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Fire Safety in Film and Recording Studios

Film and recording studios hold important assets that have more than monetary value. In some cases historic artefacts as well as recordings are stored in often large complexes. Fire safety should be paramount. Artists have launched a legal challenge against one studio after a fire purportedly destroyed a large number of recordings. A lawsuit seeking £78m in damages has been filed by the estates of Tom Petty and Tupac Shakur, as well as bands and singer-songwriters.

This week, more than 75 firefighters tackled another blaze at a film studio near London. The studio is famed for spawning the Harry Potter films. While there are no reports of injuries, any damage to creative works, props and other assets could prove costly or impossible to replace. While it is not known if automatic sprinkler systems were installed in either of the two studios mentioned here, they are designed to prevent fires from spreading.

Water storage is the star of fire fighting

A spokesman for Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s leading sprinkler tank specialist, said: “If a studio is looking for a real A-lister, a sprinkler tank is cheaper than a celebrity and a real star when it comes to ensuring automatic sprinkler systems work properly. They store water around the clock, guaranteeing there is always water available in the right quantity, at the right time to contain a blaze. We recommend fire tanks for a wide range of building types, and recording studios are among them.”

The spokesman added: “A fire can occur at any time and knowing you have water available to fight it immediately offers real peace of mind. Many people don’t realise that firefighters can struggle to access enough water to tackle a large fire. That is why fire and rescue services have water carriers, but they are often only called in once initial crews are on the scene. Time is everything when fighting a fire. That is why it is best to have your own constant supply.”

Sprinkler tank site survey for film and recording studios

Nationwide Water Solutions carries out free site surveys for property owners contemplating the benefits of a sprinkler tank. If you are reviewing your fire safety equipment, get in touch.

Fire Risks and Flats Above Shops

Flats above shops should have robust fire fighting equipment. That is because commercial premises often store goods and packaging that present a fire spread risk. If a fire breaks out in a shop, it can quickly spread to accommodation on upper floors. Think about cardboard, flammable materials and other common risks.

Earlier today 80 firefighters tackled a blaze in a shop and flats in London.Twelve fire engines were sent to the scene shortly after 6.10am. It is not known where or how the fire started but thick smoke and work being undertaken by emergency services meant the closure of roads and the evacuation of the immediate area.


Fire safety for flats above shops

If you are a landlord renting out flats above shops, consider installing a sprinkler system. Automatic sprinklers will protect your investment and look after your tenants. If your premises is on multiple levels or especially large, get a sprinkler tank too.

A sprinkler tank provides a water supply to automatic sprinkler system day or night. It ensures water is always available – helping to contain a fire from the start and reducing the risks of major damage and / or injury.


Sprinkler tanks for mixed use buildings

Nationwide Water Solutions is an expert when it comes to installing and maintaining sprinkler tanks in mixed use buildings. This includes commercial premises with dwelling either attached or above. A spokesman said: “Fires that start in commercial properties can easily spread to dwellings – particularly if the accommodation is just above or either side. It makes sense to invest properly in fire safety – for your benefit and for others.”

If you want to find out more about sprinkler tanks, why not book a free site inspection? Alternatively, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.



Has Your Shopping Centre Got A Sprinkler Tank?

A massive fire in a shopping centre today has necessitated the need for more than 125 firefighters. The huge blaze has been declared a major incident by fire chiefs and the public are being advised to stay away. It broke out in The Mall, Walthamstow. Part of the roof is on fire.

Shopping centres pose unique risks to the public, and building owners should bear this in mind when carrying out risk assessments and investing in fire safety equipment. Nationwide Water Solutions, the leading installer of sprinkler tanks in shopping centres, says the sheer area covered can require a lot of water – not always easily accessible, especially if a premises is on multiple levels.


Shopping centre fire safety

A spokesman for the company said: “This is a very large fire and the cause is, thus far, unknown. The fire service has done exactly the right thing by telling people to steer clear of the area and for those living nearby to keep windows closed. We understand road blocks are in place.

