Sprinkler Tank

Sprinkler Tank Installation for Business Parks

Sprinkler Tank Installation for Business Parks

Sprinkler tank installation makes sense if your company is located on a business park. This is because fire poses a real danger in industrial settings, particularly when high-risk buildings are located close together. In the past few days firefighters have tackled a number of fires on business parks. The latest occurred in Ulverston, Cumbria.

In this case, the fire took three hours to put out and started in a welding area. Luckily, it occurred during business hours and the emergency services were alerted quickly. Often, however, fires on business parks break out when nobody is around – at night or over a weekend. This makes fire safety equipment especially important. Ask yourself, how would your business recover from a serious blaze?


UK sprinkler tank installation

If you are looking for a UK sprinkler tank installation expert, contact Nationwide Water Solutions. It installs custom sprinkler tanks for a wide range of premises across the country. Working with a variety of fire tank types, as wall as many shapes and sizes, it is the expert when it comes to both above and below ground water storage solutions.

You can start the process of protecting your business park premises by booking a completely free site visit. This will enable you to find out more about the best place for a water storage tank on your site. If you haven’t already got sprinklers, invest in them now. You may even benefit from reduced insurance premiums as well as the obvious improved fire protection.


What type of sprinkler tank will I need?

Nationwide Water Solutions will talk you through the options following a site visit. It works with relatively small water storage tanks right up to ones capable of holding as much as two million litres of liquid. Automatic sprinklers work around the clock, so a fire can be tackled from the moment it is detected.

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