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Sprinkler Tank Installation | Vulnerable Buildings

Sprinkler Tank Installation | Vulnerable Buildings

Sprinkler tank installation makes sense in high-risk, vulnerable buildings. This blog post is being written as firefighters damp down following a fire at a UK mental health facility. Any building that presents a heightened risk of arson should benefit from an automatic sprinkler system and a sprinkler tank.

For exceptional sprinkler tank installation services, check out what is on offer from Nationwide Water Solutions. It works with care facilities, hostels, prisons and schools to deliver bespoke fire safety equipment designed to save lives and protect properties. A spokesman said: “Because a man has been detained by police, we cannot comment on the most recent fire. However, vulnerable buildings, particularly those housing challenging individuals, need the very best fire safety equipment.”


Combating arson with sprinkler tank installation

Some buildings are at a greater risk of fire. They include schools during holidays, care facilities housing those who are more likely to commit arson, older properties and those in densely populated areas. They are aso recommended for properties spread over multiple levels and in situations where low water pressure is an issue. A sprinkler tank ensures automatic sprinklers have enough water to effectively tackle a fire immediately. This prevents a blaze from spreading, limits damage and, importantly, gives occupants enough time to safely evacuate the building.

Sprinkler tank installation is made easy with Nationwide Water Solutions. It provides anybody thinking about investing in a sprinkler tank with a free site survey. For those who already have a sprinkler tank, it delivers independent inspections using ROV under water survey technology. A spokesman said: “Our site surveys offer a detailed look at your site and what type of sprinkler tank is required and for what location.”


Find out more about sprinkler tanks

For more information about the benefits of installing a sprinkler tank, talk to the specialists. Nationwide Water Solutions offers first-class sprinkler tank installation across the country. Find out more by visiting the company’s website.