“We carry out site surveys for shopping centres considering the merits of installing a sprinkler tank. They are completely free and can help businesses protect assets and people. Our aim is to help businesses have enough water to supply automatic sprinklers in an emergency.”


Sprinkler tank assessments for shopping centres

If your business owns a shopping centre, contact Nationwide Water Solutions to book a free site survey. The company installs and maintains a wide range of fire tanks – all designed to supply sufficient water to fight a fire the moment one is detected. It has carried out installation work for a wide range of commercial and industrial brands.

In addition, the business provides an extensive sprinkler tank repair service as well as independent inspections.

Sprinkler Tank Site Survey – Free With Nationwide Water Solutions

Sprinkler tank site survey information for property owners. Whatever business you are in, fire safety should always be a priority – and Nationwide Water Solutions makes it easy. The UK’s leading sprinkler tank expert, it supplies, installs and maintains water storage facilities for automatic sprinkler systems. Imperative in buildings on multiple levels / floors or considered high risk, the sprinkler tank avoids water pressure problems or delays in fighting a fire.

Because not every sprinkler system has a sprinkler tank, it makes sense to find out if your fire equipment would benefit from one. That is easy with Nationwide Water Solutions. It provides free site surveys – anywhere in the UK.


The best sprinkler tank site survey advice

As well as advising on the best place to site a fire tank, a sprinkler tank site survey will help you understand what is involved and the cost. There can be insurance and other benefits of beefing up your fire safety equipment, so it is worth finding out if your premises needs on-site water storage.

A spokesperson for Nationwide Water Solutions said: “Our free site survey can be real eye-opener. Many of our clients were unaware that we can build tanks to suit a particular space or site. Not only that we can help look after a tank. We carry out inspections across the country, using under water ROV equipment so a tank will never have to be drained for the process.

“For those who already have a sprinkler tank, we offer a wide range of refurbishment and repair services – all aimed at extending the life of a tank and keeping costs and risks down.”


Book your sprinkler tank site survey

Booking a sprinkler tank site survey is easy. Simply get in touch with Nationwide Water Solutions. No job too big or too small.

Fire Tank Services for Retirement Complexes

As a major fire in Crewe devastated a retirement complex, fire tank services companies were warning property owners to consider water storage facilities. More than 150 people were evacuated as firefighters battled to save the building. Part of it has said to have collapsed and residents have been moved into temporary accommodation or a crisis centre.

Fire chiefs said their priority was to save neighbouring buildings as the blaze consumed the building. Just nine years old, the development comprised one and two bedroom flats. Some of the residents have lost everything in the fire and the public have set up collection points for donations to help those who have been left with just the clothes they were wearing.


Fire tank services and protecting the vulnerable

Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s leading name in fire tank services, says developers looking to build retirement complexes should carefully consider site layouts, positioning of lifts and the installation of automatic sprinklers. A spokesman said: “This was a really big fire and people’s lives have been devastated. At this stage, we don’t know if the building was equipped with automatic sprinklers, so we cannot comment on the specifics of this fire. However, we urge all building owners with elderly or vulnerable residents to invest in modern fire fighting equipment – including a fire tank, so water is immediately available for sprinkler systems at all levels.

“Retirement complexes are a popular accommodation choice for the retired. The climate since the complex in Crewe was built has changed. We have had the terrible tragedy of Grenfell Tower and newer building owners should be clued up on how a small fire in one section of a building can quickly spread.”


More information about fire tank services

Nationwide Water Solutions provides fire tank services across the UK. It installs, maintains and refurbishes tanks used to store water for sprinkler systems. For further information, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.

3 Ways A Sprinkler Tank Protects A Vulnerable Building

If you run a business that sells flammable materials such as furniture or beds, a sprinkler system with a sprinkler tank is a no-brainer. But what if you own or manage a a building you don’t realise is vulnerable to fire? The best way to gauge the risk is through regular and thorough assessments.

