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Sprinkler Tank Site Survey – Free With Nationwide Water Solutions

Sprinkler Tank Site Survey – Free With Nationwide Water Solutions

Sprinkler tank site survey information for property owners. Whatever business you are in, fire safety should always be a priority – and Nationwide Water Solutions makes it easy. The UK’s leading sprinkler tank expert, it supplies, installs and maintains water storage facilities for automatic sprinkler systems. Imperative in buildings on multiple levels / floors or considered high risk, the sprinkler tank avoids water pressure problems or delays in fighting a fire.

Because not every sprinkler system has a sprinkler tank, it makes sense to find out if your fire equipment would benefit from one. That is easy with Nationwide Water Solutions. It provides free site surveys – anywhere in the UK.


The best sprinkler tank site survey advice

As well as advising on the best place to site a fire tank, a sprinkler tank site survey will help you understand what is involved and the cost. There can be insurance and other benefits of beefing up your fire safety equipment, so it is worth finding out if your premises needs on-site water storage.

A spokesperson for Nationwide Water Solutions said: “Our free site survey can be real eye-opener. Many of our clients were unaware that we can build tanks to suit a particular space or site. Not only that we can help look after a tank. We carry out inspections across the country, using under water ROV equipment so a tank will never have to be drained for the process.

“For those who already have a sprinkler tank, we offer a wide range of refurbishment and repair services – all aimed at extending the life of a tank and keeping costs and risks down.”


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Booking a sprinkler tank site survey is easy. Simply get in touch with Nationwide Water Solutions. No job too big or too small.