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Investigation Launched Into Hotel Fire

Investigation Launched Into Hotel Fire

An investigation is under way following a fire at a hotel in Cornwall. The building had to be evacuated in the dead of last night after a blaze broke out in the roof space of an annexe. Firefighters from stations across the county attended the scene.

The fire, in Launceston, was tackled with breathing apparatus. The fire and rescue service said nobody was injured and that the fire had been successfully extinguished. Firefighters are now using thermal imaging equipment to check for hot spots and to help remove damaged materials.


The dangers of a hotel fire

Nationwide Water Solutions, which installs water storage tanks for automatic sprinkler systems in hotels, said the incident highlights the need for all businesses providing accommodation to consider fire risks from every angle. A spokesman said: “Risks posed by an annexe or an adjoining property can easily be overlooked. While there is no suggestion that this is what happened in this case, quite often an initial fire can go on to severely damage a neighbouring property. Luckily, in Cornwall, the fire was brought under control. Never overlook the risks of a property you do don’t own.

“We advise hotel owners to always install automatic sprinklers. While this fire was quickly contained, a blaze that takes hold is extremely dangerous in a hotel setting. Adding a sprinkler tank to a sprinkler system will ensure enough water is immediately available to fight a fire. Quite often a fire service will need to call in a water carrier. In rural areas, the carrier can be tens of miles away. It is always best to have your own water supply so work to contain a blaze is not delayed.”


Sprinkler tanks for hotel fire systems

Nationwide Water Solutions doesn’t just install sprinkler tanks in hotels – it maintains them too. It offers a wide range of services designed to extend the life of a fire tank. It also carries out independent inspections using underwater equipment.

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