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Maintaining A Sprinkler Tank For Tower Block Safety

Maintaining A Sprinkler Tank For Tower Block Safety

As phase two of the Grenfell Inquiry is delayed until next year, the focus is turning to tower blocks with existing sprinkler systems. In particular, maintaining a sprinkler tank in tip-top condition. The issue is a pressing one for housing providers. Ignoring potential problems can lead to fire safety failures that could be catastrophic.

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s market leader in sprinkler tank maintenance and repairs. It says: “The onus on landlords to ensure their buildings are safe have never been more pronounced. Great care must be taken to ensure buildings not only have modern fire-fighting equipment but that it is fit for purpose. A failure to look after tenants’ safety could end in tragedy.”


Maintaining a sprinkler tank improves fire safety

While a sprinkler tank may look perfectly all right when viewed externally, it is often internally that the problems start. Nationwide Water Solutions recommend ROV tank inspections because they can detect early signs of corrosion and other potentially serious issues without the need to empty the tank of water. This means a sprinkler system is fully operational throughout the inspection period, saving time and preserving water. Regular checks can offer peace of mind or alert a building owner to a potential problem. A detailed report should set out the problem and include photographic evidence and offer solutions.

Maintaining a sprinkler tank is cost-effective. Even if a tank is deemed in need of a new lining, remedial work is much less expensive that decommissioning and installing a new one. Over the past year, businesses have recognised the cost benefits. Industry, in particular, has paid careful attention to the condition of sprinkler tanks. Now it is the turn of housing providers.


Ensure your sprinkler tank is correctly maintained

You can book an ROV sprinkler tank inspection using the telephone number at the end of this article. Nationwide Water Solutions inspects tanks across the UK. It also provides nationwide fire tank maintenance services and repairs. If you are worried that you are not maintaining a sprinkler tank to the correct standard, call 0345 505 2540.