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Happy Christmas from the Sprinkler Tank Expert

Season’s greetings from Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s leading sprinkler tank expert. We hope this Christmas Day finds you safe and happy, and enjoying the very best of what the season has to offer.

We would like to thank our customers, old and new, for their continued business during 2018. We appreciate the pivotal importance of a sprinkler tank to fire safety. Our products and services deliver peace of mind – not just at Christmas but throughout the year.


Your 2019 sprinkler tank expert advice

If you own a building that benefits from automatic sprinklers and a sprinkler tank, the New Year is a great time to check:

  • When your sprinkler tank was last independently inspected. We recommend inspections are carried out annually to ensure any problems are detected quickly.
  • If your ageing sprinkler tank is suitable for relining or refurbishment.
  • Your independent inspection does not involve the draining of your sprinkler tank. As well as disabling the water supply to your sprinkler heads, it could impact your insurance. Make sure any inspection is carried out underwater with high-tech equipment that can guarantee the most accurate results.
  • If you are planning to invest in a sprinkler tank, talk to a sprinkler tank expert first. Ensure you are offered a comprehensive, free site survey. Make sure the tank you buy is suitable for its environment and your sprinkler system.


And finally…

As a sprinkler tank expert, we know the value of sprinkler systems. They provide a robust safety net and almost always limit the amount of damage caused by a fire. They give occupants of a building more time to evacuate and save lives.

We believe in sprinkler systems and we hope you do too. 2018 was an unprecedented year of growth for the sprinkler industry. We have been here, working alongside partners, to deliver water storage solutions that enhance the performance of fire safety equipment.

For more information, contact the sprinkler tank expert – Nationwide Water Solutions.

Let’s Put Fire Safety First This Christmas

Christmas should be a time of celebration. It is the season to be jolly; a perfect excuse for families to come together and enjoy themselves. Sadly, Christmas is often far from a happy occasion – because of a fire. The risks of fire can increase over the festive period.

Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s top sprinkler tank specialist, says: “Unfortunately, lives are often lost at this time of year. Fires in the home, in particular, are a threat. The loss of a loved one is devastating at any time of the year but a death at Christmas often leads to years of unhappy – not jolly – festive seasons.

“If you don’t want your thoughts to be focused on a tragedy, take on board our Christmas fire safety advice.”


Top 5 fire safety tips for a happy Christmas

  • Don’t leave candles unattended or near fabrics. This includes curtains.
  • Check fairy lights and other festive electrical items are in good condition before plugging them in. If you are not sure, don’t risk it. Invest in new items from a reputable source. Christmas trees pose a real danger in the home as well as business premises. Make sure there is nothing on your tree that will set it alight.
  • Ensure chimneys are clear of debris. Make sure yours is swept professionally.
  • Be careful not to allow a build-up of waste in your home. Discard wrapping paper and cardboard effectively.

Sprinkler tank expert

Beefing up your fire safety? If you are planning to install automatic sprinklers, invest in a sprinkler tank. For a free site survey, visit Nationwide Water Solutions. We cover the whole of the UK and supply and install sprinkler tanks capable of storing up to 2 million litres of water.