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How Perceptions of Fire Safety Have Changed in 1 Year

It has often been said that there was a ‘before Grenfell’ and ‘after Grenfell’. Perceptions of fire safety suggest this is true. In just one year, something considered a low priority for many building owners has shot to the top of the list. The Grenfell Inquiry has this week heard testimonies that support this.

Robert Black was the chief executive of the management company in charge of Grenfell Tower. Giving evidence to the inquiry this week, he said he was at a loss to understand why the fire spread so quickly. He told a hearing: “I thought we had a brand new refurbished building that was on fire and people will be asking how that could happen.”

Mr Black was not aware of any shortcomings in the building’s safety before the fire.


Fire safety in 2018

One year on from Grenfell, every building owner in the UK is aware of their responsibility to ensure fire safety is sufficient. As tower blocks across the country benefit from the retro-fitting of sprinkler systems, many are looking at the issue of water storage. This often overlooked feature of building safety is especially important if there are concerns about low water pressure.

Nationwide Water Solutions, a sprinkler tank specialist, says it is upbeat about improved perceptions of fire safety. A spokesman said: “Building owners are now acutely aware that the buck stops with them. Scraping by with the minimum fire safety equipment puts lives at risk. More and more people have recognised this. Hence, we are seeing a surge in sprinkler system installations, along with the desire for sprinkler tanks.”


Sprinkler tanks and fire fighting

Having water ready to fight a fire is now recognised as important when it comes to buying people time. It can contain a blaze and increase the time during which a building can be safely evacuated. Importantly, a sprinkler tank can significantly reduce damage.

If you want to bring your building’s safety into the 21st Century, visit Nationwide Water Solutions and find out more about the benefits of  a sprinkler tank.

Why You Need To Improve Fire Safety This Winter

The fire service is one of the most underrated public services in the UK. It is less likely to speak out when it is hit by spending cuts, yet this winter it will be deployed in the NHS. That’s right, fire crews will be drafted in to take patients home from hospital.

Worcestershire Acute Hospital Trust has come to an arrangement which it hopes will prevent overcrowding and bed-blocking. But what does that mean for fire cover? According to reports, firefighters will transport vulnerable patients home. Not only that, they will “settle them in and check their surroundings are safe”.


Queuing ambulances lead to winter plan

The arrangement to use fire crews to take hospital patients home follows scenes of queuing ambulances outside hospitals last year. The fire service in Worcestershire has agreed to provide the transport service for six months – for free. During that time, it will seek to establish how much help the trust needs.

The service will be offered to patients at Alexandra Hospital in Redditch from the beginning of December. The Health Service Journal reports a spokesperson saying: “The service will be aimed at the most vulnerable to ensure they are safe in their own homes. Patients who can walk and possibly some wheelchair users will all benefit from transport home by uniformed fire service staff who are fully trained in identifying risks…”


What this means for your winter fire safety

Nationwide Water Solutions Limited is the UK’s market-leading, independent sprinkler tank expert. A spokesman said: “All eyes will be on Worcestershire this winter to see how this scheme works. What we don’t want to see is a national roll-out. Fire services are stretched and, in the event of a major fire, adequate resources are required in the quickest possible time.

“We advise owners of large commercial, retail and residential businesses to ensure their fire safety equipment can suppress a blaze and stop it from spreading. An automatic sprinkler system with a sprinkler tank is essential at a time when public services are under the cosh.

“In recent weeks, we have seen problems caused by low water pressure. These issues have highlighted the real benefits of having your own stored water supply to fight a fire. Our sprinkler tanks are designed to meet the needs of the buildings they serve and are a robust safety and loss prevention measure.”

Book a free site survey with Nationwide Water Solutions. For further information visit this website.

Weirdest Ways Serious Fires Can Start

Fires can start in the weirdest ways. As the UK’s top independent sprinkler tank specialist, we closely follow the causes of fires to identify trends. However, some are not exactly predictable. We have compiled a list of the weirdest ways serious fires can start.

We hope these examples highlight how seemingly innocent actions can lead to devastating consequences.


Fear of spiders

A man seriously damaged his parents’ home after using a blow torch to kill a spider. Needless-to-say, it wasn’t just the spider he set fire to. He was house-sitting at the time and thought he saw a black widow spider on an outside wall. His extermination method raised eyebrows with the 29 firefighters who were needed to extinguish the blaze. Firefighters were seen sawing off part of the property’s roof. Now that is one of the top weirdest ways a fire can start!


High-flying cigarette butts

You’d be amazed how many lit cigarettes are discarded in the street. You may be even more amazed to discover that birds have been known to pick them up and deposit them on rooftops. In one case, a pigeon dropped a lit cigarette down a chimney, causing a serious fire.


Loose batteries

Batteries are one of the biggest causes of house fires in the UK. Loose batteries are known to be a cause.



Yep, even wanting to look good can cause a fire. In May this year, a simple make-up mirror reflected light that caused a £1.5 million home to burn down. Firefighters warn property owners to keep mirrors away from windows and direct sunlight.


A cup of coffee

Your breakfast could be ruined if you take your coffee with a non-dairy substitute for milk. Powdered creamers are flammable – enjoy you coffee away from naked flames. That includes the toaster!


Being overly house proud

If you like to keep your loo spotlessly clean, be careful to avoid causing an explosion. A combination of bleach and acid cleaners can blast your best efforts sky-high.


