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Sprinkler Tank Advice for Owners of Unoccupied Properties

Sprinkler Tank Advice for Owners of Unoccupied Properties

Do you own an unoccupied property? You may be wondering why you need sprinkler tank advice, if you are. The fact is, vacant buildings are prone to arson attacks. What’s more, with nobody on site, a fire can take longer to discover.

Protecting your asset makes sense, particularly if a building is the subject of development plans or is likely to be put back into use. Arson attacks present an ever-present threat. Don’t forget, a fire started deliberately more than a week ago is still burning on Saddleworth Moor. But buildings, as well as open land, have been the subject of arson attacks in the past week.


A sprinkler tank makes sense for empty properties

A disused building in the Somerset town of Glastonbury was targeted by an arsonist earlier this week. As is quite common in these types of incidents, the fire was started in a doorway. It was reported to the emergency services at 6.55am on Wednesday.

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading independent sprinkler tank specialist. A spokesman said: “Empty buildings are known target for arsonists. If you own a building you want to preserve, it pays to invest in automatic sprinklers connected to a sprinkler tank. That is because it is like having your own private firefighting crew on call every day, around the clock.”


Other reasons to consider a sprinkler tank

If your property is located next to or near an empty building, double-check your fire safety processes. Ensure they are robust enough to cope with a fire that has spread from another building.

Nationwide Water Solutions says: “Your fire assessments should consider external risks. When you weight up the likelihood of arson on an empty nearby property, consider the potential impact on your building.”

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