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Raw Emotion as Cost of Failings Dominate Inquiry

Raw Emotion as Cost of Failings Dominate Inquiry

The human cost of safety failings at Grenfell Tower has dominated the first week of an inquiry into the cause of the tragedy. Victims’ families have continued to give their testimonies and pay tribute to those who were lost in the blaze. Almost a year on from the devastating fire, emotions are still very raw.

Today (Friday), the inquiry heard stories that were so harrowing a woman attending a hearing collapsed. News veteran Jon Snow is reported to have caught her as she fell. Other people in the room were asked to leave so that the woman could receive medical attention and the space to recover.


Inquiry hears ‘we are left with nothing’


While news reports have long made claims about those believed to be responsible for the huge loss of life, the bereaved have put those allegations into perspective. Today, one of those speaking at the hearing is reported to have said: “We as a family are left with nothing, absolutely nothing. Grenfell Tower was on fire for more than 24 hours. We were literally watching our loved ones turn from alive, waving and begging from the window, to ashes.”

The person making that testimony, Assema, went on to make it clear she did not blame firefighters. However, she pointed out other public bodies had watched from a distance as people succumbed to choking smoke. She said: “The whole world had watched on TV a lady waving a white cloth from the 22nd floor. My brother and his family were found in the same flat.”

The inquiry continues.


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