Even the most obvious fire risks are sometimes overlooked. Firefighters regularly deal with major fires in commercial kitchens and retail units containing large amounts of fabric and / or cardboard. A recent fire in Kettering devastated a long-established bed shop. If you want to ensure your building, business and people are protected from the devastation of fire, here are three ways to make a difference…

1. Book a sprinkler tank site survey

A water storage tank site survey is a good idea if you are planning to install a sprinkler system or already have one. It will look at the size, location and nature of the site and give you a clear understanding of what may be required. You can book a completely free site survey here.


2. Maintain an existing sprinkler tank

It is easy to let things slip when you are busy or struggling to grow your business. But ignoring the condition of an existing sprinkler tank can end up costing you everything. Make sure your tank is independently inspected to ensure any problems are detected early. By monitoring your tank and taking swift remedial action, your automatic sprinklers will always have water on standby.


3. Replace a redundant fire tank

If your fire tank is redundant or earmarked for decommissioning, don’t wait. Talk to Nationwide Water Solutions. This is the company trusted by household name to remove and replace outdated water storage tanks.

For further information about the sprinkler tank and how it can protect your vulnerable building, call Nationwide Water Solutions on 0345 505 2540.

Hundreds of Buildings Still Unsafe 2 Years After Grenfell

It was the tragedy that shocked the world. Dozens died in the Grenfell Tower fire but, two years on, experts say hundreds of similar buildings remain unsafe. As well as not yet benefiting from a sprinkler system, many have dangerous external cladding.

Seventy-two people perished at Grenfell, yet fire safety professionals say over 200 tower blocks in England alone still have similar cladding. Aluminium composite material remains on a total of 221 buildings.

Events have been held today to mark the anniversary of the fire and to remember those who died. The government has pledged to pay for the removal of potentially dangerous cladding from privately-owned buildings. The cost is in the hundreds of millions.


Review of cladding after Grenfell

A review into cladding used externally on high-rise blocks was ordered by the government following the tragedy. The BBC reports that 105 tower blocks with the cladding have had it removed. Nationwide Water Solutions, the sprinkler tank expert, says more still has to be done to ensure there is never another Grenfell in the UK.

A spokesman said: “Removing hazardous materials makes sense – but so too does installing sprinkler systems and a sprinkler tank. Fires can spread very quickly in high-rise buildings and systems must be in place to slow down the spread of the fire surface area from the start. We recommend property owners take the lead on this and make fire safety a priority. It doesn’t just protect people, it protects assets.”


Associated sprinkler system services

If you are installing a sprinkler system, get a fire tank. It will store water every second of every day and ensure there is always enough for sprinklers to effectively get to work in an emergency.

Nationwide Water Solutions installs and maintains sprinkler tanks across the UK. It works with property owners, businesses and housing providers to deliver robust water store for the specific purpose of fighting fires.


Sprinkler Tank Company: The Dangers of Disused Buildings

Disused buildings are especially vulnerable to fire. Sprinkler tank company Nationwide Water Solutions points to a blaze at a disused mill in Bradford. The four-storey building formerly housed an envelope business and was reported to be on fire yesterday (Tuesday).

More than 50 firefighters attended the blaze. Nearby residents were told to close doors and windows. Smoke from the mill could be seen more than three miles away. Black fumes were reported to be billowing into the sky. They were visible across the city. The scene is currently being ‘damped down’.


Countering fire risks with a sprinkler tank company

It may not be financially feasible for owners to equip disused buildings with state-of-the-art fire fighting equipment. However, property owners with premises located nearby should take action. If your business or public building is situated close to a vacant property, you need to consider the danger it poses to your assets.

