems. Having water set aside to fight a fire offers peace of mind and mitigates problems such as low water pressure.

“We are always happy to discuss the merits of sprinkler tanks, when used in conjunction with modern fire-fighting equipment. One of the best ways to learn more about your needs is to book a free site survey. We carry out this service for free across the UK.”


Nationwide Water Solutions

Based in Yorkshire, Nationwide Water Solutions supplies and installs sprinkler tanks capable of storing from 20,000 litres of water up to 2 million litres. It repairs tanks showing signs of corrosion or wear and also offers a guaranteed refurbishment service.

Existing sprinkler tanks can be inspected with Nationwide Water Solutions’ state-of-the-art equipment. It uses remote controlled vehicles to take camera equipment and ultrasound underwater. This gives a 360 degree view of a tank’s condition, without having to drain it or compromise a sprinkler system.

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