Sprinkler Tank

Sprinkler Tanks and Repairs

Sprinkler Tanks and Repairs

Sprinkler tanks and sprinkler systems are hot news. Not just because they save lives – but because more people need them. In the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, social housing providers and local authorities almost immediately started to draw up plans to retrofit sprinklers in tower blocks.

Some high-rise buildings have already benefited from improved fire safety equipment. The pressure now is on care home owners, schools and others to follow suit. But what if you already have a sprinkler system? Do you have to do anything?


Sprinkler tanks must be maintained

If you own a building that is fitted with a sprinkler system, it must be maintained. The sprinkler tank, also known as a fire tank, is the most important element of any automatic sprinkler system. It is what ensures water is on standby to be delivered to the point of fire. Supressing flames immediately, this often means there is little or no work for the emergency services to do. Buildings affected by fire can be back in use within hours.

At Nationwide Water Solutions Limited, we work with building owners across the UK. We help them ensure that their fire safety systems are working and properly maintained. Many of our clients first come to us to ask: “Can a sprinkler tank be repaired?” There isn’t always a straightforward answer, because that all depends on the condition of the tank.


What makes a sprinkler tank suitable for repair?

A sprinkler tank should be inspected at least annually by an independent, qualified expert. Inspections should be carried out using underwater camera equipment. This is to ensure the tank is still on standby to work in an emergency. If corrosion, leaks or other damage is recorded, a written inspection report, which will contain photographic evidence, will suggest the best course of action.

Unless a sprinkler tank is very badly damaged, Nationwide Water Solutions has a range of repair options. Each comes with a guarantee, meaning you can be sure your sprinkler tank will provide excellent fire safety for years to come.

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