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The Importance of Sprinkler Tank Inspections

The Importance of Sprinkler Tank Inspections

There are some corners that should never be cut. Fire safety and sprinkler tank inspections are among them. That is why sprinkler systems in commercial and public buildings should be maintained to the highest standards. When was your sprinkler tank last inspected?

Sprinkler tank inspections should be carried out at least annually. Experts warn this is a job for professionals. They point out underwater surveys, using cutting edge ROV technology, are recommended to avoid any downtime.


Why sprinkler tank inspections matter


Even the most safety conscious can overlook sprinkler tank maintenance. Inspections should play a key role in a planned maintenance schedule. Building owners should consider the risks, and take into account the main causes of fires in commercial, industrial and municipal premises.

Equipment failures, human error and arson are the main causes of non-dwelling fires. Many of these occur out of hours, meaning they are unlikely to be detected until the fire is out of control. That is why robust fire fighting equipment is vital to safeguard buildings, their contents and people.


Call in the sprinkler tank experts


If you can’t be sure of the integrity of your sprinkler tank, talk to Nationwide Water Solutions. One of the UK’s leading independent sprinkler tank specialists, this is a company that prides itself in offering a range of sprinkler tank services. Whether you want to be reassured with a sprinkler tank inspection, have a sprinkler tank relined, repaired or replaced, Nationwide Water Solutions Limited has a service that is just right for you.

Serving the whole of the UK, this is a company with an expert team of professionals – ready to respond to any situation or query at any time. With a 24-hour emergency hotline and specialist services that meet all regulations, Nationwide Water Solutions offers professional services and peace of mind.

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