Fires can spread quickly in areas where properties are located close together. A spokesman for Nationwide Water Solutions said: “Having a fully functioning automatic sprinkler system and finding a good sprinkler tank company is pivotal. While there is little you can do about a disused building, there is a lot you can do to protect your own. A sprinkler tank is especially important to ensure you tackle the first signs of a fire in your building with enough water.”


Sprinkler tank company services

Nationwide Water Solutions is a leading UK sprinkler tank company. It installs, maintains and inspects sprinkler tanks across the country. If you are considering the benefits of improving your fire safety equipment, you can benefit from a free site survey.

If you already have a sprinkler tank, Nationwide can ensure it is in good condition. It uses under water ultrasound equipment to inspect every inch of the structure and ancillary components.

Contact Nationwide Water Solutions here to learn more or book a free site survey. Alternatively, call 0345 5052540.


Tackle Malicious Arson With A Fire Tank

As police in Northumberland issued images of an arsonist who unwittingly set himself on fire, a fire tank expert was warning businesses not to be complacent when it comes to fire safety. The arsonist was caught on camera torching a workshop in Gateshead earlier this month. Footage shared by police shows his hands and clothes on fire.

A police spokesman said the fire is being treated as ‘malicious arson’. The workshop was on a farm and the culprit, who has yet to be identified, could be seen pouring a flammable substance on a door. He then became a human fireball. Police say they are certain the man would have suffered serious burns in the incident and have issued an appeal in a bid to locate him.


The rise of malicious arson attacks

Businesses, in particular, need to be aware of the dangers posed by malicious arson attacks. A spokesman for fire tank specialists Nationwide Water Solutions said: “This type of crime is on the rise and can prove very costly, as well as dangerous. Businesses that store large amounts of goods or who count machinery as assets should protect them, their building and people’s lives with automatic sprinkler systems.”

The spokesman added: “Industrial and commercial premises, particularly those on more than one level, should also invest in a fire tank. This will ensure that water is ready to fight an arson attack almost immediately. It is fortunate that, in the Gateshead incident, nobody else was injured. The fact is that many arson attacks take place at night when few people are around to raise the alarm quickly. Having the right equipment on standby will ensure that no time is lost in containing a fire.”


Nationwide Water Solutions, the fire tank expert

If you want to protect your business from malicious arson attacks, consider the benefits of a fire tank. Talk to Nationwide Water Solutions. It installs, maintains and inspects water storage tanks across the UK. For further information, visit Nationwide Water Solutions or call 0345 505 2540.

How To Minimise Fire Damage With A Water Storage Tank

A fire can start anywhere at any time – often when you are least expecting it. That is why it pays to have a water storage tank connected to automatic sprinklers. Minimising damage is essential to save lives and property – not to mention ensure the continued operation of a business or public service.

A water storage tank is essential in buildings that are spread over multiple floors, contain a large amount of goods or pose a high risk. Warehouses, factories, care homes, hospitals, schools and tower blocks are among those recommended to invest in a robust fire fighting system. Having water readily available means a fire can be tackled quickly. Swift action can stop a fire from spreading and even extinguish it.


Water storage tank tips

Nationwide Water Solutions is the market-leading supplier of water storage tank services in the UK. A spokesman said: “Having enough water to douse a fire from the very beginning can bring a blaze under control quickly. At the very least, it will contain it. This gives people the time they need to safely evacuate a building.

“This week, we have seen fires in the UK start from mundane things like discarded cigarettes. Even something dropped outside a building can pose a hazard, meaning it makes sense for property owners to consider the benefits of storing water for the specific use of fighting a fire.”


Where to buy a water storage tank

For a comprehensive range of custom water storage tank options, visit Nationwide Water Solutions. It installs sprinkler tanks across the UK and carries out repairs and refurbishment work on existing tanks. Its independent underwater tank inspections are helping property owners to stem the flow of water lost through corrosion and leaks.

For completely free technical advice or to discuss your needs, contact Nationwide Water Solutions on 0345 505 2540.