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How The Grenfell Inquiry Will Impact Fire Regulations

Now that the report into the first phase of the Grenfell Inquiry has been published, the Government has had time to ponder its recommendations. This will impact a raft of existing fire and building control regulations. Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has already been quoted as saying that the recommendations will be implemented in full and quickly. As a fire sprinkler tank specialist committed to keeping our partners informed, we have taken a look at what those recommendations are so we can make you aware of them.

The report, compiled by Sir Martin Moore-Bick, looks at how the fire was able to spread so quickly and claim so many lives. Running to more than 860 pages, it pays particular attention to the cladding material used on the exterior of the tower block and the role it played in accelerating the blaze. It also looks at the fire safety system in place at Grenfell and draws conclusions that will lead to change. As a company dedicated to helping building owners contain fires with effective automatic systems equipped with their own water supply, we are disappointed not to have read that sprinklers should be mandatory in similar types of properties. However, this is something, Sir Martin has said he will consider in the phase two report.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told Parliament that central government will take on responsibility for fire safety in the areas recommended in Sir Martin’s report. Some of the recommendations are likely to pass into law before the much-anticipated Building Safety Bill comes into being. This will involve more work for high-rise building owners and landlords.


The role of exterior cladding in the Grenfell fire

Sir Martin’s Grenfell Inquiry report concludes that changes to the walls of the tower during a refurbishment project left it in breach of Regulation B(4). This requires external walls of a building to adequately resist the spread of flame. The report further concludes that the aluminium composite material (ACM) cladding panels, which included polyethylene, was the “primary cause” of the spread of the fire, allowing it to travel from floor to floor up the tower. It also points out that the plastic insulation also contributed to the spread of the blaze.

ACM also formed an architectural element at the top of Grenfell and the report states it was the cause of rapid horizontal fire spread. Flaws were found in the design of the kitchen window in Flat 16, and the report concludes this flaw allowed a run of the mill kitchen fire to escape and catch the cladding alight. Sir Martin also found that Grenfell’s fire doors had missing self closers which caused a complete failure in the compartmentation of the fire.

Sir Martin has stated: “I am satisfied that, although many different factors played a part, the principal reason why the flames spread so rapidly up the building was the presence of the ACM panels with polyethylene cores…”

Recommendations expected to be implemented

At Nationwide Water Solutions, we expect the following Grenfell Inquiry recommendations, made by Sir Martin, to be implemented in the near future:


  • A requirement for high-rise building owners / landlords to have evacuation plans drawn up, including plans for vulnerable residents. These plans are to be reviewed regularly
  • National guidelines will be devised to ensure tower blocks can be evacuated quickly
  • Inspections to be urgently carried out on all existing fire doors in flats, which checks ongoing every three months or less
  • New requirements for building management, including better interior signage, regular inspections of both fire lifts and fire doors
  • Lifts must be fitted with mechanisms that will allow firefighters to take control of them during an emergency
  • Fire services will be required to have evacuation policies in place for high-rise buildings and also have smoke hoods available for firefighters. The hoods will help them carry out evacuations while navigating smoke-filled areas, such as corridors.
  • Building owners will be required to provide details of external walls and the materials used to the fire service, and make them aware of any changes
  • To ensure that fire services personnel at all levels understand the risk of cladding fires


We urge building owners to take note of the recommendations above, because they will impact how buildings are both managed and maintained. You can download a full copy of the report here.


Fire sprinkler tank expert’s view on Grenfell Inquiry recommendations

Many of the recommendations made in Sir Martin’s report are common sense approaches. We were interested to note his comments on the issue of mandatory automatic fire sprinkler systems in tower blocks. Sir Martin stated that sprinkler systems have “a very effective part to play” in general fire safety. However, he added he had yet to hear evidence about their use. Therefore, he was not currently in a position to make a recommendation – until sprinklers are looked at in greater detail in phase two of the inquiry.

We think automatic sprinklers should be used in all high-rise and industrial buildings. Our view is based on our knowledge of how modern fire-fighting equipment works and how containing fires early on is the best way to prevent another disaster on the scale of Grenfell. The comments made by Sir Martin on materials used and failings with fire doors will be acted on and changes made. If you are a building owner, it will fall on you to carry out the recommendations to the letter.

The Grenfell Inquiry is only happening because more than 70 innocent people lost their lives as a result or an ordinary kitchen fire. In most circumstances, a fire of this nature would not have spread to the extent it did. Understanding your building, the materials used in its construction and the plans needed to ensure it is safe has never been more important.

If you want to protect your building with an automatic fire safety system, consider installing a fire sprinkler tank to ensure water is always there when you need it. For further information about what we do to protect buildings, material assets and people from fires, visit our website.


