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How To Minimise Fire Damage With A Water Storage Tank

How To Minimise Fire Damage With A Water Storage Tank

A fire can start anywhere at any time – often when you are least expecting it. That is why it pays to have a water storage tank connected to automatic sprinklers. Minimising damage is essential to save lives and property – not to mention ensure the continued operation of a business or public service.

A water storage tank is essential in buildings that are spread over multiple floors, contain a large amount of goods or pose a high risk. Warehouses, factories, care homes, hospitals, schools and tower blocks are among those recommended to invest in a robust fire fighting system. Having water readily available means a fire can be tackled quickly. Swift action can stop a fire from spreading and even extinguish it.


Water storage tank tips

Nationwide Water Solutions is the market-leading supplier of water storage tank services in the UK. A spokesman said: “Having enough water to douse a fire from the very beginning can bring a blaze under control quickly. At the very least, it will contain it. This gives people the time they need to safely evacuate a building.

“This week, we have seen fires in the UK start from mundane things like discarded cigarettes. Even something dropped outside a building can pose a hazard, meaning it makes sense for property owners to consider the benefits of storing water for the specific use of fighting a fire.”


Where to buy a water storage tank

For a comprehensive range of custom water storage tank options, visit Nationwide Water Solutions. It installs sprinkler tanks across the UK and carries out repairs and refurbishment work on existing tanks. Its independent underwater tank inspections are helping property owners to stem the flow of water lost through corrosion and leaks.

For completely free technical advice or to discuss your needs, contact Nationwide Water Solutions on 0345 505 2540.