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Sprinkler Tank Work By Accredited Professionals

Sprinkler Tank Work By Accredited Professionals

The safety of your people and assets should always be paramount. Property owners and businesses invest in automatic sprinkler systems because it gives them peace of mind. Ensuring sprinkler tank work is only ever undertaken by accredited professionals is vital.

Engaging unqualified workers to repair or maintain an important component of fire safety equipment is not just dangerous, it is foolish. A sprinkler tank failure, for example, could cause serious water leakage or cause sprinklers to fail in an emergency. It is also important to bear in mind that anyone working on a sprinkler tank should be trained to work at height and have the appropriate first aid knowledge.

Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s foremost expert for all sprinkler tank work, explains what accreditations you should look out for.


Safety Schemes In Procurement

If you see the SSIP logo, you can be assured that your sprinkler tank work is being undertaken by a contractor competent in health and safety management. This important accreditation is recognised across multiple sectors, including construction.



This third party accreditation body is a trusted advisor on health and safety compliance. It is considered an authority and sets industry standards that accredited members must follow.


The British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association

The BAFSA is the driving force behind the manufacture, installation and maintenance of automatic fire sprinkler and water-based fire suppression systems in the UK.


Sprinkler Tank Work You Can Trust

Nationwide Water Solutions is accredited by all three of these important organisations and more. It installs new sprinkler tanks as well as delivering inspection, maintenance and repair services. It works with businesses and public authorities across the UK, setting new standards in fire safety.

If you are in the process of investing in a sprinkler system and want to benefit from on-site water storage, arrange a free site visit. For all your sprinkler tank work, contact Nationwide Water Solutions.