Tower Block Tenants Turn Down Offer of Automatic Sprinklers

Incredible as it may sound, following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, some tower block residents are refusing the offer of free sprinklers. At the biggest high-rise block in South Tyneside, one tenant refused a sprinkler system and similar opposition has occurred elsewhere in the North East.

Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s best-known sprinkler tank specialist, said: “This is madness. Who would want to turn down something that could save their life? The instances in the North East show that myths about sprinkler systems are preventing vulnerable buildings from getting the protection they deserve. A lot of the concerns centre around water damage in the event of a fire. What would you rather have – wet goods, no home, or possibly no life?”

How to persuade tower block residents to accept sprinklers

In the North East, council leaders are taking a cautious approach to promoting sprinkler systems. A council spokesperson has been quoted as saying the local authority did not want to ‘come down heavy’ on tenants. Instead, he said, it was ‘trying to encourage them’. While officials have pointed out to residents that sprinklers provide an extra layer of safety, some aren’t convinced.

Nationwide Water Solutions says: “Let’s be crystal clear: automatic sprinkler systems save lives. They help contain a blaze and stop it from spreading, giving people just like those who don’t want sprinklers more time to evacuate a building. In a tower block, they are essential.”

Advanced water storage for automatic sprinkler systems

Nationwide Water Solutions installs bespoke sprinkler tanks across the UK. Its robust water storage ensures fires can be tackled in any building, on any level and at any time. In addition to installing fire tanks, the company also undertakes sprinkler tank repairs and re-lining. Independent tank inspections are carried out using ROV equipment to save water and ensure the integrity of sprinklers.

4 Reasons to Learn More About Investing in a Sprinkler Tank

Is fire safety on your mind? Have you considered the benefits of investing in a sprinkler tank? We are Nationwide Water Solutions. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about this highly beneficial water storage solution. Fire safety is paramount if you own a high-rise building, care home, public building, warehouse or industrial premises.

The information in this blog post will give you an idea of the reasons our customers are investing in a sprinkler tank.


1. Water stored specifically to fight a fire

A sprinkler tank ensures you have enough water to service a sprinkler system around the clock. This is especially important if you own a large building. You will have water on standby to fight a fire the moment the worst happens. Getting water to the point of a fire quickly is crucial to stop it from spreading and to reduce damage.


2. Complements an automatic sprinkler system

Sprinkler tanks work with automatic sprinkler systems. They ensure water can be delivered to sprinkler heads immediately. Many of our customers invest in a sprinkler tank when they are having sprinklers installed. Others turn to us when their existing sprinkler tank needs replacing or repairing. We also carry out independent sprinkler tank inspections.


3. Life preservation and loss prevention

An automatic sprinkler system and sprinkler tank gives people more time to evacuate a burning building. A sprinkler tank is an excellent addition to any loss prevention strategy. This is specially important if you want to reduce the costs associated with a building fire.


4. Peace of mind

Knowing that you have water ready to fight a fire offers building owners peace of mind.


Investing in a sprinkler tank

Want to find out more about the benefits of investing in a sprinkler system? Contact Nationwide Water Solutions. We are the UK’s leading independent supplier of sprinkler tanks. For more information, visit our website.

Sprinkler Tank, Sprinklers to Reduce Fire Deaths

One person has died and two others injured in a fire that engulfed three floors of a property in London. The incident happened in the early hours of yesterday (September 6). The body of a woman was discovered by emergency services. Sprinkler tank, sprinklers and associated technology has the power to reduce fire deaths. It is not commonly used in domestic buildings.

The fire happened in south-east London. It is reported that 60 firefighters attended the scene, along with eight engines. London Fire Brigade says the blaze happened at a property in Centurion Square, Woolwich.

A spokesperson for the fire service said the ground, first and second floors of the building were damaged. More than 20 calls were made to the emergency services about the fire. The cause of the blaze is under investigation.


Fire safety in homes

The tragedy happened at a time when some local authorities in the UK are reviewing fire safety. They are considering the benefits of sprinkler tank, sprinklers and innovative solutions in domestic properties. Cornwall Council and authorities in Scotland are said to be investigating calls for sprinklers to be made compulsory in social housing and high-rise buildings.

Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s foremost independent supplier of sprinkler tank services, is following developments carefully. It supplies, installs and maintains sprinkler tanks. It also carries out independent sprinkler tank inspections across the country.


Homes can benefit from a sprinkler tank, sprinklers

It is uncommon for private houses to be fitted with sprinklers in the UK. However, demand for more advanced domestic fire safety equipment is driving increased interest. In the US, some states legislate to ensure all new homes benefit from sprinklers.

An automatic sprinkler system can quickly contain a fire and stop it from spreading. It can also reduce damage and give occupants more time to evacuate a building.

To find out more about sprinkler tanks, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.


