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Ready Supply of Water Crucial to Fire Safety

Ready Supply of Water Crucial to Fire Safety

Everyone knows water can stop a fire from spreading and be used to put it out. But what if there is no water supply to tackle a fire? You may think this is an unlikely event, but it is more common than you think. Fire engines can run out of water, particularly if there is no hydrant in the vicinity of a blaze. That is why a ready supply of water is crucial to fire safety.

Are you responsible for fire safety in warehousing, a large retail area, tower block, care home, school or hospital? Have you considered the availability of water – in large quantities – in the event of a fire?

Sprinkler tanks save lives

While much has been written about the effectiveness of sprinklers, particularly in suppressing fires, following the Grenfell Tower tragedy little has been said about sprinkler tanks. These often-unseen water reservoirs ensure sprinklers are primed and ready to work whenever they are needed. They save lives and they significantly reduce loss.

If you are planning a loss prevention strategy, include a sprinkler system with a sprinkler tank. Instant water is vital to control a blaze and stop it from spreading.

Supply of water: true stories

In the US earlier this year, a 63-year-old man died after firefighters tackling a blaze ran out of water. The crew had no water for more than a minute while they waited for a second crew to arrive at the scene of a blaze.  It had taken the first crew less than six minutes to use all the water it had.

There were multiple casualties in Japan in 1995 when firefighters, who turned up to tackle a major blaze, found hydrants wouldn’t work.

Invest in a sprinkler tank

If you are planning to install a sprinkler system, invest in a sprinkler tank for complete peace of mind. Nationwide Water Solutions Limited is the UK’s leading independent supplier and installer of sprinkler tanks. Find out more here.