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New Row Over School Sprinkler Systems

New Row Over School Sprinkler Systems

School sprinkler systems are the subject of a new row. Just 105 of 673 new school buildings have been fitted with sprinkler systems, the schools minister Nick Gibb has admitted. The revelation has angered the Fire Brigades Union. It accuses the government of “utter complacency” over fire safety in schools.
Just 15 per cent of buildings opened by February this year have the life-saving equipment. The Fire Brigades Union has responded. It says new school builds and high-risk buildings should have sprinklers. A spokesperson said: “Sprinklers can assist in the control of a fire in its early stages.” The Union added the equipment limits damage, giving occupants extra time to escape. Sprinklers also reduce the risks faced by firefighters attending the incident.”

Need for school sprinkler systems

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s sprinkler tank expert. It says the decision to ignore the pressing need for school sprinkler systems doesn’t make sense. A spokesman said: “As well as protecting valuable state assets, sprinkler systems with their own water supplies in schools slow down the spread of a fire. They don’t just limit damage and save the public purse by containing a blaze – they give a building’s occupants more time to evacuate.”
Nationwide Water Solutions installs sprinkler tanks in public, commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. It has noted a rise in work from industrial partners. They recognise the potential high losses and long-term impact of a major fire. “Sprinklers are mandatory in new school buildings in Scotland and Wales. Why they are not in England is a complete mystery to us. Why invest millions and then not protect that investment? The combined figures of a new build with the potential costs of a fire are mind-boggling.”

Sprinkler tank services for school sprinkler systems

In the UK the leading sprinkler tank expert is Nationwide Water Solutions. It installs, maintains and inspects water storage facilities for automatic school sprinkler systems. The company’s clients include major commercial and industrial brands, as well as some areas of the public sector. It is working hard to raise awareness about the long-term benefits of fire tanks. Contact the company for further information about sprinkler tank installation. If you already have a sprinkler tank, book an independent inspection.