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Why Manufacturing Businesses Need a Sprinkler Tank

Large manufacturing plants need to adopt rigorous fire safety plans. Automatic sprinkler systems are a no-brainer. So too is a sprinkler tank. Fire in industrial and manufacturing premises are on the rise. What is your business doing to reduce risks and increase loss prevention measures?

As the UK’s leading sprinkler tank expert, we work with partners across a range of sectors. Increasingly, our customers are coming from the manufacturing and industrial landscape. This is because they have recognised the need to ensure water is available in the right quantities to fight a fire immediately.


The sprinkler tank and loss prevention in manufacturing

Manufacturing businesses often invest huge sums of money in machinery. They also store huge stocks. A fire can disrupt a business to the point of its demise. Safeguarding premises from a catastrophic blaze is paramount to the future of a business.

A sprinkler tank delivers the right amount of water to the point of a fire. It helps to suppress the flames and stop a fire from spreading. This is paramount in a building that may not be operational around the clock or operates graveyard shifts. The vast majority of fires in industrial premises happen at night or weekends, when a building may not be fully staffed. This means a fire is likely to have taken hold before it can be properly tackled. Automatic sprinklers and a sprinkler tank can mean the difference between a minor and major incident.


Meet the sprinkler tank experts

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading independent sprinkler tank expert. It works with manufacturing and industrial businesses to provide the gold standard in fire safety. This is a business that covers the whole of the UK. It provides free site surveys and technical advice to ensure you get your firefighting strategy exactly right.

As well as supplying and installing sprinkler tanks, Nationwide Water Solutions maintains and repairs existing equipment. Its independent sprinkler tank inspections help businesses and public bodies ensure their water storage facilities are fit for purpose.

For further information, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.

3 Good Reasons to Invest in a Sprinkler Tank

If fire safety is preying on your mind, here’s three good reasons to invest in a sprinkler tank. Of course, they aren’t the only reasons why a sprinkler tank makes sense. The biggest reason of all is that they help to save lives.

We recommend this blog post to anyone who is concerned about fire safety. Whether you own a tower block, commercial building or apartments, it will be a useful aid to planning your fire safety programme. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


1. Water on standby to fight a fire

A sprinkler tank ensures water is stored specifically to fight a fire. It is ready, around the clock, to supply water to automatic sprinkler heads. Consider a sprinkler tank as your own on-site firefighter. Water, delivered promptly to the source of a fire, can supress the flames and stop a blaze from spreading. Invest in a sprinkler tank here.


2. Loss prevention on steroids

If you own a building that stores expensive goods or a large amount of stock, think loss prevention. A sprinkler tank can reduce the amount of fire damage, keeping your insurer happy. A sprinkler tank will also limit the amount of damage to a building. Commercial premises can be back in operation in a matter of hours after a minor fire. Invest in a sprinkler tank here.


3. Peace of mind

A sprinkler tank offers building owners peace of mind. If you are a social landlord, own a high-rise building or run a care home, a sprinkler tank makes good economic sense. As well as giving yourself peace of mind, you will demonstrate that you take fire safety seriously. Invest in a sprinkler tank here.


Buy a sprinkler tank

Want to buy a sprinkler tank? Contact Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. It provides free site visits and no obligation quotes. It installs, maintains and inspects sprinkler tanks.

To find out more, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.

Shopping Centre Saved by Automatic Sprinklers

A fire in a shopping centre has been contained – thanks to automatic sprinklers. The incident, in Kingston, London, happened as a result of an electrical fault. London Fire Brigade said the automatic sprinkler system stopped the fire from spreading and reduced damage.

Firefighters received 999 calls to the Bentall Centre at 11.11pm on May 31. It is reported that security guards were alerted when they heard smoke detectors go off. Had the building not benefited from automatic sprinklers, the fire could have easily spread and caused tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage.


Fire brigade praises automatic sprinklers

Fire crews from Kingston and nearby Surbiton stations attended the incident. It was reported to be under control by 1am on June 1.

Speaking to the local press, a London Fire Brigade spokesman said: “This fire highlights the clear benefits of sprinklers to businesses and we would urge all companies and business owners to install them. It is a common misconception that in the event of a fire all sprinklers go off. In this case, only one sprinkler activated to control the fire spread and limit fire damage.”


Shopping centre unit had sprinklers

The shop affected by the blaze was fitted with automatic sprinklers. As pointed out by the fire brigade, just one sprinkler head was activated. It helped contain the blaze and stopped it from spreading to the wider shopping centre.

If you own retail premises, are you considering installing an automatic sprinkler system? Talk to Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. It supplies and installs associated sprinkler tanks. They store water for the sole purpose of fighting fires. On standby 24/7, they deliver water to the point of the fire whenever a blaze is detected.

As well as supplying sprinkler tanks, Nationwide Water Solutions Limited also maintains, repairs and inspects fire tanks. Want to know more? Visit the website.



eCommerce Stock: Know the Fire Risks

The boom in online shopping means more goods than ever before are being stored in warehouses. While eCommerce has helped to drive prices down by introducing more competition to marketplaces, it comes with risks. One of them is fire. That is why more warehouse facilities are being protected with sprinkler tanks.