Play it safe

Have the weirdest ways serious fires can start piqued your interest? Protect your public, residential, commercial or industrial building with a sprinkler tank. Integrated with an automatic sprinkler system it will be on standby for any eventuality.

Find out more about the benefits of a sprinkler tank by visiting Nationwide Water Solutions.






Importance of GRP Fire Suppression Tanks for Businesses

Austerity, uncertainties over Brexit and low confidence have all hit UK businesses. A fire could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. In fact, more than 80 per cent of businesses affected by a fire go on to fail. That is why we are highlighting the importance of GRP fire suppression tanks for businesses.

Financial strains on businesses of all sizes means their eye has been taken off loss prevention. But strategies to protect physical assets should be increased, not decreased, during difficult trading periods. This is because the risks associated with the loss of property and goods – not to mention the potential loss of life – will have a greater impact on an already struggling business.


GRP fire suppression tanks explained

GRP fire suppression tanks, or sprinkler tanks, ensure water is always available to fight a fire. They prevent the spread of fire by containing it. Many people who benefit from a fire suppression tank liken it to having their own firefighter on duty 24/7.

Automatic sprinkler systems are considered the gold standard in fire safety equipment. If you own a warehouse, factory, apartment block or shopping centre, you need sprinklers. They will protect your financial investment as well as giving you – and others – peace of mind. We recommend a fire suppression tank if you own a building that is not staffed around the clock. A fire left undetected will spread and cause devastating damage.


Nationwide Water Solutions

A GRP fire suppression tank gets to work immediately. The moment a fire is detected, and sprinklers are activated, it pumps water to the point of a fire. Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading independent fire suppression tank expert. It supplies and installers sprinkler tanks – and offers a wide range of complementary services.

Operating across the country, it is driving up standards and reducing risks to businesses. If you are worried that austerity has forced you to overlook fire safety essentials, talk to Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. If your business premises already has a sprinkler tanks, it can inspect it and ensure you are aware of its condition.

Discover more about GPR fire suppression tanks by visiting the website.

Automatic Sprinklers Praised After Tealights Set Curtains on Fire

Firefighters in Wiltshire have praised automatic sprinklers following a flat fire in Salisbury. The sprinklers extinguished the blaze almost immediately. Not only was the damage contained, water damage was minimal.

The fire was reported in a property at Avon Reach on Wednesday morning. Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service is currently promoting the installation of automatic fire sprinklers in residential properties.

Group Manager Tim Gray, the head of fire safety, told the Salisbury Journal : “Because of the quick activation of sprinklers, not only did the occupier escape unharmed, the damage to the flat was minimal. Automatic sprinkler systems are one of the best ways to suppress a fire at the earliest opportunity.

“On this occasion, only one fire crew from Salisbury was required to attend, and no further firefighting was needed as the single sprinkler head had extinguished the fire, which was caused by lit tealights being left on a windowsill before igniting the curtains.”


Promoting automatic sprinklers in homes

The Fire and Rescue Service says it supports developers and works with local authority building control departments to promote the use of sprinklers where possible.

There is currently no legislative requirement for sprinkler systems in residential premises, so the service works with other organisations, including the National Fire Sprinkler Network, to promote sprinklers for both new builds and retro-fitting.


Integrated fire safety

Srinkler systems can be attached to sprinkler tanks. They hold water to fight fires and for no other purpose. Having a dedicated water source to tackle a blaze can ensure a fire is contained quickly. A sprinkler tank is especially beneficial in larger buildings, including public places such as hospitals, libaries and office buildings.

You can find out more about the benefits of sprinkler tanks from Nationwide Water Solutions. It is the UK’s leading independent supplier and installer of sprinkler tanks. The company also maintains existing tanks and conducts independent annual checks on sprinkler tanks. For further information, visit the the website.

eCommerce Stock: Know the Fire Risks

The boom in online shopping means more goods than ever before are being stored in warehouses. While eCommerce has helped to drive prices down by introducing more competition to marketplaces, it comes with risks. One of them is fire. That is why more warehouse facilities are being protected with sprinkler tanks.

Warehousing can contain huge quantities of plastic. This means fires need to be detected and supressed as quickly as possible. Automatic sprinkler systems with a dedicated water supply are the best option to prevent and reduces losses. That is why more and more warehouse owners are discovering the benefits of sprinkler tanks.

Here are five things you may not know about sprinkler tanks:


  1. Sprinkler tanks are on standby to deliver water to a fire 24/7. That means premises fitted with automatic sprinklers attached to a sprinkler tank are primed to work day and night.
  2. A ready supply of water means fires are tackled the moment they are detected.
  3. Sprinkler tanks provide added peace of mind to eCommerce stock owners and insurers, as well as warehouse owners.
  4. Group A plastics will require more water if a fire occurs.
  5. Sprinkler tanks can be built into the design of a new-build or retrofitted.


Literally millions of pounds worth of damage can be caused in just one warehouse fire. That is why it pays to consider fire safety before an incident, rather than as an afterthought.


eCommerce warehousing solutions


If you want to protect your UK warehouse facilities from fire, talk to Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. This British company is the nation’s leading independent supplier of sprinkler tanks and associated services. As well as supplying and installing sprinkler tanks, Nationwide Water Solutions provides a wide range of maintenance and repair services. It also carries out sprinkler tank inspections. Find out more by visiting the website here.