Warehousing can contain huge quantities of plastic. This means fires need to be detected and supressed as quickly as possible. Automatic sprinkler systems with a dedicated water supply are the best option to prevent and reduces losses. That is why more and more warehouse owners are discovering the benefits of sprinkler tanks.

Here are five things you may not know about sprinkler tanks:


  1. Sprinkler tanks are on standby to deliver water to a fire 24/7. That means premises fitted with automatic sprinklers attached to a sprinkler tank are primed to work day and night.
  2. A ready supply of water means fires are tackled the moment they are detected.
  3. Sprinkler tanks provide added peace of mind to eCommerce stock owners and insurers, as well as warehouse owners.
  4. Group A plastics will require more water if a fire occurs.
  5. Sprinkler tanks can be built into the design of a new-build or retrofitted.


Literally millions of pounds worth of damage can be caused in just one warehouse fire. That is why it pays to consider fire safety before an incident, rather than as an afterthought.


eCommerce warehousing solutions


If you want to protect your UK warehouse facilities from fire, talk to Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. This British company is the nation’s leading independent supplier of sprinkler tanks and associated services. As well as supplying and installing sprinkler tanks, Nationwide Water Solutions provides a wide range of maintenance and repair services. It also carries out sprinkler tank inspections. Find out more by visiting the website here.



Take Your Sprinkler Plans to the Next Phase

Sprinkler plans weighing on your mind? If you represent an organisation that is considering the benefits of installing automatic sprinklers, talk to us. We are Nationwide Water Solutions Limited, and we are the UK’s leading independent supplier of sprinkler tank services. If sprinklers are totally new to you, don’t worry. You are not alone.

Sprinklers, and their benefits, are hardly out of the news these days. That is because the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy has encouraged an entire nation to re-think fire safety standards. Social housing and care providers are among those reviewing their safety measures. They are being urged to do everything they can to ensure lives are never again lost because of poor fire safety. The Government is also reviewing building control and fire safety in the wake of the devastating fire.


Sprinkler plans – the benefits


Fire chiefs in the UK support a national sprinkler week. This is because they know that automatic sprinklers have multiple benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Automatic sprinklers supress fires before they can spread
  • Sprinklers give people more time to evacuate a building, saving lives
  • Fire damage is limited in premises where sprinklers are fitted
  • The costs of a fire are reduced – not just to property owners but also to the public purse

Ready to move your sprinkler plans forward?


The importance of sprinkler tanks


Sprinkler tanks play a vital role in fire safety. They ensure water is ready to fight a fire whenever a sprinkler system detects one. Nationwide Water Solutions Limited carries out free site visits. It provides expert advice and supplies and installs sprinkler tanks. It works with sprinkler tanks of all shapes and sizes.

Done with talking about improving fire safety? Want to take action? Whether you want to install sprinklers in a new building or retrofit them in an existing property, talk to Nationwide Solutions Limited today. Visit our website for more information here. Alternatively, give us a call on 0345 5052540.

Fire Tanks Save Lives

Fire tanks save lives, property and other assets. Sprinkler tanks provide a ready supply of water to supress a fire. That is why they are an important feature of modern automatic sprinkler systems. At Nationwide Water Solutions Limited, we are committed to spreading the word about the vital benefits of fire tanks.

Every year in the UK, hundreds of millions of pounds worth of property and goods are destroyed by fire. Installing a sprinkler system significantly reduces losses. It gives people more time to evacuate a building. Hence, sprinkler tanks save lives.


Sprinklers in action

It’s easy to focus on negative news when it comes to fires. However, every day in the UK, sprinkler systems and fire tanks stop tragedies. Countless lives have been saved this year alone. All thanks to savvy investment in sprinkler systems.

Two arson attacks at the same Sainsbury’s store in Coventry were quickly kept under control by sprinklers last month. In March, a fire in the basement laundry room of an 11 floor Newcastle hotel was contained by sprinklers. And, as previously recorded in this blog, a chip pan fire at a London tower block was supressed in February.


Invest in fire tanks

If you want to protect your building, your people and your assets, invest in a sprinkler tank. A fire tank will not only be on standby to fight a fire 24 hour a day, seven days a week, it will give you peace of mind.

Nationwide Water Solutions Limited is based in Sheffield but operates throughout the UK. With free site visits and technical advice, this is the go-to company if you are thinking of investing in an automatic sprinkler system. Nationwide Water Solutions supplies, installs and maintains fire tanks.

Already invested in a sprinkler tank? Talk to Nationwide Water Solutions about its repair, maintenance and inspection service. For more information, visit the website. Alternatively, call 0345 5052540.